Azhagu Malar Aada by Soniya

Soniya sings Azhagu Malar Aada from Vaidhehi Kathirundhal

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Runtime: 10:53
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Author Japlin M (4 days)
Super Soniya. It's so nice. 

Author Yegnasamy Rajagopalan (1 day)
Hi Sonia,
Again Y. Raju from Bangkok. Your song, hope I am hearing 50th
time. Everytime, I hear, my eyes are sheding tears. Heart touching. Heard
that you learned Classical music. This song is in the ragam "
Chandrakauns". You also sang a song in this contest in the same ragam i.e.
MSV's music "Malaipozhuthi Mayakathile Kanavu Kandan Thozhi" by P Susila
amma. All the best. Let me hear the same when you come to Bangkok i.e. in
October, 2014

Author Nanthiny Ganesh (1 day)

Author subba rao dronamraju (3 months)
Sonia sang well n aptly expressive of her happiness

Author jayakumar jayarajan (4 days)
ever best singing from any super singer so far from Sonia.... this is more
than enough for you to pure that you are the best singer. god bless you
and your singing talent...

Author Safran27 (8 days)
I have heard this song at least ten times , Sonia you make this performance
so gooooooood!

I'm a big big fan of S.Janaki ma and it was beautiful to see her hugging
her !! I can't imagine how happy a singer can be !!

And i must admit I also cried !!! 

Author saanu san (8 days)

Author mathi qatar (8 days)
very very super

Author rajathurai keethan (3 months)
super song

Author reggaesha (10 days)
fabulous performance

Author Forem Hr (11 days)
The best performance ever in super singer

Author GuruDARSHAN Darshan (14 days)
janaki hugs you na ,thats equal to oscar,may god bless u

Author Junior Lopez (16 days)

Author Naveen Dran (4 months)
Woww nice sing super soniya..

Author abdul akkim (1 month)
Wonderful performance

Author Haritha V (1 month)
I love soniya very much 

Author Vishnu Unni (1 month)
I really love you Sonia.

Author Gandhi SGandhi (1 month)
stunning performance.. again I watched..

Author CH S RAJAGOPAL (1 month)
I wish that she is my grand daughter

Author p saravanan (1 month)
Full emotional song , I will appreciated and dedicated of this song , we
are also gone to happy and delighted .....

Author melisa lisa (1 month)
she is singing S.Janaki"s song and she did it very beautifully . hats off !

Author jojo lo (1 month)
epic moment

Author Sekar n sekaran (1 month)
really she have good talent

Author Ottawa Inn (1 month)
When Janagi Amma came and wished you,,I got tears in my eyes.God bless you
my child.

Author Santhakumar Natarajan (1 month)
Real rocking performance Sonia. Great!

Author satlipmd (2 months)
sangeetham therinchavangalum kan kalangittaanga & theriyaatha ennaipola
aalungalum kan kalangittom, itharkidaiyila antha 145 dislikers yaaru????

Author Ramesh Moorthy (2 months)
Superb songs I like it

Author Rengarajan Ragavan (2 months)
astounding .....!!! no words to express..

Author ks.Kanagaraja ks.kanagaraja (2 months)
i love this songs 

Author Radika Nisha (2 months)
Wa wa wawo

Author Vittal Rao (2 months)
Sooooooooooooper song

Author Uthayakumar Sajeevan (2 months)
மனம் கவர்ந்த பாடல் ....
கேட்கும் போதே கண்கள் குளமாகின்றதே......
வாழ்த்துக்கள் அக்கா.......
மேலும் வெற்றி பெற வாழ்த்துகின்றேன் .....
என்றும் உங்கள் ரசிகன்............

Author Maniam P (2 months)
Even after watching this nearly 9 months later tears are flowing from my
eyes,sonya's melodious voice has the power to pour tears , and wish her
more power to become a popular singer in the footpath of great Janaki Amma

Author Firdaws Sabeena (5 months)

Author Jigifanz (2 months)

Author thangaiah rajagopal (2 months)

Author Ahamed Kabeer (3 months)
Amazing voice....

Author suhana 05 suhana 05 (3 months)
Realy nce sonia akka

Author Radika Nisha (2 months)
Wa wa wawo

Author misterf neo (3 months)
orchestra wow wow intact with original.
kudos mastroe IR

Author subashini vikraman (3 months)
very nice sonia

Author jala pathy m (3 months)
Soniya is super tallent

Author Satheesh Kumar (11 months)
Sonia this is your tribute to the mastero thank you.

Author Jude Dharshan (11 months)
Sooo great! greetings from UK,amaizing Sonia,i can see 14 losers who
disliked this.

Author Govindarajan Vaithialingam (11 months)
superb singing by Sonia.She fully merged with the song and drenched all of
us in her musical rain. Hats off to Sonia. Wish her to win many more awards.

Author Lakshmi Narasimman R (10 months)
Such songs should come out to reach even the last audience to show the
Excellence of the original singer!!! My Head on your Feet Janaki Amma!!

Author Praba Karan (11 months)
wow soniya ur singer ya..........

Author Sadhana Vimalesan (11 months)
Fantastic singing..

Author Thabassum Hussain (11 months)
u prooved it sonia.....pls keep this confidence till the finals....u will
be the winner....

Author Don Ashwin (11 months)
Bullshit because all malayalees

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