He Knows My Name - Travis Clark

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Author KiriGamer364 (2 months)

Author salvation (3 months)
This little guy is talented. Check out the key changes! Glory!

Author Jayzc66 (3 months)
Wow! Amazing!

Author Ashton Hoeppner (1 month)
God has given him a special talent!

Author Amo Oscar (4 months)

Author Yomara Moreno (4 months)
Awesome! You go Travis! Beautiful song and performance. Congratulations!
Can you share the piano chords? Thanks! 

Author zeal V. (2 months)
amazing :) God is using children for His glory... God bless you kid

Author Kenzie Pomponi (9 months)
hes the cutest little boy singer ever! he knows my name

Author Bob Van Sant (7 months)
Does Jesus know your name?

Author amcclay69 (1 year)

Author Glen Moore (1 year)
Great job !

Author himduss lopez (1 year)
this kid has talent

Author Joya Sturrup (10 months)

Author Juliet Romeo (1 year)
Praise the LORD, he singed it so adorably!

Author Amanda Wagner (9 months)
Amen! I love this song. (:

Author Monica Breslin (6 months)
So talented!

Author Lois Willoughby (1 year)
Thank you for posting this! Lifted my spirits and gave me chills. May god
bless you Travis.

Author Rebekah Staggs (9 months)
I ♥ Travis!!! :)

Author Sarah Trcka (6 months)
Good job

Author Floyd Brownlee (1 year)

Author Rachel Robles (1 year)
Beautiful !

Author Crystal Collie (8 months)
I love that song I go every where singing it

Author NinjasLoveWaffles (2 years)
YOu Were Amazing At Lancaster Baptist Church! :D ♥

Author sheilaham55 (1 year)
That was awesome

Author Golden Pacman (8 months)

Author tiffylu2013 (6 months)
Very anointed!

Author Suzanne Correa (1 year)
With in 3 weeks after i first heard this, our jr high and high school knew
it and was singing it in the hallways.Thank you for posting this. :) p.s. i
LOVE his voice :D

Author Angela Williams (1 year)
excellent job! wow

Author Diana Garcia (1 year)
Hes so good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sarah Trcka (6 months)

Author YoungeBoo (2 years)
He's Amazing Wow I'm Just So Mesmerized By His Talent I Wish I Can Be Just
As Talented This Is So Adorable You Are A Great Singer Keep Up The Good
Work And Never Give Up I Hope You Continue To Do This For A Long Time I
Wish You Nothing But The Best Travis Clark Good Luck In The Future. God
Bless You ( :

Author kstina2011 (11 months)
3 adorable (:

Author Michal Cruz (8 months)
Saw this guy at mount zion camp this week of 2013 August

Author willburs1234567 (1 year)
lyrics part 2

Author willburs1234567 (1 year)
He counts the stars one and all He knows how much sand is on the shores He
sees every sparrow that falls He made the mountains and the seas He's in
control of everything Of all creatures great and small And He knows my name
Every step that I take Every move that I make Every tear that I cry He
knows my name When I'm overwhelmed by the pain And can't see the light of
day I know I'll be just fine 'Cause He knows my name

Author Jason Baldwin (6 months)
absolutely beautiful, you just blessed me. Very touching.

Author Lizzy Fontana (8 months)
I was there too! :D

Author James Stone (2 years)
I love it! what a blessing to hear such talent. I'm blessed by this.

Author Lizzy Fontana (8 months)
I was there! Team Monsters! :3

Author lyssaluvsu7 (9 months)
He is awesome !

Author Austin Hill (2 years)
I love the Clark family.

Author soquelslug (2 years)
to bensgirl.. look at the tutorial from matt mccoy on this song "HE KNOWS
MY NAME" mostly g & c, d chords...

Author Carson Baker (1 year)
God bless you what a great song

Author Erica Sheets (8 months)
Saw him at camp last week too! Awesome talent for the Lord... From the
Lord! Go Minions! LOL

Author Debbie Norris (1 year)
LOVE IT....your very talented...Keep on singing for Jesus :)

Author Dan Rice (1 year)
The Chord progression he is using is a one-five-minor six-four. This chord
progression is used in 100's of songs. This is one of the most popular
chord progression ever. Don't compare this song to other songs.

Author daisielovessoftball2 (8 months)
He didn't write this song...

Author Beatrice Lambert (9 months)
Go Travis my bro went to a camp wer he prefomed

Author destiny casada (9 months)

Author Johanna Fike (9 months)
He's amazing, and so adorable!

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