Ben Githae - Maya nimo mabataro Makwa

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Author motosana1 (23 days)
Dear Christians - I dare say there is a very thin line between
admiring/appreciating and COVETING! Pray to GOD for your own blessings -
not that food eaten by X, nor the car driven by Y or the clothes worn by Z!
I notice most of current songs are about asking God to bless you for
neighbours and enemies to see you blah blah. Stop asking for your
neighbours Mercedes dammit - maybe you were designed for a Maybach! And how
is junk (chips and deep fried chicken) any better food than wholesome
African food? Rant is over. May God bless you all with that which is
designed for YOU!

Author kenyagirl96 (1 month)
Ngai ni munene muno!! Githae, endelea kuimba izi wimbo nzuri sana!! Nime
barikiwa kabisa!!! 

Author Joy Nganga (2 months)
Nice I'm african and I feel your passion

Author Alicelizz Kamau (5 months)
I like ur music .

Author Beth ram (5 months)
Sincerely I love this song too much though I don't understand it

Author Alice Mwaura (6 months)
I feel so much blessed whenever i listen to the song it touches ma heart so
much nyce voice bro ben

Author Isaac Kaninu (6 months)
Noma sana...Ngai wakwa du nyihanyihirwo..

Author lov aggie (7 months)
ni ndarathimwo muno ni rwimbo ruru good job my brother

Author Breda Karis (7 months)
Hey Ben? Even if we are out of Africa we do listen to your song keep its up

Author boniface mwengi (7 months)
nice kikuyu massage

Author mosses benjamin (9 months)
Though I am not Kenyan but whenever I listen this songs its really make me
dance and rejoice and fills me with so much of hope and faith Nice song
with beautiful lyrics

Author Kamau Bushby CT (1 year)
I come before you Lord...I have it.

Author Silas Ochola (2 years)
i cant really understand wat he says but i really luv this song

Author motosana1 (1 year)
Nimebarikiwa kabisa na hiyo message!

Author Sami K (2 years)
Ben your this song is so refreshing to us. You are great gospel singer and
we love your songs especially the wordings, composition, instrumentation
and your crew. At office and enjoying my work as I get entertained.Be
blessed abundantly!.

Author Legedary001 (1 year)
Even as an atheist, I find this song uplifting,

Author SimstevG (3 years)
thanks Githae continue always to sing to praise Our Jesus Christ. symoo

Author Joe KAMAU N (11 months)
What a blessing songs.......

Author TheMokojono (4 years)
best kikuyu joint...

Author gee baibe (3 years)
Thx Ben for reminding us that in God`store it`s always overflowing, so we
should only give Him all our needs and He`ll surely release His blessings
unto us I love this song soo much!! GBU richly and may He continue adding
you more Wisdom, knowledge and understanding in ur ministry and everyday`s

Author nancy kamau (4 years)
Githae, this song really touchs me, say only a word and I shall be healed!

Author songaratego (1 year)
its avery nice song.iwish u can hear kikuyu

Author dbthaara (2 years)
mabataro makwa ti kindu gweta kiugo kimwe nyone wega!!!!! indeed AMEN!!!

Author johnkimenyikimenyi5 (2 years)
The exact prayet i have. I know NGAI WAKWA hujapungukiwa.

Author Nikkolitto A (2 years)
Love the song though i dont understand it

Author collins wanyoike (2 years)
Strong encourgment message.. Just do what u can, pray n belive and it shall
b done....

Author florence nyambura (4 years)
may God bless you Ben, you have been an inspiration to the whole world

Author Sheila Ndekei (1 year)
I love that song.GOD bless

Author Cate a (3 years)
me go no idea what they are saying but i looooooooove this song best kikuyu
song ave heard since mwendwa kwa mariro

Author new12391 (4 years)
Gai, this song cahnged my whole life!!!

Author derisa71 (4 years)
We all have needs,and only through God can we get what our heart
desires...It may take time to get them and at long last we will have
them..patient is all we need thanks for posting

Author fkaruga (3 years)
i remember listening to this song when was visiting home in 2009....its one
of my favorites keep it up Ben, Felix- kansas city

Author SimstevG (3 years)
thanks Githae continue always to sing to praise Our Jesus Christ.

Author timothysomi (4 years)
Real pursuit of the Kingdom of God... "Ask anything in His name..."

Author kusy505 (3 years)
Jestem z Polski i kompletnie tego kurwa nie ogarniam O_o

Author seandaddyy (4 years)
Mundu uci uinite ni very creative...Rwimbo ruu niruhutagia ngoro yakwa ika

Author mchomez (3 years)
great song, i love it. it really drives the message home!

Author derisa71 (3 years)
ni ma Ngai ombire ciothe ciombirwo na kiugo best line.....

Author De'Ann A (3 years)

Author MsNdundu (2 years)
I love it...

Author shiku1535 (2 years)
I would like to purchase Ben Githae's cd or mps am in VA so you know where
I could get it?

Author emmy6601 (3 years)
luv this song which makes my day always.

Author bentuche2 (4 years)
Yes it is true, our God is not deficient.

Author Wanjaism (4 years)
this is it!!!!!with such talented pple why must i not b proud of my country

Author Ron Mogambi (1 year)
i love kikuyu gospel songs

Author kaniecy (2 years)
good one,God bless our upcoming artists.

Author Gad Gikonyo (2 years)
thanks so much Githae

Author TheOdongoD (3 years)
your songs just remind me that God will always provide me according to his
riches in groly Getaweru

Author matiriot1 (3 years)
I am a Kale from the Rift-Elddy and men....Ben has taken me captive with
this song....though i dont the words i appreciate his blessed
Githae...........Guys also listen to Lois Kim

Author espercyber (4 years)
surely my God is rich, everything is available in his kingdom. thnx ben for
a mighty song

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