Top 10 Hilarious Superpowers

They can't all be winners! Join as we count down the top 10 hilarious movie superpowers.

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Author Exton Jonas (1 month)
Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that mr fantastic is the only real
superhero on here with his real superpowers. I mean sure spidey and supes
are on the list but they both are on here for stupid movies. That is so
insulting to mister fantastic, while not the coolest member of the four I
would not exactly call him useless

Author Death50 Productions™ (6 days)
Anyone wonder how Mr Fantastic regular clothing stretches with him too?

Author DJrockandroll ROBLOX (24 days)
wait a second theres 2 incredibles????

Author Ernesto Rodriguez (1 month)
if they stuck to the comic superman would've just used super speed to re
build the wall!

Author Drew Brueckl (1 month)
Makes you wonder why the people ask for superman when batman and green
arrow save people just as easily with wa a a a a a a ay less property
damage. Who pays for superhero damages anyway?

Author darking2jarlie (4 months)
superman's psychaotic power from MAN OF STEEL. *SNAPS*

Batman's scary voice from DARK KNIGHT SERIES.

lois lane's get-where-the-plot-needs-to-be power from again MAN OF STEEL.

Iron man's suit's falling without gravity power from AVENGERS.

Author foREVer Syn (2 months)
still dont understand why Spiderman 3 is hated so much... i liked it better
than both Amazing Spiderman movies 

Author Litzuvi (1 day)
Moist from Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. Everything he touches becomes
soggy and he can't open pickle jars.

Author Dillinger Spaceman (1 day)
spiderman "emo" is hilarious!

Author Marius Mostert (2 days)
WTF? The power of EMO??? That power of emo makes him able to lift and throw
a car, with one hand, without twitching!!!

Author Tyler Saunders (3 days)
I can't believe it's not butter. 

Author midnightthewolf20 (4 days)
the ability to turn into a guinea pig-sky high

Author Christopher Hémond (7 days)
''Power of Emo''
It fucking killed me xD 

Author Wong Martin (9 days)
Team fortress 2 has a new taunt which is the conga.
Yes After watching this,I'm assuming Gaben loves The Mask.

Author cedkuro (13 days)
honestly the baby from the icreible will probably turn out to be the most
unstopable supervillan ever, i mean if i had every power i would see myself
as better than anyone else, so, by being superior i would think i deserve
to rule right? you know the rest about supervillans

Author TMBgaming (13 days)
lol power of emo

Author Peepl (4 months)
3:23 How were his clothes stretching with him. He isn't wearing his suit...

Author DrPluton (16 days)
I can't really agree with your bashing of Mr. Fantastic. His powers come in
handy quite often, and DC has The Elongated Man who is basically a private
detective and superhero with the same power. Other than that, I love
Mystery Men!

Author Zach Obad-Mathis (16 days)

Author Ohad Sha (20 days)
dead poll is the most hilarious super heroe

Author miguels stone (20 days)
Seing this power superman has now makes me wonder if he just gets lazy
after deafeating villians. Mayor: Thank ou superman you saved the day once
again! Supes: No thanks is needed it is what i must do to keep those i who
cannot defen themselves safe from harm. Mayor: Now there is just the matter
of rebuilding the damage done to the city. Supes:uhhhhh....Oh god someone
must have kryptonite i must get away quickly!!!.

Author Xavier Triggs (22 days)
the mask had the ability to warp reality 

Author Johnny Petersen (23 days)

Another good video..... (Damm im behind)

Author ChBrahm (25 days)
If Mr Fantastic´s powers were more similar to Luffy´s from One Piece. Then
he would be awesome

Author Marvel Girl (25 days)
Mr fantasics name in swedish is "gummy mannen" (the gummyman)

Author Faizan Ullah (26 days)
number 10 isnt a superpower

Author everything you want (29 days)
3:32 no. Batman forever is what happens when good franchises go bad.

Author Sebso Punchy (1 month)
mr fantastic is sick

Author 22may95 (1 month)
10 isnt even a superpower

Author 1krani (4 months)
Why is a Friedberg and Seltzer movie on this list but an awesome mid-1990s
animated comedy series isn't?

Author Daniel Erguera (1 month)
Chaos Power

Author Sasuke Uchiha (1 month)
But..I thought...the peter parker change thing was funny...and not really
the undoing of the franchise. Toby just got old for playing spiderman.
great vid though.

Author Péter Kocsis-Barna (1 month)
Mystery men

Author geico thirtynine (1 month)
0:26 anybody else notice the shit on the floor?

Author robbbyyy25 (4 months)
all 10 movies are classics, love them all

Author _ FunkyPyroCat _ (1 month)
Jack Jack don't have multi-powers he have ultimate Shape-shifting 

Author Jasmine blake (5 months)
The worst power is definitely the rage guy from mystery men, he literally
doesn't have a super power, he is just some angry guy.

Author ohsnapitztino (1 month)
Aquaman can breathe underwater and talk to animals
He has the same powers as spongebob

Author Jason Brown (1 month)
wow!i've watched mr.incredible so many times but never see these scenes

Author MrCarrot14 (1 month)
Honestly I think Plastic man is funnier in how his character expresses
himself compared to Mr. Fantastic. 

Author Peucoman (1 month)
Power of Melting from "Kablaam"?

Author kaelen miller (1 month)
Some of these "powers" weren't even powers so I do not see why you would
count them

Author sidescream9 (1 month)
i like mr. fantastic's powers

Author pokemonmaster723 (1 month)
don't question supermans powers, they are bullsh!t and come only because of
plot convenience, superman is just bad that way, he was at his worst pre
crises if anyone remembers that rubbish, there was never any fun in
watching or tension as he was invincible and could don anything with all
powers, don't question it or you will not be a fan of superman

give me all the hate so i can has an intresting argument to say why goku is

Author Luke Watkins (1 month)
Any one else notice there wasn't an intro?

Author jonah turner (1 month)
there is a mutant that has two giant maggots on his shoulders.

Author the spider & the viper (1 month)
being invisible when no one is looking from mystery men

Author akshay kumar (1 month)
want to watch these movies click this link and search the movie

Author George Middleton (1 month)
and jack jack

Author Plaguesque (1 month)
Mr fantastical elasticity actually stretched the cells in his brain to make
him even smarter

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