Auto-Land Boeing 737-800

Foggy conditions @ LTN/EGGW needing a CAT III Auto Land. Even though the captain (left side) has control at the end - the autopilot disconnects (3 loud noises on landing) and captain activates reversers and stops the aircraft. First Officer flew the approach - I occupied the jumpseat for landing.

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Author boeingdriver (5 months)
The captain didn't even say continue or landing (SOP call) he just moved
the guys hands. Thats bad CRM (and SOP) but then again its Ryanair so what
do you expect ? Fear from management all the way down to the FO.

Author TheWrestlingrobot (2 years)
@jmr604 It was on auto-land the pilots don't have time to be saying ''my
command'' etc... Imagine how much time they would lose saying that in case
of a go-around.

Author intoxicologist (3 years)
@Jorgeemd which bit is not true ? i did not say a pilot cannot choose VFR?
i said they fly IFR down to the DA. if VFR presents itself before that
point then great .... but the pilot would not cancel the IFR flight plan,
thus the entire approach would be governed By ATC and the STAR chart even
though the pilot was happy to continue VFR. the entire flight and landing
is considered IFR. are you talking about commercial or ppl pilots?

Author comandantelucca (11 months)
Its a Boeing 737 NG

Author Matthew Pinnock (2 years)
@jmr604 Ask Politely While You Plunge Into Another Plane On The RWY And Not
Go Around

Author voldemort2123 (2 years)
@DHMaNiAc770 it is his "game" as it were

Author intoxicologist (3 years)
@pkotowski a cat 3b is an autoland where the pilot switches off the
autopliot and takes control of the aircraft when at taxi speed. the
categories will determine your missed approach altitude. a cat 3 b has a
very low DA (decision altitude) so a low altitude mis approach will be
under 50 or 60 feet when autolanding a cat 3b. no category is decided
because it is "more risky" all categories are decided upon because they are
the least risky. cat 3b carries the least risk given the conditions.

Author Physicspilot (2 years)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I bet if the captain wants to make an announcement,and the
F.O happens to be holding the speaker, he'd slap him in the face just to
take over LOL!!

Author Ben Kolbeck (1 year)
To be fair, if both pilots know the intention, there's no lack of CRM.

Author 747forever (3 years)
@Flyglobespan93 hahaha :)

Author Michael Kavanagh (4 years)
Lol u lot don't realise I was sitting there, but listen to the ambient
noise, they (and i) had headsets on, noo need to be shouting it. They did
and i know both the capt. and Fo - capt is fo's uncle. :)

Author jorden SPITTLE (1 year)
3 noises are the auto pilot indicating that it has disconected

Author Vorox144 (2 years)
@mijobeka I thought there are no minimums in cat III and Cat II

Author Michael Kavanagh (3 years)
@citabriand Thanks so much for pointing this out to everyone, I think
people should read this before anything!!

Author floopy312 (1 year)
It makes me remember of Captain van Zanten's arrogance, which was
responsible for the Tenerife Disaster in 1977

Author Edgardo Flores (2 years)
captain to copilot: go to the sh...t0:04.

Author Alexa Tsuchida (4 years)

Author Eric Giddio (1 year)
if i was the FO id've given the captain a good ole left right jab to the
head for that shove off the throttles.

Author kai bartlett (11 months)
Wheres the positive exchange?

Author Educate00yourself (1 year)
Oh God that's was my dream

Author OzixSniperxxPL (1 year)
Hahaha 0:05 Sulk 4ever :D

Author beergut111 (2 years)
nice landing but it wasnt an autoland......autoland has need for these 2 to even touch them

Author KimmurielBaenre (4 years)
The hand slap was a bit...odd.

