The Funeral Of Stan Laurel

Rare video footage of those in attendance of the funeral of the late great Stan Laurel.

Eulogy - Dick Van Dyke
Song - "Smile" written by Charlie Chaplin, performed by Barbara Streisand

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Author Chuck Kuhn (1 month)
I watched Laurel and Hardy growing up and connecting to this link has
brought me sadness and happiness. Genius, yes they were. They were in two
words. Genuine and Funny. RIP Stan. 

Author Peter Griffin (2 months)
Stan Laurel is the reason Laurel & Hardy is the Funnest duo in comedy
history. Not to mention countless comedians he has influenced over the

Author Jim Hope (2 days)
Stan and ollie. The two greatest men ever. 

Author Hilary Gwilt (2 months)
You have any other interesting uploads of celebrities funerals such as
Buster Keaton, Oliver Hardy, and other celebrities from the past?

Author Rick Hasselhoff (3 months)
memento mori

Author seriejefferson (3 months)
R.I.P. Maestro

Author Vanessa Burrows (20 days)
As lovely as this is I cant watch it as I adore Stanley and he lives on
still in my heart

Author bradley paul (3 months)

Author U2bingDummy (3 months)
So sad... :(

Author Max Power (6 months)
1:01 The man on the left, is that Burt Lancaster?

Author Meziana Thai (4 months)
Hello, so moving. Loving memory.
Nowadays I still watch movies of Laurel and Hardy : wonderful.

Author tryithere (4 months)
He and Dick Van Dyke look a lot alike and have a lot of the same

Author JEFF9K (4 months)
Nice job!

Author franziskarose (2 months)
I'm crying. :'( They died a long time ago before I was born. But I wish
they could live anymore. 😢
(Sorry for my bad english :D) 

Author Ian Pennington (2 months)
Best ever comedy act. Still laugh as loudly today as I did 40 years ago
when my dad used to play them on our old black and white rented tv.
Timeless comedy that will never be matched.

Author Ignis Glowfly (2 months)
I can't ever forget these two, and they were so honest, too, Stan was
especially shy but very kind, just like Oliver.
I still watch their films today, and probably will until the day I die.

Author Lucas Goossens (2 months)
they brought and still bring so much joy and gladness in everybody lives

Author sean lee (2 months)
Angels come in all colours ..and this one was to be in Black and White !!!
and he made all smile when we saw him and his friend . Bless those who
make anyone smile :)

Author jay natal (3 months)
There are lots of places to remember Stan i am thinking Glasgow and the
north of england i have been to them all but the Britannia Panopticon
Music Hall Glasgow is my fav they also play laurel and hardy movies 

Author Ge moraes (3 months)
As vezes me vejo sorrindo sózinho, pois lembro de algumas cenas...eles eram

Author leggie65 (7 months)
Nobody live's forever but if we could choose 2 comic's who brought so much
pleasure to so many Generation's from the 1920s to this present day I think
most people would choose Stan and Ollie.Alway's good clean humour the whole
family could watch the biggest compliment I can give them is there Comedy
is still hilarious today that's something considering it's over 80 years
old.Simply the best and will never be forgotten

Author Randy McTurnan (6 months)
One of the great comedians! Never get tired of the old Laurel and Hardy

Author flyflh (3 months)
Very sweet, very tender.

Author SirStapler (3 months)
What is the song played throughout the video? I love it!

Author Trudy Marie (3 months)
Ironic that the Chaplin-composed song, 'Smile' was used, since Chaplin
stole a lot of Stan's routines and bits when they worked together. And
Chaplin never mentioned Stan one time in his book. I love both, but
Chaplin was all about the Chaplin image/persona and Stan was all about
making people laugh above all else.

Author HLC26 (3 months)
Tasefully done. From everything I've read I believe that Dick Van Dyke's
appreciation of Stan Laurel gave him much joy and comfort in his later
years. That's one of the many reasons that I admire and respect Dick Van

Author Nick Stenson (4 months)
Born in Lancashire, England. What a journey!

Author Raffaele Lazzara (3 months)

Author Jim Hurly (4 months)
It certainly is, Ollie.

Author Vick Mackey (6 months)
My dad turned me on to Laurel and Hardy and they just made me have great
belly laughs. Truly a fantastic comedian. 

Author Janonymous Manonymous (7 months)
Chaplin, Hitchcock, Laurel. Not a bad English trio. Not bad at all.

Author Billy131369 (5 months)
Great Great clip i'd never seen before! God Bless Stan Laurel and Oliver
Hardy! I especially enjoyed seeing Tim Conway, Joe Flynn, Dick Van Dyke,
and Pat Buttram showing up and paying thier respects to Stan. Is there any
such stuff on Oliver Hardy? someone out there post it, eh? Thank You all.

Author bugaboo monkeyboy (5 months)
Stan Laurel was born in England. In Ulverston, Cumbria, which was in the
county of Lancashire when Stan was born. The house he was born in has a
plaque outside. There is life sized statue of Stan and Ollie in Ulverston,
and a Laurel and Hardy museum.

Author David Doyle (5 months)
Stan Laurel
The teachers teacher,,,The Alpha and Omega,,,
We loved you madly,,,
You taught us and blessed us,,,
Want to learn stage presence and comedy with balls,,,take no prisoners
Study Uncle Stan,,, fearless and bulletproof,,,
Miss You Uncle Stan,,,the coolest of the cool,,
Comic Genius,,

Author Michael Chernik (5 months)
If any of you cry at my funeral, I will never talk to you again. Stan

Author StefyGames99GamerPro™ (5 months)

Author rubbertwain (5 months)
Beautiful tribute to my all time favorite comedian. I have laughed at his
antics all my life and will until I die. His and Ollie's work is
evergreen.Thank you Stan, you have no equal and never will.

Author Sandra Auld (2 months)
He died the day I was born...

Author jimgag2 (2 months)
They came to pay their respects to a genius. Tryitthere , Dick Van Dyke got
his expressions from Stan Laurel. Thanks for posting.

Author Jarmo Hagner (6 months)
Funiest man in the world!

Author mark smith (2 months)
michael jackson is buried in forst lawn too wow 

Author ZZstaff (2 months)
A great tribute to a great man.

Thank you.

Author rubbertwain (5 months)
Beautiful tribute to my all time favorite comedian. I have laughed at his
antics all my life and will until I die. His and Ollie's work is
evergreen.Thank you Stan, you have no equal and never will.

Author Giorgio Bertuzzi Campreciòs (4 months)
Vorrei capire chi sono i 66 deficienti a cui non è piaciuto questo

Author Aj Wallace (4 months)
Such an infectious smile, you could not love it!

Author fiftymerc sled (7 months)
I have seen just about all of Stan and Ollie ...I think.Many times.I still
set whichever recording device is the current thing for their stuff. I used
to stay up late or get up early to watch on tv. When vcr came around it
was great record it all now we have the net and can see them whenever. I
hope future generations will have the opportunities also. My favorite was
Way out west...the street dance part ...ifI had to choose. Thank you for
the beautiful remembrance of this man.

Author Stefan Kurczyk (7 months)
One of the greatest Man in History ever, Hardy, too.
I love you both

Author danolt87 (7 months)
One of the saddest moments of the humanity ! God rest his soul ! We will
never forget you, Stan Laurel !!!

Author Karakuriei (3 months)
Very sad moment for say goodbye to a great man as him. We'll never forget!

Author ebsen raptzski (3 months)
that's a retard assumption

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