F1 2012 Melbourne Hotlap 1.24.400

F1 2012 - Hotlap in Melbourne - 1.24.400 - McLaren

This recording was made during quali round of a quick match at Albert Park.
All sims were on, all assists were off. I'm using a G27 wheel.
Not a perfect lap but this represents the kind of laptimes I'm able to set consistently at the moment.

Recorded with Fraps, compressed using VirtualDub

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Author MinosDaedalus (2 years)
Want to know that, too. Too much understeer... it is not even nearly
possible for me to drive that fast through the corners.

Author Coltc8 (1 year)
Hello Wrath, fancy meeting u here. When i saw this vid i thought of u, no

Author Tyler Lord (1 year)
Hey is this on manual or automatic because if it is thats cheating like hell

Author Aurélien Pierre (2 years)
GG pilotage très plaisant a voir :)

Author CarlitoQC (2 years)

Author Justwrath (1 year)
I would like to see what the time was without drs. I don't use it during
testing. Nice lap man.

Author Michael C (1 year)
I've done 1:24.5 in a williams

Author Scavneck (1 year)
Killed it!

Author Emy y (2 years)
congratulation assist?

Author VideoDude6475 (1 year)
Really nice driving!

Author F1Fan Faizan (1 year)
That is a good time, I managed to do a 1:24:748 in quick race (all assists
off) only auto gears

Author Aloysio david madeira netto (2 years)
whoa! impressive Most of guys that set a good time ran on the grass except

Author MotorTutorialGuide (2 years)
I can made 1.24.1... if i can i'll put mu video with the lap. So, this lap
is very fast, Congratulations ;D

Author NiTr091 (2 years)
whats your g27 settings? i just find so much understeer...

Author ssv1029 (1 year)
In the previous f1's, the fastest way around a corner was to turn full
lock, but in f1 2012 to corner this fast you need to turn just enough to
take the corner right :)

Author Miguel De Los Rios (1 year)
good for you

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