in this video you will see:
pyromancer vs necromancer
pyromancer vs horc evader
pyromancer vs dragonlord
pyromancer vs darkside
pyromancer vs ranger
pyromancer vs vindicator of they ( vot )
pyromancer vs defender

join our clan if your strong and lvl 39+ pls join us:

hi ppl im jet with cool
video i just got this stunning class its called pyromancer its the new king of the arena
pls enjoy
song name: blow me awey

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Author vasdas fasdafs (1 month)
pyromancer-chunin you can chalange me eime4685

Author Lachezar Dimitrov (1 month)
nubbish rubish

Author john arnold catedrilla (2 months)
haha darksider necromance

Author Wotahead Kramer (2 months)
I will beat you with Thief of Hours

Author jake dima (3 months)
lool i bet the guy using VoT let u win its too OP nd pretty much impossible
to beat if it is used properly at full power and try beating elemental
dracomancer it can pwn u easily :) u only rely on the nuke many classes
like ultra elemental warrior can reduce ur nuke any class with damage
reduction can probably beat u

Author Shadosha Firshh (3 months)
I can beat Pyro with Soul Cleaver

Author Ng Lucas (4 months)
Try fighting Darkblood Stormking

Author DanrolEnBb (4 months)
you look so sad saying ''pwend''

Author Xoreon Aqw (6 months)
You suck at using classes, typing and making videos. No offence. 

Author vemundaskeland (6 months)

Author Oğuzkaan Sarı (6 months)
shaman >necromancer> pyromancer

Author LOL attack (6 months)
i love ranger how could u!!!!!

Author Johannes Persson (6 months)
its triple h song and undertakers

Author U GamerS! (7 months)
Elemental Dracomancer > Pyromancer

Author Ryan Carlisle (7 months)
everybody watching this if u want a bot to level up your rep on your
account send Steakonstrips a friend request

Author kristian ambrus (7 months)

Author Ryan Nguyen (8 months)
You put my favorite song Blow Me Away.

Author Kayky Missiba (8 months)
ai dodge pyro vs horc nub

Author Tiagu Wolf (9 months)
kid '-'

Author badrdin machkour (9 months)
the mana of the pyro is really hight but the one of the vot is low that
makes a problem for the vot but still they are one of the most badass
strongest classes in pvp !!

Author Vmanjr Anderson (9 months)
Good enhancemtns for pyro would be Wizard or luck

Author Vmanjr Anderson (9 months)
This class is good but some classes can beat it,i recommend getting a class
that doest rely on high damage.

Author AQWthebeyonce (1 year)
There is no such thing as a pro pyro. you're just pathetic.

Author senju Ancestor (1 year)
Seriously you can say every class is noob because some of them can heal
some of them can freeze ppl and some of them can reflect. That does not
mean it is for noobs. I think you are just jealous cause you don't have

Author Joshua Conley (1 year)
I wanna see this class in action vs. me. I have been on a hot streak with
my Alpha Omega. Yorumi server. Names xkillgorex.

Author cheah lee yin (1 year)

Author Jason Yuan (1 year)
pyro, the toh use tempora; insanity, just don't attack and run away for as
long as u can

Author DJUBER X (1 year)
lol dont be too mad

Author Lucas Rodrigues (1 year)
qual nome da musica

Author zikoaqw (1 year)
pshh i soloed a pryomancer with dracomancer class

Author TheFadi Youssef (1 year)
whats the enhc

Author Law Reh (1 year)
goos music

Author gene nazareno (1 year)
Merong pnoy

Author RamonGamer -r (1 year)

Author daryl jean (1 year)
make that level thrity eight..i just turned thirty eight a minute ago

Author shaxi antonio (1 year)
pyro ist a best class my name is mihneh for aqw .Me play to server nythera
please duel me.

Author eh nay (1 year)
Pyo Noob

Author imXcoolq8 (1 year)

Author Sander Kangur (1 year)
did u buy the pyro or u collected the shurpu tokens

Author no one123 (1 year)
Wait a second so to the horc u say not pwned and to the necro who done more
damage u say pwned?

Author imXcoolq8 (1 year)

Author Miltonius55 (1 year)
What Are You Echanements?? :) Awesome video by the way

Author so0meone (1 year)
Idiot much...? Pyromancer's easy to get....

Author Baconettes (1 year)
aw man common elemental draco can beat pyro mancer any lvl with my
elemental draco only lvl 40 can beat all classes dracocan beat pvp me to see

Author Alghandi Malawad (1 year)
can i join your guild?

Author imXcoolq8 (1 year)
both pyro will win

Author x RandomMovies x (1 year)
lol i going to pwn you

Author Jordan Thompson (1 year)
Dude calm, just because he actually DID pawn him, doesn't make him a

Author arvin geneveo (1 year)
try killing a alpha omega

Author arvin geneveo (1 year)

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