2009 Street Glide w/ TW-777 cams

2009 Street Glide with Woods Performance TW-777 cams, Screaming Eagle adjustable push rods, Torrington bearings, K&N high flow breather and D&D Boss Cat 2-1 with Performance baffle

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 1:45
Comments: 39

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Author sk8777kid1 (25 days)
When and more like "if"... any other manufacture can't make their bike
sound like this... Or a stock harley with stock cams call me! 

Author Travis Palmer (20 days)
Did you do the heads?

Author spardo76 (10 months)
Thats one of the best sounding Harley's I've ever heard. Good job there

Author Dwayne Henning (7 months)
Is yours a 96? Mine is a 103. I went perfect fit push rods, flowed heads
and throttle body, tw777 cams, 2-1 thunderheader, screamin eagle race
tuner. It made 101 and 115 

Author Tim Folkers (8 months)
Sounds great. I just did the 777 in my dyna. sweet cams

Author Dwayne Henning (7 months)
Mine ended up making 101 horse and 115 torque.

Author Chad Hickey (4 months)
Nice sound. I wants those cams.

Author Dwayne Henning (10 months)
Hey I was also wondering if you had your heads and throttle body done or
not? Thanks go the input.

Author lewis72025 (7 months)
Sounds great man, good job!

Author Dwayne Henning (1 year)
What'd this dyno at? 

Author Dwayne Henning (10 months)
I'm having these put in mine this week, I'm running the 2-1 thunderheader,
and the arlen Ness big sucker. Can't wait. 

Author kirb1969 (1 year)
Pound for pound.Thats the nicest sounding street glide on you tube . I just
put the same combo in my 110 motor (2011 se street glide) It rips!!! Nice
and thats a understatement!

Author jman1ac (3 years)
Special thanks to Ronnie Huckabee for installing the cams, bearings, push
rods, breather and pipe! Now it is off to Jud Cowley for dyno tune.

Author jman1ac (1 year)
My motor was starving for air even with the Screaming Eagle breather I had
on it. The tune was certainly optimized with the additional air flow.

Author bigmatt8156 (1 year)
is the baffle performance baffle wrapped

Author jman1ac (1 year)
Thanks for all the comments! I can't say enough good things about these

Author wilsondism (2 years)
You stated that you have performance baffle, so you have the original
baffle out?

Author Daniel Henke (1 year)
That is one angry pissed off sounding bike! Did you install the cams
yourself? Was it difficult?

Author jman1ac (1 year)
picked up cams from Woods Performance. You can call and talk to Bob Woods
and he will be sure you get everything you need. Gonna run you around $440

Author fatbobama08 (3 years)
Hey Jman I to am thinking about putting the TW-777 cams in my bike.Your
bike sounds great.Are you running stock heads and pistons?I Also wanted to
know did it take any low end power.I run a ThunderMax ecu with 2 into1 pipe
and stage 2 breather on an 08 FatBob.Keep her in the wind Bro.

Author rickshort777 (2 years)
Hows the tourqe with those cams? My glide in the shop getting those cams
installed rite now

Author srutledge90 (1 year)
i watch this video every day

Author jman1ac (1 year)
I ordered the exhaust from D&D with the Performance Baffle. They actually
call the baffle a Perforated Baffle but their exhaust techs all call it the
performance baffle.

Author MrSweeperoperator (2 years)
bike sounds great where did u pick up the came from n is it good all
through the power band

Author jesse james (1 year)
That fucker sounds like it gets rowdy!

Author mykolin4560 (1 year)
Sounds wicked

Author bigmatt8156 (1 year)
Called them there is to baffles to use both are the performance but one is
warped to quite it down did the pipe have the letter Q at end of part #

Author diesel067 (3 years)
Jman, what kind of tuner a you running.. And thx for posting the 777 sound,
i have been waiting on a sound clip before i purchased mine, going online
to get them asap...

Author MrJwh3000 (2 years)
THAT MOFO SOUNDS MEAN! I wonder if its really worth buying that K&N air
filter and intake or should I just put a k&n filter in and leave the stock
front cover minus the restrictive back plate???

Author BnTSGlide (2 years)
Sounds incredible, great job!!

Author ross021 (2 years)
Sounds awesome! Just got the TW-777 installed on my 96" Road King w/ a Rush
2-1. Love 'em!!!

Author jman1ac (3 years)
Yes, the heads and pistons are stock. I got a 20 HP / 23.4 Torque increase
over stock with the 777 cams, K&N filter and D&D BossCat

Author jman1ac (3 years)
I use the Direct Link USB tuner which is used in conjunction with the

Author jman1ac (1 year)
I ordered the exhaust from D&D with the Performance Baffle. They actually
call the baffle a Perforated Baffle but their exhaust techs all call it the
performance baffle.

Author rickshort777 (2 years)
Hows the low end power ?

Author mark20772 (2 years)
can u contact me at mark_20772@yahoo. com with a #

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