Mazinkaiser SKL OVA 3 best scene


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Author Maryu Daiku (2 months)
A Muchos no les Agrado el Rediseño de este "Mazinkaiser" para estos Ovas
por el Aspecto Oscuro del Clasico Mecha y las personalidades tan Macabras y
Sangrientas de los 2 Personajes que lo pilotan. Personalmente creo que
exajeran. Si bien me hubiera gustado que fuera Koji Kabuto o su
descendiente quien lo pilotara, estos 2 Super Mercenarios no estan mal y
para el Guión de esta Historia en la que los Mechas Enemigos estan
pilotados soldados tambien era necesario Soldados Decididos para la Batalla
y creo ademas que el "Jet Skull Pilder" que ellos usan esta muy bien hecho.
Solo espero que aparezcan los 3 Ovas que faltan para aclarar las dudas de
esta historia. Gracias. 

Author James Anacleto (5 months)
who would win in a fight, the original mazinkaiser or mazinkaiser skl?

Author targetseeker (7 months)
did yuki say 'ass guard'?

Author 矽沙 (1 year)

Author evaamv (2 years)
@screwtokaiba In Gurren Lagann, It's also Gurren Lagann VS Gaogaigar If
anyone get the joke(c'mon it is so ironic that you can straightly realize
the joke)

Author Rodney 2x4 (2 years)
I love how the female robot looks like Devilman (or the Devil-Lady, or
Devilman Lady?). Though, I bet many fans of Mazinger would have loved to
see more of this, and better. Seemed pretty cool to me.

Author RZ-357 (3 years)
oh, i just heard that originally that originally the characters of ken
kaido and ryo magami (i mean their characterization) were supposed to be
used for the characters of zack and cody martin of the disney sitcom "the
suitlife of zack and codyunexplicably disney's executives rejected these
characterization! i wonder why...

Author pepsiplunge316 (3 years)
I was expecting some THOR HAMMA BUREKA!

Author Ahmed Ash (3 years)
I thought the first 2 episode were crap, now ep3 is Kiser Awesomeness.
Mazinkaiser should inter Super Robot Taisen with Shin Mazinger & Getter
Robo Armageddon

Author screwtokaiba (2 years)
@keloid123 Just a simple complaints on how Mazinger are almost always
better than Getter in Super Robot Wars, which is totally unfair

Author Dillon Stine (1 year)
Its a bit of a stretch to compare them, really. If one believes that the
Boss/Koji/Lori seen in this video make it the same continuity, only in the
future, then SKL would be going up against enemies that are stronger than
the ones we saw the original Kaiser dealing with, so its a bit of a stretch
to compare them. ...'Cept the Alpha one, no contest there.

Author laenctras (3 years)

Author Green Sanic (2 years)
Yeah, I don't get the hype about it, ether.

Author cyandic (3 years)
@tomatrix LEGEND of KAISER

Author ES21007 (2 years)
And that for a good part of the game, Gou, Kei and... that other guy
piloted it instead. I was comparing the stat distribution to previous
Getter Robos... But yeah, true true.

Author ES21007 (2 years)
Also, it has the Open Get ability which means after a certain level of
speed it will dodge EVERYTHING. In SRWZ and Z2 though, we have it as a
glass cannon, which may or may not have been averted by the Shin Getter
upgrade. Add to that the combo attacks it has with Shin Dragon and of
course STONAAAAAA SUNNNSHINE and it stands toe to toe with the God Scrander
upgraded Shin Mazinger.

Author screwtokaiba (2 years)
Its actualy different, Z and Z2 Getter/Shin Getter is straight out God
because Musashi and Benkei is broken. Its the only SRW where Shin Getter
actualy looks pretty awesome compared to Mazingers of the game

Author apolo apolon (3 years)
I don't care about subtitles, but put the whole ova 3, I beg you on my

Author ES21007 (2 years)
I think if mazinkaiser had more time than just three episodes, we would be
able to make a fairer comparison. Well, true, it WAS badass, but still,
could've done better with more time...

Author REEDIMER (3 years)
someone upload complete song and i put link in this video

Author RZ-357 (3 years)
@TheForgotenStef30000 don't forget the thor's hammer, which is great
mazinger's thunder break!