Author santicapo10 (2 years)
God, stop crying about him being rude, HE'S NOT. What do you expect? Do you
think he's gonna say "Please get your hand off the throttles so i can put
mine in"? There is no time for silly questions, if you noticed it didnt
take long till they reached ground, so the quickest way to do it is just
push FO's hand away, IT DOESNT MEAN HE'S RUDE FOR FUCK SAKE. Now stop

Author WinchesterRanger (10 months)
And if he had bumped his hand by accident, then what? Assuming positive
control of an aircraft should ALWAYS be accomplished with a verbal command
- that's straight out of flight 101.

Author DHMaNiAc770 (2 years)
@voldemort2123 i cant find my comment so i dont remember what i posted XD

Author 4crevis (2 years)
Like the way the Captain pushes the First Officers hand away... how rude!

Author Krutzo11 (2 years)

Author infinitelimitation (2 years)
Professionalism > Kindness & being polite

Author SHOOTINGST4Rx (3 years)
Are this pilots working for Ryanair? Could be...

Author riofebrian70 (4 years)
the capt shld say ' i have control' & the co. pilot shld let go the control
to the capt.

Author jasoncape (2 years)
Rude captian....

Author chickenceiling (2 years)
it's probably just faster than saying move.

Author dodgingdaniel (2 years)
0:06 i got this

Author duncan7599 (2 years)
Well if thats the case I should just smack and push you out of the way
without saying excuse me first if we ever meet.

Author flyindart (5 months)
That whole thing was a questionable example of CRM.

Author Zane Carmichael (3 years)
0:07 : Captn: Move u self, i'm in control >=D Lol Sigh. If i was first
officer i'd punch him right after we land xD

Author Techo buddies (1 year)
yes you are right! The Captain was just doing his job; The Captain most
likely told the F/O that he was flying the 'go-around' (If needed) and it
is possible that the F/O maybe forgot... I am not 100% sure what happend ;
I saw no problem in this video, either way!

Author Connor Diver (4 years)
haha - the captain was abit rude to the co-pilot at 0:06 wasnt he - haha
pmsl - how rude!

Author Дмитрий Андрусенко (2 years)
Пиздец автолангдинг, когда пилот берет управление в свои руки...

Author Hans Spitsbaard (10 months)
Captain at 00:06: "fuck off! I want to do the landing! You did two already!
Now its my time!"

Author Ben Kolbeck (1 year)
There is perfect communication here - both pilots, through the actions of
the captain, were well aware of the intended meaning - "my throttles".

Author xxrailroadxx . (2 years)
Sure that that was a CATIII landing? It is a little bit difficult to say,
but you can't see the third button on the lower DU selector panel . Also
this aircraft has old standby instruments and not ISFD (integrated standby
flight display) which would be an indicator for the 3 autopilots. This 737
has only 2 as it looks like. Three autopilots are needed to follow the rwy
centerline after touchdown. AP also disconnected at touchdown. Seems to be
a CATII and not a CATIII. Or did they had an HGS?

Author CrazyForCooCooPuffs (11 months)
its a 737 i see that flight deck everyday

Author WinchesterRanger (1 year)
"I have control" generally works better than a spazzy move like that.

Author iryan74656 (2 years)
I like the wheel sound of that plane when the plane touchdown.

Author HotDog12ist (1 year)
This is in this airlines SOP you idiot! Want a quote? That's what it says,
that the captain must LIFT the hand of the F/O... get your facts right
before blaming someone!

Author chickenceiling (2 years)
Are you stupid? First off, the captain and first officer probably already
know each other. And second, even if they didn't, he probably arranged it
with his first officer that he would nudge his hand away when he needed
control. Stop acting like this is fucking desperate house wifes.

Author whoboys (2 years)
This is normal and doesn't show a lack of "CRM", it's a monitored approach.
Typically the FO flies the approach on Instruments down to minima whilst
the Captain looks for the runway. At minima, (if visual) the Captain takes
control and lands and if not visual the F/O flies the go-around. That's
what our SOP's say in our airline anyway, I should think it varies from
company to company.

Author armi burcu (2 years)
poor first officer slapped on his hand :)

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