Littlest Pet Shop: Truth Or Dare #2 [Halloween Special]

The girls are having another sleepover after a spooky night of trick-or-treating, and this time Merissa and Melissa invited Samantha and Tony to spend the night with them.
Time for a game of Truth or Dare!

No LPS were hurt in the making of this video. :)
Happy Halloween everyone!

I thought Tony kinda looked like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, and Penelope looked like Finn from Adventure Time in that bear hat, hehe.

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Author TigerNomLPS (22 days)

Author rainbow dash (3 months)
Did tony kill them for real?

Author LPSFantasy (5 months)
why did Tony at the end did tried to kill them?

Author lpsrockstar25 (1 month)
Did anyone else think the chainsaw sounded like a hair dryer the first time
they watched this?

Author LPS Ashlyn (25 days)

Author LPS Paw Power (1 month)
Why is your mom dressed as a princess? XD

Author MLP Queen of the Night (2 months)

Author ThePuddingLPS (8 months)
very very funny :)

Author CocacolaLPS (3 months)
lolz, love this XD

Author Isabella Lines (3 months)
xD 1:50 go check it out ''So like you're dad is dressed as a princess
too?'' Check the bit before that to find out why Penelope said that xD

Author Nadja Sinadinovic (4 months)
do you want fries with that?!

Author TigerNomLPS (19 days)
1:35 KK! we're not texting u know

Author CocacolaLPS (3 months)
"what kind of dare is that?" "would you like fries with that?"

Author TigerNomLPS (19 days)
i like samantha because she is like the shy and akward type. that is like

Author jane washburn (5 months)
tony is scary

Author Mysterywebkinzgirl (6 months)

Author craig shean (7 months)
Where did you have a hot dog costume and can I borrow it

Author SkylieMorgans+HappyFaceTroll (3 months)
What is the song in the beggining

Author Yessenia Diaz (5 days)
Oh my gosh has tony actually gone crazy =-O

Author Jeanette Rector (4 days)
the bunny: like what's that noise 

Author kinsey hollester (5 months)
What the fudge...

Author JuinJones 78 (1 month)
that was creepy

Author lpslovergirl1234 (7 months)

Author PihlajanTalliTV (8 months)
Subscribe you:3

Author Anna Zavala (16 days)

Author Ashley Leon (1 month)

Author Victoria Coughlan (6 months)
how about solitare

Author Miss Bombon (5 months)
The end was so scary. :( I hate tony.

Author Malgorzata Sacewicz (6 months)

Author Kris Mccalla (1 month)
Like OMG

Author maxcara (4 months)
So when you make a truth or dare make sure there dead

Author Kristal Reyes (4 months)
haven't watched his episode yet and im thinking does tony still love Claire
and Claire still loves tony from that truth or dare valentines video?

Author Three cool angel (1 month)

Author Eddie Edwards (1 month)
Nope it said that in the link

Author LPS Zoey (4 months)
Lol!! What about scare? That rhymes with Claire

Author LPS fan 396 (3 months)
cool beans bro

Author Emily Miller (5 months)
Why did tony try to kill them that's mean!!freaked me out but it was
funny!!!love it!!!

Author Cynthia Moon (5 months)
And that was scary for me.:(

Author BratzDisney (4 months)
I didn't like the end

Author Jennifer Frigiola (4 months)
Rude like rude! ands likes are getting kinda like annoying 

Author Jonty Meynell (5 months)

Author LPSGinga 1000 (5 months)
sooooo scary hahahahahahahahhahahahah

Author Madison Rockefeller (14 days)


Author Tracy Roberts (5 months)
dan sd

Author Tiffany Griffith (7 months)
Omg XD that is seriously non-stop funny

Author Jena Kiara (6 months)
Haha really funny that was so creative!

Author Jeanette Rector (4 days)
merissa went to da boy's bathroom XD

Author Katie Collins (3 months)
I have Samantha! :D 

Author nini espina (5 months)
Creepy tony

Author heba khaled (20 days)
I adore it
I saw it over 1000000000 times
But it was worth it

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