Step Brothers - Lumberjack Scene

oh lumberjack if you are watchign this um there are annotaions but it might not work so go to this channel and send a complaint

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Author Nadine O (2 months)
I love how the guy on the sofa scurries away

Author johnathan young (1 month)

Author Tony Hernandez (7 months)
Hahaha! omg that was great. That scene completely caught me off guard when
i first saw it

Author AloadOfLayton (3 years)
look at his pants! lol

Author GoldenFalchion (2 years)

Author Matt Williams (4 years)
why did u have to quote the whole video? we all watched it

Author Billiam (4 years)
He's thinking about the deaf people, you bastard.

Author Jimmy Nguyen (4 years)
wtf lolz he strolls in with fucking wood xD

Author KREJZYGUY (3 years)

Author Tyler White (4 years)
thats amazing

Author steakzillayes (5 years)
lumberjack + boner = manliness

Author dmanfoo112 (4 years)

Author broadcaz (2 years)
This is America.

Author Roberto Flack (3 years)
I think Lumberjack should have his own, seriously!!! LOL

Author Gunnar Erlendsson (2 years)

Author SniperKingz (4 years)
i know i was like crying i was laughing so hard

Author ironkilla100 (2 years)

Author Edward Maroon (4 years)
@dakidxtr33m Never noticed that, seen movie too many times. I'm always
checking out the chick!

Author fighting1rish (5 years)
i watched this millions of times and i never noticed his boner until my dad
just saw it today lmao

Author kingofthe40oz (2 years)
the fucking catalina wine mixer

Author ThurnerCP3 (2 years)
Boner jams '03

Author raminile (2 years)
press 1 for "500 miles to give you my seed" press 6 for "AAAAAAARRRRHH"
press 7 for "AH" and humping action and press 0 to replay that bitch!

Author wanja .hentze (3 years)
@latinaxtinaloca BOINOINOINOING

Author SeenYouBotting (3 years)
Now Lumberjack is a real fking man!! "I TRAVELLED 500 MILES TO GIVE YOU MY
SEED! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" Now THIS is how real men get women! He's like
the Chuck Norris of Womanizing. Great Movie, Will Farell kills in it:D

Author Daniel DiPiazza (10 months)
The primal scream gets me every time

Author zaraki08kenpachi (4 years)
I must be deaf, I need you to quote the video again for me.

Author Sam Nagle (4 years)
last scene

Author born2bewild100 (5 years)
lol i love this part!

Author Peter Petersmann (10 months)
I can watch this over and over!

Author xStaycleanx (4 years)
@jimmyjn3 LOL I didn't even notice that!

Author uncleWaffelz (4 years)
this part of the movie made me laugh the hardest =D

Author TonyMontanaa1689 (4 years)
hahahaha he has a boner

Author QuaDrifter (3 years)

Author hornology (3 years)
I found my Halloween costume

Author AngelsFury69 (4 years)
u no how many ppl just went back to look after ur comment LMFAO XD

Author NoRapName (5 years)

Author andrej vukovic (2 years)

Author YaMumYaNanYaGran (5 years)
oh shit yeh! ha ha ha!!

Author wesintx (4 years)
1:32:05 in the movie

Author yitfoojr (4 years)
This scene is why I watch the movie.

Author TheInferno515 (1 year)
i love his roar before he moves in

Author SOCOMSoldier01 (3 years)
@PsuedoMacro he saw that boner and didn't want none

Author assteamsupreme (4 years)
he has a boner. so funny

Author dakidxtr33m (4 years)
THE BONER! lolololololololol

Author theleg222 (5 years)
Shit just Lumberjack= manliness. Lumberjack + boner = the most manliness
man in the world

Author lemmedasker (3 years)
I wept openly from the manliness of this video

Author Dan Minervini (5 years)
conte partiro

Author tamura808 (4 years)
"i travel 5,000 miles to give you my seed!" "lumber jack!" *rips clothes
off* "AHHHH!!!!" lmfao oh man this movie is hilarious.

Author Pat Durkin (3 years)
@emmyflu Shit man, I love running into classrooms and DOING this

Author iRateAt308 (4 years)

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