Littlest Pet Shop: Truth Or Dare? (Episode #2)

The Halloween Special!

The girls are having another sleepover after a spooky night of trick-or-treating, and this time Merissa and Melissa invited Samantha and Tony to spend the night with them.
Time for a game of Truth or Dare!

No LPS were hurt in the making of this video. :)
Happy Halloween everyone!

I thought Tony kinda looked like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, and Penelope looked like Finn from Adventure Time in that bear hat, hehe.

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Author LPS NightSkies (2 months)
I've always though of this "Who was the first LPSTuber??" I wanted to know
that answer for a long time! Anyone know??

Author Lps Sam (4 days)
Why do they wear skirts around their necks?

Author Doragarciadg20 Dg1427 (8 days)
I am.dieing to see episode 6 like when.are u like ganna make it like omg I
wanna know like I am dieing I wannna.see more!!!!!!!!!!! :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 

Author Alicia Williamson (11 days)

Author Crazycat743 (3 months)
What do you use for the rose wallpaper in the background?

Author CharLoveIt (1 month)
i think i love this mini series and do u want fries with that

Author Maria Solis (22 days)

Author Scarlett LHeureux (8 days)
Is there like umm...Some sort of Part 2 coming did they get killed was Tony
just joking
what what I want to know 

Author lpsrockstar25 (6 months)
Did anyone else think the chainsaw sounded like a hair dryer the first time
they watched this?

Author Kiara Wimbush (1 day)
CREEPY girl😥😪😸😂

Author LPSTigerPrincess (20 days)
"It's not funny!!!!
"Who said I was trying to be funny?…."

That was the scariest part!!!! 0 0

Author Penny Jax (2 months)
did you now my name is penelope and you make me fele angry

Author Sofia Lps (2 months)
samantha is wearing a hot dog costume! lol!

Author Guillermo Martinez (18 days)
I like it my friend KayeLynn is the bigest fan

Author Ashley O, Malley (1 month)
I HATE CHAINSAWS becuse my dad broke his lage with a chainsaw=(

Author John Sanchez (13 days)
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't kill me!

Author Kaylee Clabaugh (2 months)
omg whats going to happen OMG OMG OMG i need to know that was pretty scary
tonys mad rellllllllly mmmmaaaaadddddd

Author CharLoveIt (1 month)
i thought it sound like a blow dryer

Author Warlie Cruz (25 days)
Eliza, your friends with ace?????????????????

Author Jebols13 (2 months)

Author Vale Hester (4 months)

Author rainbow dash (8 months)
Did tony kill them for real?

Author lpslover300 00000 (26 days)
I got another one that rhymes with Claire mare

Author Jade Good (1 month)
Why are the skirts on the neck? That annoyed me through out the whole

Author Rosemary Ruiz (1 month)
my mom would never let me let a boy sleepover.NEVER!!!!!!

Author Jemma Lowe (1 month)
That was like scary and weird at the same time

Author Iris Moses (2 months)
Do u want fries with that
By $moochess

Author Carlos Javier (1 month)
Omg that was like scary 😏🙀

Author CharLoveIt (1 month)
my ag doll is named samantha

Author Jade Brewington (11 days)

Author Lps DomoBear (2 months)
I luv it when ppl like play a really awesome joke, then it acually 

Author Erin Merrill (4 months)
wait.... WAT

Author Moonlight Joy (4 months)


Author Yessenia Diaz (4 months)
Oh my gosh has tony actually gone crazy =-O

Author Cynthia Moon (1 month)
I have Tony's color! (・ω・)

Author Cinderfire26 (5 months)
i like samantha because she is like the shy and akward type. that is like

Author Marcela Hunt (2 months)
You trying to kill them or what that's just crazy u are so nuts take the
last part out

Author chad west (2 months)
and LPSOcean Blue i dont know

Author crazycat meow (2 months)
Tony has gone MAD!!!!!!!!!


Author Martha Melendez (1 month)
Wi did tony do that I no get :)

Author Hugo Proano (1 month)
is it raining out side

Author Lpscreepypasta (3 months)
Claire: Do you want fries with that?
Me: *can't stop laughing*

Author Audra Wilson (3 months)
got a little scared. Great show though!! :-)

Author Alicia Williamson (11 days)

Author Jorge Coloma (1 month)
Did they die reply

Author Tammy DiTommaso (8 days)

Author Armando Trochez (2 months)
why does tony scared the grils?

Author Carrie King (2 months)
Plz do more truth or dares!

Author LPS Ashlyn (5 months)

Author Natalie Mallory (2 months)

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