Fun with crossdressing

Some clips of me put to music

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Author cabbageboiled50 (2 months)
you are do pretty and natural. 

Author Kimmie Sweetie (2 months)
Very beautiful!! Very nice smile.

Author sarah lee (4 months)

Author Jaime Fernandez Gonzalo (2 months)
you`re beautiful

Author Madison Bensinger (16 days)
Such a nice smile, you're so pretty and the camera does love you. :)

Author tigurius555 (2 months)
I'd love to wear that blue dress, so cute

Author Tony Cottam (1 month)
Such a gorgeous smile.XXXXX

Author leah joy (2 months)
very pretty

Author Stuart Arthur (25 days)
Your a very beautiful lady x 

Author Andras Szucs (1 month)
so cute

Author aceform11 (22 days)
You are stunning great body pretty toes

Author Ken James (2 months)
nothing really i ken say-your just one of them---"naturally beautiful"-too
pretty to be human--lol-your STUNNING-who ever win your heart is truely a
very fortunate person-hmmm"just wish you well-SEXY-sorry could not help
that-kisses Kenny(for you)--really Ken-ya Barbie doll-lol

Author rob ajx (4 months)
And how great to see a girl smiling, there again, with looks like that
you've a lot to smile about

Author Gregory Earley (2 months)
I love your dimples! You definitely turn me on! Yummmy n oh so sexy

Author george241986 (5 months)
You're really, really good looking, especialy love the smile

Author Anne Debulle (1 month)

Author elchopsioso (1 month)
so very, very gorgeous and sexy.
great smile, great legs and beautiful face
many thanks

Author Никак Никак (5 months)
That's really good.

Author scott maurice (2 months)
You are very beautiful 

Author paratrooperdave (4 months)
tell me all about you!!! Please

Author Michelle Summers (1 year)

Author Ken James (9 months)
looking foward to some new video's-your so HOT-bay area Beauty!!!

Author THOMAS KLEPACH (1 year)
wow make more video you look great

Author markirish37 (11 months)
I adore your facial expressions, you are a natural, the camera just loves
you. Very sexy, elegant. I like doing video shoots, I would love to do a
video with you, your very lovable. Well done,, you look amazing. x x

Author Roxanna Perez (10 months)
Diosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa quisiera verme como vos

Author stockinglvr71 (1 year)
wow so beautiful

Author Neo Valis (1 year)
This music creeps me out more than the cross dressing.

Author Geri Joe (10 months)
You ´so Cute & Lovely ....Kiss

Author patrick de groote (1 year)
So nice to look at +Pat

Author Valeriejames James (1 year)
such a beautiful lady!

Author paratrooperdave (9 months)
you are soooo beautiful

Author steinderbush (11 months)
4.24 that,s the most beautiful smile!!

Author FisherVictoria (1 year)
OMG please post more videos ... The only reason I dint subscribe is cause
you have only this one video. You Look Amazing .And seem so sweet. I will
subscribe and Cross my fingers :)

Author msbella roma (1 year)
you look so nice and btw ur neat, if u were in montreal we could have a
gurls nite out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Nicki R (1 year)
the sexiest woman on the internet!

Author Alison Shimmers (1 year)
You make it look easy! *L*

Author Julian Keeley (1 year)
Fabulous video. I love the look. Can we have all of your videos available
on the mobile platform?

Author steve Fowler (9 months)
She'd have me at hello...

Author paratrooperdave (8 months)
Bay, you are so beautiful. maybe you could tell me about you? 173dave I am in love with your videos.

Author paratrooperdave (1 year)
I will marry you tomorrow!

Author koyaanisqatsi2 (1 year)
Well i dont know you and live so very far away from you in the UK but
stumbled across your video and thought wow! Just wanted to say that I think
you look beautiful and very, very sexy. Can sort of sense your personality
there too somehow, lovely shy smile and all that. You are gorgeous, I wish
you all the luck in the world ok. Darren. x

Author Sarah Parker (7 months)

Author lisa oco (1 year)
great makeup hairstyle and clothing choices

Author john iorio (1 year)
Your charming!..and chicago is still my favorite band!!

Author deborafashion100 (1 year)
Very cute video. I like that you express your femininity so naturally!...
and your lovely smile with your pretty makeup! Debora xxx

Author 101roder (11 months)
OMG! You are SO Beautiful and SO Natural looking. IF only I was younger,

Author john smith (1 year)
You look so good that you are not woman already.

Author Gerard M LaRosa (1 year)
i wish i looked that good

Author LUIS REBOREDO (1 year)

Author VSJproductions (1 year)

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