256 LB Big Eye Tuna on OBX 400 Jigging Rod

Report for this trip written by Sami:

For the past 3 years we've been trying to put a trip together to target Big eye tuna but with the lack of anglers & consistency it was hard to pull the trigger, Oregon Inlet yellow fin tuna bites was red hot this year with some mixed in Big Eye Tuna in between.
We checked the weather on Tuesday and made a phone call to set up the trip for Sunday, the excitement was on everybody's faces, the groups consist of Evan, Raymond, Paul, Heng, Fei and I.
We drove the night and was greeted by first mate George followed by Captain Ned at 4:15 AM
The Ocean was full of life, bait was all over the place and the presence of pilot whales can be seen everywhere, we started blind casting close to the whales and sure enough our lures got hammered by yellow fin tuna, our mission was to put a bend on the El Maestro with a descent size yellow fin tuna but all we got were the smaller fish, it seems like the big body of fish moved, the action start fading away, later in the morning Captain Ned marked a good concentration of fish on his fish finder, and they didn't seem like small fishes, Evan and I were next to each other jigging and the sound of the fish finder was going off like a disco party, I said to Evan it is going to happen and I shouted eat my jig, within a second Evan get slammed on the jig, Game on.
The first run was amazing and steady and all of a sudden it became very moderate giving you the feeling of a small fish, for a moment everybody though it is a small fish but seeing that initial run first I was sure it is a Big Eye and I told Evan right away it is a Big Eye, Evan gave his all with his new Saltywater Tackle OBX 400 that he just picked up before the trip, what a day to break in your new rod!
After 15 minutes battling Evan had to ask for help and I did not hesitate for a second, after another 5 minutes we saw the fish and I knew exactly what was going to happen, another run for deeper water, 10 minutes and the fish was at the boat side with the gaff stuck on its face, celebration beyond expectation, cheers and jubilation Woo Hoo, a fat 76 inch long with a 52 inch girth hit the deck, 256LB!!

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Author Jon Farmer (2 months)
256 LB Big Eye Tuna on OBX 400 Jigging Rod: OH

Author Roshan Dahal (1 month)
poor thing :( 

Author MrSindreee (25 days)
is that stella at 2:05 ?

Author Richard Heinsohn (6 months)
Sorry am I the only one that thinks this angler needs to be humbled.

Author Epilectic LSD Cannon (6 months)
What tackle are you using?

Author Zé Setta (2 months)
Otimo fish, I bet it was a perfect day!

Author Terp Mahs (1 month)
Did anyone else see those dolphins or shark. Pretty sure it was a dolphin

Author Brandon Davis (2 months)
The ocean is scary. Even more scary that we know more about space than the

Author 0xxsapxx0 (5 months)
is that peter chao ?

Author Seng Chanthavong (6 months)
Damn, that looks so good! I love fresh Tuna! :D

Author Jon Landau (5 months)
Great fish and awesome battle, way to keep the pressure on the fish the
whole time, that's what kicked his ass. Congrats to anglers and capt for a
job well done.

Author Liquid-Skin (6 months)

Author Austin Pickford (6 months)
How long did it take??

Author cubiq1 (7 months)
Catch and release Saltywater Tackle, fish for the future.

Author vahaj ahmed (4 months)
which place is this?

Author Radhen Hendarmawan (5 months)
OMG!!! What a freaking HUUUUGE Blue Fin Tuna!!
I want that experience dude, let me in sometimes :)

Author refusekevin (6 months)
Hi, im a freshman, could you tell my what line do you use (size), and how
to spell the name of lure? if you can give me the recomendation,thats would
be great. I had fishing experience with tuna... the line was broken so could you give me some information of line ...(when fishing,
there are two different size of line,i dont know how to call it in
english... so plz..i have reel, i only want to know line and rod,what brand
and model?)

Author Elvia Hernandez (4 months)
What do you think of Global Awareness

Author Yunus Desai (4 months)
What make of coffee grinder reel was that ?

Author Mehedi Hasan Monju (8 months)
I want to join with u for a fishing trip... will u plz add me to a trip...

Author A Ben (3 days)
Fish was created to be eaten.

Author Bunch OfSmiles (3 days)
what song is it for the beginning to the end? I love the beat. Please help.

Author refusekevin (5 months)
hi,nice video....may i ask what rod do you use for jigging ...and
recomendation rods for shimano stella sw20000 reel or daiwa saltiga
budget maximum is $500

Author Noah Rivera (9 days)
Why was ur line different colors

Author StickyIky (1 month)
awesome catch and loving the music

Author Mauricio Villegas (4 months)
return them if they are small sea tuna do something
do not expect to be an idiot ..

Author lucas zottoli (5 months)
where is it?

Author augusto tome (2 months)
good job

Author Tayfun Özen (7 months)
ananısikim one la ?

Author francisco marcos (18 days)
sem comentários......

Author 1ondalunga (13 days)

Author Ricardo Carvalho (2 months)
Sashimi for life!!

Author Pool Liner (1 month)
kinda sad actually to poor that poor fish out of the water

Author Noel Arnold (6 months)

Author Ryan Turley (6 months)
your gonna run out of line if it runs any harder hahaha big ass tuna

Author Frank Urban (2 months)
Outer banks NC. Fought many tuna there try capt. Hank on the true grit
tellem I sent ya.

Author TheMDOutdoors (8 months)
One word WOW!

Author Marco Morin (6 months)
Excelent video folks! Congrats.

Author Dimitris Dim (7 months)
VERY GOOD BRAVO !!!! ( dimitris greece)

Author SUMIYAR NR (6 months)

Author Brady cone (7 months)
the fish is so fukin big

Author Saman Duminda (2 months)
what a fun think their also feel hurt 

Author erik nulty (7 months)
wonderful sir! on a different rod/reel it would still be great, with your
combo out of this world my man!!!!

Author matthias guemboura (2 months)
sami is by far my favorite fisherman ever

Author Waones Soemirat (6 months)

Author Daniel Bisso (7 months)
Amazing fish man! Nice work catching it! Cha-ching

Author StevEandNimbuS (4 months)
had to pass off the rod, pftt. weak

Author Ahmet Tugrul (1 month)
poor fish :((

Author dAwOkmAsTeR (8 months)
Dang what a BEAST!!! Nice Tag Team! Awesome video as always Sensei Sami
haha. By the way, what is that pink stick bait @ 1:47?

Author Brandon Derp (15 days)
dont worry i love catching sharks they are good to eat also!

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