Author HEMI TRAV (3 years)
@ThanatosRW Check out the orginal mazinkaiser its actually alot stronger
then the SKL model which is smaller and lighter then the orginal. ( also
this anime has nothing to do with the mazinger story line its just a spin

Author Yucatano002 (3 years)
waow! i like this episodie i interesting in the new episodies

Author ES21007 (2 years)
Though we can agree that it didn't even get close to Shin Getter 1 in terms
of speed. Shin Getter is literally a beam of light when we see it go at its
fastest. Mazinkaiser, we can still see its hulking outline. Yes its fast,
but not fast enough...

Author screwtokaiba (2 years)
@SMAXZO Ironically 9 out of 10 games they were in, Shin getter is far
weaker than Mazinkaiser, and Far weaker than Great and Mazinger Z while at
the same time losing in defense. Seems funny if you think about it

Author keloid long (2 years)
@screwtokaiba me no understand it

Author screwtokaiba (2 years)
@SMAXZO Not really, Shin Getter is more of a Jack of All Trades unit, since
IIRC Mazinkaiser is ussualy more dodgy than Shin Getter which is plain
unfair. What makes them standout is having three pilot and being an awesome
unit by itself(not at Mazinger's level of awesome but yeah)

Author MrToonsDay (2 years)
*listens to villain's voice* O.O is that the same voice actor that did
Viral from Gurren Lagann? :D

Author SMAXZO (2 years)
@screwtokaiba What the Shin Getter lacks in power, they make it up with
speed and mobility.

Author ryoga316 (3 years)
@geniusbob Like I said before, as SKL is set in another universe, we do not
know for sure if its outfitted with the same metallic alloy as previous
Mazingers. The previous MazinKaisers are clearly seen as tanks and thus,
it's weakness is speed and agility. SKL is clearly more agile and with the
Wingle can keep up with the Iron Kaiser's speed. The latter, of course, has
qualities of other Dynamic Mechas including Shin Getter/Grendizer (thanks
to its speed).

Author HEMI TRAV (2 years)
Kaiser has higher defence, much stronger punching force and fireblaster is
probly a little stronger then the standard shin getter beam. Shin getter is
faster ( faster then just about anything) and has better long range cc
weapons like his axe and sythe but in terms of lifting strength Id say
kaiser is stronger. Skl is far weaker then either its hinted that it is
just a clone of the original kaiser but it looks alot more agile to make up
for it. Its metal also seams weaker then other mazingers??

Author Everything Man (3 years)
If anyone doesn't know. The song is Legend of Kaiser, by Rey.

Author HankJ666 (1 year)
This is nor the best scene... you just liked the music... best scene is...

Author Shining Trapezohedron (2 years)
@duo1666 i think the only reason he refer this is the best scene because of
soundtrack in this scene

Author geniusbob (3 years)
@ryoga316 It didn't really look all that fast either.

Author ThanatosRW (3 years)
I think this mecha has just topped my wanna pilot list.

Author ES21007 (2 years)
True. But they could've made it better, to be fair.

Author Mizuru Souten (3 years)
Thought that voice sounded familiar...

Author geniusbob (2 years)
Mazinkaiser never needed to fight anything amazingly fast.

Author GurrenPrime (2 years)
Thank you so much for linking the song in the description!

Author geniusbob (2 years)
Since it can only unlock its super robot powers when given proper
clearance, I'd imagine it was built to be somewhat weaker in some areas and
have more flexibility in others.

Author geniusbob (2 years)
They could have made this better too.

Author Kevyn The DevylMan (3 years)
@KokoroNoSama Damn Straight!

Author SMAXZO (3 years)
@ryoga316 Well, Mazinkaizer is more of a counterpart of Shin Getter. If I
would make an analogy, Shin Getter is like a sword while Mazinkaizer is the

Author geniusbob (2 years)
I agree.

Author KokoroNoSama (3 years)
Now only if they can bring back devilman like this.

Author screwtokaiba (3 years)
Mazinkaiser vs Gaogaigar in this vids. If anyone get the joke(cmon it is so
iconic that yyou can straightly realize the joke)

Author juliox9 (3 years)
i love how wingle looks like devillady soo cool

Author BlitzkriegOmega (2 years)
and Kamina Started by Working for Guy as Volfogg!

Author ryoga316 (3 years)
@geniusbob Name one scene in the 2001 OVA where MazinKaiser moved just as
fast or even faster than SKL in the first episode.

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