Top 10 Hilarious Superpowers

They can't all be winners! Join as we count down the top 10 hilarious movie superpowers.

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Author robbbyyy25 (3 months)
all 10 movies are classics, love them all

Author iKhanKing (5 months)
Am I the only one who kind of liked Emo peter? The emo thing was kind of
weird, but I thought one of the good points of Spidey 3 was how it
reflected the way the suit changed Peter. Yes, he acts like a complete
dick. But that's because that's how he's supposed to act in the black suit.

Author unblockedbridge (6 months)
True, Mr. Fantastic's powers are pretty useless, but considering they're
pretty much the same as Luffy's, shows that they can kick tons of ass! But
Mr. fantastic just sucks...

Author Dale78ful (4 months)
I think even the guy who played superman thought that power was bullshit.
Just look at his face after.

Author Jacob Hall (7 months)
Superman should've used that power in Man of Steel.

Author darking2jarlie (3 months)
superman's psychaotic power from MAN OF STEEL. *SNAPS*

Batman's scary voice from DARK KNIGHT SERIES.

lois lane's get-where-the-plot-needs-to-be power from again MAN OF STEEL.

Iron man's suit's falling without gravity power from AVENGERS.

Author INK Spawn (8 months)
"Dancing when there is no music" there was a slow bass guitar and jazz
music playing in the background.So what are you trying to say? That black
people's music doesn't really count as music? FUCK YOU.Spiderman 3 may have
been the least in the trilogy but for fuck's sake it has got to be better
than some idiot movie that has a fricking lizard as the main villian.Geez,
I'm tired of you dickwads always complaining about Spiderman 3;it was his
GOD DAMN SYMBIOTIC suit that was to blame for his peculiar behaviour.
"The Symbiotes are a fictional race of amorphous
extraterrestrial parasites which appear in the Marvel
Comics shared universe. The Symbiotes envelop
their hosts like costumes, creating a parasitic bond
through which the host's mind can be INFLUENCED."(Got that?!)

What the writers in "Spiderman 3" were trying to convey to you lame brains
is that sometimes even good men lose their way and slip over to the
darkside, because NO ONE'S PERFECT! Why can't you thick fucks get that?
People say that "The Amazing Spiderman" was better than "Spiderman" but let
me ask you this just what message were these people trying to get across?
What's the main theme then?

Author foREVer Syn (1 month)
still dont understand why Spiderman 3 is hated so much... i liked it better
than both Amazing Spiderman movies 

Author sandyzmz (7 months)
I found Spiderman 3 quite enjoyable

Author Jasmine blake (4 months)
The worst power is definitely the rage guy from mystery men, he literally
doesn't have a super power, he is just some angry guy.

Author youso91 (6 months)
what about the uk show misfits a character name alex has the ability to
strip people powers through intimacy lol 

Author pablo campozano (5 months)
So can Mr. Fantastic make his dick bigger?

Author subversive775 (7 months)
my super power is A.D.H.D! it comes in handy when i... wait, was i talking

Author Jason Stiefel (6 months)
The true most rediculous superpower belongs to Mr.Fantastic.

Having the power to make your clothes stretch? That is the best no
question about it.

Author Mr21Daytime (4 months)
And that's one of my issues with superman. They just allow him to do
whatever to fix whatever and whenever instead of just being consistent with
the powers he already has. I don't think I see superman as an iconic
superhero because of that.

Author Peepl (2 months)
3:23 How were his clothes stretching with him. He isn't wearing his suit...

Author James Cavalieri (7 months)
Somebody forgot Piccolo's clothes beam.

Author 1krani (3 months)
Why is a Friedberg and Seltzer movie on this list but an awesome mid-1990s
animated comedy series isn't?

Author Miguel GD (4 months)
nerve damage is a super power? power of being an emo?.... seriously? ¬¬
what about "Bacterian" the guy who fought in the world martial arts
tournament from dbz his ability was to be smelly ... that was way
funnier... or what about kaku (one piece) he had the ability to transform
into a giraffe 

Author KlunkerRider (7 months)
Any character from the comic series "The Tick" 

Author lanelafisking (5 months)

Author Rich Knight (6 months)
No Blank Man? 

Author MrSimanovicki (4 months)
so REALLY stinky farts is a superpower...and if that is basically what it
is every person in my family is a superhero

Author Alyssa Gidman (6 months)
What About the invisible man that's only invisible when no ones looking
From mystery men

Author Deshawn Dawkins (5 months)
Meg's ability to grow her nails (Family Guy) 

Author Q b b Rock (20 hours)
One of the reasons for the new reboot...

