256 LB Big Eye Tuna on OBX 400 Jigging Rod

Report for this trip written by Sami:

For the past 3 years we've been trying to put a trip together to target Big eye tuna but with the lack of anglers & consistency it was hard to pull the trigger, Oregon Inlet yellow fin tuna bites was red hot this year with some mixed in Big Eye Tuna in between.
We checked the weather on Tuesday and made a phone call to set up the trip for Sunday, the excitement was on everybody's faces, the groups consist of Evan, Raymond, Paul, Heng, Fei and I.
We drove the night and was greeted by first mate George followed by Captain Ned at 4:15 AM
The Ocean was full of life, bait was all over the place and the presence of pilot whales can be seen everywhere, we started blind casting close to the whales and sure enough our lures got hammered by yellow fin tuna, our mission was to put a bend on the El Maestro with a descent size yellow fin tuna but all we got were the smaller fish, it seems like the big body of fish moved, the action start fading away, later in the morning Captain Ned marked a good concentration of fish on his fish finder, and they didn't seem like small fishes, Evan and I were next to each other jigging and the sound of the fish finder was going off like a disco party, I said to Evan it is going to happen and I shouted eat my jig, within a second Evan get slammed on the jig, Game on.
The first run was amazing and steady and all of a sudden it became very moderate giving you the feeling of a small fish, for a moment everybody though it is a small fish but seeing that initial run first I was sure it is a Big Eye and I told Evan right away it is a Big Eye, Evan gave his all with his new Saltywater Tackle OBX 400 that he just picked up before the trip, what a day to break in your new rod!
After 15 minutes battling Evan had to ask for help and I did not hesitate for a second, after another 5 minutes we saw the fish and I knew exactly what was going to happen, another run for deeper water, 10 minutes and the fish was at the boat side with the gaff stuck on its face, celebration beyond expectation, cheers and jubilation Woo Hoo, a fat 76 inch long with a 52 inch girth hit the deck, 256LB!!

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Author Jerry Boy (1 month)
why they killing these beautiful Fishes .. shame really .. let them live
their lives 

Author Roshan Dahal (4 months)
poor thing :( 

Author MrSindreee (4 months)
is that stella at 2:05 ?

Author Javy Ruiz (2 months)
Dam i am getting old, i find this fascinating. When i was younger i didnt
care for fishing.

Author JUSTACHIPN (25 days)
fkd up a good video with music lol wtf?

Author TkyoSam (1 month)
Holy crap! Amazing catch dude!!

Author Jon Farmer (5 months)
256 LB Big Eye Tuna on OBX 400 Jigging Rod: OH

Author Jmichael Isbell (11 days)
PS, next time why not let 3 or 4 guys "take turns", then you won't even
need to break a sweat--wouldn't that be cool????? Then you can all yell
"yeahhhhhhhhh" even louder, cause you will have more breath; you give
"sport fishing" a bad name guys.

Author Gary T (9 hours)
Omg!..and WOW!..dream fishing trip, and a fish of a lifetime, you lucky
lucky ppl, ide like to think I could have played that fish half as well so
welldone I am v-gelouse :-) thanx4giving me nice dreams2night. Your

Author Mike Hodak (5 days)

Author Todd Johnson (8 days)
Too bad there wasn't a season to fish for libral shit bags I would have my
bag limit

Author Kerlander RK (18 days)
u guys re bunch of loosers

Author Legend Fury (3 months)
what song is it for the beginning to the end? I love the beat. Please help.

Author 440418hoho (18 days)
256 LB Big Eye Tuna on OBX 400 Jigging Rod

Author Jmichael Isbell (11 days)
This is sport fishing, or at least supposed to be---and you guys are young
and strong--you can see that. So, "taking turns" especially with the top
of the line tackle you have, is totally unsporting. If the fish "beats
you" break off, don't hand to your buddy, my Gosh. If you are not
interested in sport, why not just harpoon them, or long line them--this is
not cool. This creature is fighting for its very life, while you are going
home to have a beer--man up and let em go if you can't cut it.

Author DefLeppard247 (1 month)
Hope you released it

Author 王偉銘 (29 days)

Author Kurt Hoefig (1 month)
you couldn't pay me a million dollars to keep that fish

Author lo gi (1 month)
I hope you ate it

Author Ahmet Tugrul (4 months)
poor fish :((

Author Todd Johnson (8 days)
Awesome fish fuck the peeps that don't fish and fuck their hippy ass life
lol good catch 

Author JohAsp97 (1 month)
That's a big fishy

Author Brandon Traynor (1 month)
i would rather lose a fish than let someone else take over... but that's
just me.

Author Somphian Chalothon (1 month)

Author dennis stallings (1 month)

Author Neoaculus (1 month)
Was the kept or released?

Author TakeIt Easshh (2 months)
If I have a fish like that on my line, you'd have to kill me to get that
rod away from me... no self-respecting fisherman hands his rod off during a

Author michel tornabene (1 month)
vous etes des champions..

Author hailama defries (2 months)
I was waiting for the pole for break 

Author DefLeppard247 (1 month)
Hope you released it

Author Wensis Rompas (2 months)
Fishing gold :D

Author Terp Mahs (4 months)
Did anyone else see those dolphins or shark. Pretty sure it was a dolphin

Author John Echterhoff (2 months)
Muy Fantasico!!

Author ivan R (2 months)
oh my god that is huge i am surprised the fishing rod did not snap

Author Matthew Frazier (2 months)
dont put dance music on a fishing video...

Author Josh Muyal (2 months)
Nice catch!!

Author wilson 81 (2 months)
wow great catch guys...

Author jamie keflin (2 months)
what lb test was you useing

Author dhardman85 (2 months)
thats a lot of sushi 

Author monique lequerique (2 months)

Author A Ben (3 months)
Fish was created to be eaten.

Author Benjamin Covert (2 months)
That's a big fish

Author Kepri Fishing Club ( KFC ) (2 months)
event i saw negative comment below but for me this video teach me something
good about fishing technique, thanks a lot bro

Author Kenzie Pauling (2 months)
My sister was about to stop fishing then a northern/baby got on her hook

Author Neptun Posidon (3 months)
hope you had same nice lunch dinners.

Author Saltywater Tackle (11 months)
Thanks Duvell! Saltywater Tackle is located in Sayreville, New Jersey. If
you want to see more of the fishing we do feel free to check out our
Facebook page "Saltywater Tackle Chronicles" or you can check our website
at saltywatertackle com.

Author masen136 (1 year)
hes making sweet love to that pole

Author Saltywater Tackle (1 year)
Thanks Kevin.

Author keciklc (1 year)
wow..!! good job..

Author Robert Solano (1 year)

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