Top 10 Hilarious Superpowers

They can't all be winners! Join as we count down the top 10 hilarious movie superpowers.

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Author TheGaboefects (1 month)
The power to fuck any woman at will.
-Charlie Sheen

Author Death50 Productions™ (3 months)
Anyone wonder how Mr Fantastic regular clothing stretches with him too?

Author Oisin Clancy (2 months)
Ability to control milk from misfits.
Seriously? Not even a mention.

Author Eren Arici (3 days)
Would touch-nesis's power work while studying for exams and stuff?

Author midnightthewolf20 (3 months)
the ability to turn into a guinea pig-sky high

Author fatboy19831 (3 months)
Batman has no super powers at all. He is just rich. That is it.

Author tommy smout (3 months)
in-flight flight

the power to fly only when in the air

Author Alexander Zamudio (2 days)
wow power of emo

Author Zach Obad-Mathis (3 months)

Author foREVer Syn (5 months)
still dont understand why Spiderman 3 is hated so much... i liked it better
than both Amazing Spiderman movies 

Author Albert Mas (8 days)
Just 2 words for silver age superman: Super Ventriloquism

Author Angel Gutierrez (9 days)
supermans minor inconvice power is pretty funny

Author mjprelic (10 days)
Thats funny. I never seen Superman shoot a blue beam that repairs things

Author min3craftking111 (19 days)
there is a superman 4?

Author Sergio Bocanegra (20 days)
Top 10 superhero that are not white: if there Asian or Hispanic and or
black or Indian they work as long as there not Caucasian

Author Connor Hummel (20 days)
XD i love the mask movies

Author Albert Mas (8 days)
Animal sexual magnetism in Superhero movie wasn't a super power. He just
spilled Axe for animals (and snails) on him.

Author Franco Alvarenga (1 month)
The power of míster fantastic works for example you can have a large penis 

Author PUAKush (1 month)
TOP 10 hilarious Catch Phrases or One Line Repetitive Phrasals 

Author Ernesto Rodriguez (4 months)
if they stuck to the comic superman would've just used super speed to re
build the wall!

Author Rellik165 (1 month)
goddamnit, Superman. You always have to have the most random and ridiculous
Like kryptonite that turns him gay.
And a son that can punch reality.

Author DJrockandroll ROBLOX (3 months)
wait a second theres 2 incredibles????

Author Exton Jonas (3 months)
Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that mr fantastic is the only real
superhero on here with his real superpowers. I mean sure spidey and supes
are on the list but they both are on here for stupid movies. That is so
insulting to mister fantastic, while not the coolest member of the four I
would not exactly call him useless

Author Mike Smith (1 month)
what about deadpool? the power to not only break the 4th wall, but layer it
with explosives and blow it to hell!

Author darking2jarlie (7 months)
superman's psychaotic power from MAN OF STEEL. *SNAPS*

Batman's scary voice from DARK KNIGHT SERIES.

lois lane's get-where-the-plot-needs-to-be power from again MAN OF STEEL.

Iron man's suit's falling without gravity power from AVENGERS.

Author Ryan McCoy (2 months)
tree man? from ASDF? tree powers activate

Author shaun4225 (1 month)
Umm im probally the only one that will defend spiderman 3 but I liked it
-_- still better then these shit 2012 and 2014 movies (the amazing

Author JinHunter Slay (2 months)
2:22 - tf2 nowadays

Author Guyver2391 (2 months)
What is the opposite of Christopher Walken? Christopher Reeves.

Author teed (2 months)
from the more recent ones: groot is kind of weird. his superpower is that
he can ... grow.

Author Kenneth Strait (9 days)
I love mystery men

Author cha5 (2 months)
Just superhero movie powers? How about hilarious superhero COMICBOOK powers
that are IMHO for the most part really off the wall.
10. Johnny Thunder: and his power to summon a lightening bolt that he can
talk to just by saying the magic words 'Cei-u' or when ever he says "say
you" something off the wall will happen.
9. Bouncing Boy: from The Legion of Superheros He turns into a big fat ball
and bounces everywhere
8. Gnort: The silliest Green Lantern wannabe ever who makes hydrants and
other things with his powering that he can't control and he always makes a
mess with it.
7. Metamorpho: The Element Man his powers of using elements has to be seen
to be believed.
6. Wonder Warthog: and his hog powers which he uses to tear the limbs off
of crooks which could only work in an Underground comic.
5. Too Much Coffee Man: powered by coffee and mojo to fight crime.
4. Herbie, The Fat Fury: Lollipop power!
3. Squirrel Girl: communicates with squirrels to fight crime.
2. Trashman a disciplined gun toting vigilante whose power is to turn
himself into a copy of an underground newspaper
'The East Village Other'.
1. Jack Cole's Plastic Man. Takes stretching to the ultimate degree way
beyond what Mr Fantastic ever could.

Author Qermaq (13 hours)
Mystery Men is awesome. The Blue Rajah, Master of Cutlery is great.

Author nyak63RUS (14 days)
What about Batman's superhuman ability to be a bitch?

Author Randolph Jones (2 months)
somehow, I KNEW Meteor Man would make this list...

Author Abel Ferreira (12 days)
Well, this superman is the silver age superman. If he needed a rabbit to be
born on eggs, they would. Sadly.

Author ProjectDarkHound (3 months)
Did anyone else's ear drums implode when superman was repairing the wall of

Author MrAaronbag (13 days)
Peter Parker is just your friendly neighborhood emo

Author VBang Production (13 days)
Mr.Fantastic gives his lady FANTASTIC time all the time :D if you know what
i mean :D

Author James Davis (26 days)
I disagree with the Kick Ass one. His abilities are actually decent. 

Author Abdul Basit (14 days)
+nyak63RUS dont forget his power of tonsils to

Author Jonathan Elliott (17 days)
Attracting animals in Superhero Movie wasn't a power. He sprayed himself
with something the animals liked. Get your shit straight.

Author TMBgaming (3 months)
lol power of emo

Author A Freethinker (17 days)
In the end, only Captain Hindsight would know better. At some point in

Author zeo dirk (1 month)
What are you talking about half of these aren't even super powers and the
other half are bitchin. Especially the touchnesis. Can you imagine how cool
it would be to touch my calculus book right before the test and know
everything in the book.

Author Peepl (6 months)
3:23 How were his clothes stretching with him. He isn't wearing his suit...

Author kratoscallofduty (20 days)
Superman 4.....that PoS should never have been filmed.

Author Eren Arici (3 days)
Hold up... Jack jacks got a movie?

Author wade jaco (27 days)
H2O9 is not a super power its a sent to the animals

Author nadia penman (25 days)
Not from a movie but what about arm fall off boy. With the ability to
detach his limbs and use them as blunt force weapons.

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