Author MrCarrot14 (10 days)
Honestly I think Plastic man is funnier in how his character expresses
himself compared to Mr. Fantastic. 

Author bluevenom50 (21 day)
How the fuck is 9 "hilarious"

Author David Porter (5 months)
Superman fuckin sucks. It's like he can do anything but chooses not to then
he pulls some random ass power out of nowhere that just makes you think
"why the fuck haven't you done this before?" Most uncreative and vague
superhero ever.

Author 18T220 (5 months)
Lol Emo powers.

These videos are awsome.

Author Wulf (3 months)
lol that voguing battle in Meteor Man.

Author Rezuvious (3 months)
the fix-o-vision superman had there is kinda plausible. In the original
comic books before a remake didnt he basically have any power?

Author Ernesto Rodriguez (24 days)
if they stuck to the comic superman would've just used super speed to re
build the wall!

Author TimedRevolver (3 months)
You know, that repair vision actually explains why Metropolis isn't a
bankrupt, rubble-laden ruin by now.

And why the city hasn't tried to destroy Superman. If you know the guy who
just destroyed half a city block can stare it back to normal, you won't be
quite so mad.

Author J39 (5 months)
I hated Tobey's black costume, but I love his portrayal as Emo Peter. It
was really good actually.

Author Juxtavarious (2 months)
Superman has always had wonky powers. Why not look at the most obscure
weaknesses? Like Superman being turned gay by pink kryptonite or the fact
that Wonder Woman loses all her powers if she's tied up by a man. Or how
about taking out Alan Scott and Hal Jordan with a #2 pencil because of
their weakness to wood and the color yellow?

Author olstar18 (2 months)
Keep in mind that mr furious really did get stronger when he got angry he
just didn't get angry easily.

Author RecHasRecorder (5 months)
the msak saw it when i was 4 and iam 15 now and i still love it

Author Donovan Proulx (2 months)
superman becomes able to create new powers on the fly in the comics so why
not include such in the movies?

Author marvinj487 (2 months)
The mask is so annoying, but then again jim carrey isn't funny he's just

Author jaydis19 (7 months)
I personally liked Spider-man 3. Is it the best superhero movie? By far no.
I did like it a lot better than The Amazing Spider-man. That aside, it was
the suit that made Peter Parker do what he did. Sure, the dance he did
outside the clothes store was a bit much. However, that and everything else
he did was the result of the suit taking him over. He was going dark,
that's it. I was a little upset about Venom not being like he was in the
comics, you know, bigger. However, the line, "I like being bad, it makes me
happy." I thought was really good. Overall I do agree Spider-man 3 is the
weakest of the trilogy but I don't agree that it's as bad as they say it
is. I think The Amazing Spider-man was worse. Peter Parker was portrayed
pretty good but I like Toby McGuire better and I think they should've used
a different villain, (Say the Vulture, the Hobgoblin, or Electro... wait a
second. BTW I'm not sure what to think of The Amazing Spider-man 2 yet) the
movie felt draggy and long, and I know initially in the comics Spider-man
used web shooter but I think one of his powers should be web slinging, and
Spider-man took off his mask way too much in The Amazing Spider-man.

Author Darko (6 months)
I dont know about nr 1 the throwable S in superman 2 is pretty funny and

Author Occupine (8 months)
number 10 wasn't even a was a fucking chemical reaction THAT DID

Author PS3_JTK_115 (4 months)
Too bad Superman couldn't use that power in Man Of Steel...

Author Kaka Carrotcake (8 months)
Fry's laser blocking power from Futurama :P

Author Trilaan (4 months)
The ultimate source for hilarious superpowers comes from manga/anime series
The Law of Ueki. The series features such powers as the ability to turn
trash into trees, to turn towels into iron, the power to turn voices into
portraits, the power to turn people into extreme lovers of eyeglasses, the
power to turn water into fire in your mouth and many more.

Author Grundy Peebo (2 months)
please, lets not remember that god awful phase of emo peter

Author Magnus Nygaard (1 month)
Watch "The Misfits"...
I know it's not a movie, but a TV-series, but when it comes to brilliant
use of hilarious superpowers, nobody's done it better.

Author Jed Shenefelt (2 months)
captain hindsight needs to be here

Author 0pt1c Blazin (2 months)
ok serioudly, wheres cartmans cussing power

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