pashto sad song.. Mor ta Che Mor...

very very sad song about mothers.. this song will touch your hearts..

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Author Dhea Fadlila (8 months)
Miss you mom

Author Wajid Naseri (9 months)
Heart touching

Author Noman ul haq (1 year)

Author Zwaanpukhtoon (5 years)
singer Zaman zaheer..

Author tamzadran (4 years)
@adilAfghan786 zaman zaheer

Author Khpelwaak (5 years)
Salamoona ! Please tell me the Singer's name

Author hndrinkarim (5 years)
Pa Zra Ba Der Ka Der Ghamona Ter Kham Da Judai Da Gham De Nor Ka Noor Taab
Na Larama Dera Manana Da Uplod Na De

Author alimohad (5 years)
poor children .i am sory for them.

Author sameer pasoon (1 year)
Make me cry

Author Amancreat (4 years)
very nice song Allah De Da De Khabari Ajar Darki Che Mung Ta De Zamung Mor
Ra Yaada Kra Muhammad Abdullah Qatar Origin: Matta SWAT 00923014411176

Author ghulamhjan (5 years)
There were some two legged animals in this world,like Hitler,ganges khan,
and they left some RELATIVES behind, who has no feelings.I guess your
mother was a four legged animal, you can not feel, what he is saying. One
can tell someone,s back ground by his words, spoken or written. I wish you
to go through it. AMEEN

Author Zwaanpukhtoon (5 years)
kha kha dera dera manana sta comment da para...

Author Iqrar khan (5 years)
salam dera khaista sandera da .manananannana de uploud na .khair de me
khafa kega khar de malgy pe khowand sa pohige, da khanda wala mor sa pijane,

Author yassinshah (4 years)
da sa spera qesmat de zama nan mi off wraz da za bayd beghma oda shama no
bas pa phone bandi mi khabari kole bas khafa ye krama no khob lara no
ralama online che za charta gana shana ba wawroo no da pa makha rala os mo
bikhi lin din kharab sho khude de zamnga da tolo maal shi yassin usa

Author aatifali07 (4 years)
yar jwwab ye nishta kna.......goood zaman zaheer.........

Author Julio Cruz (1 year)
hasta cuando tanta maldad dios mio los chicos son inocentes

Author Zwaanpukhtoon (5 years)
shut up ...

Author Shahzeb Khan (5 years)
Nice and great attempt dear. Keep it Up. Try to bring community building
material becaus the ZIONEST are try their level best to destroy our
cultural norms and whole community. THANKSSSSSSSS

Author sarfarazali73 (1 year)
I work in kuwait. Stay from my mother every time I hear that song. I swear
to GOD it's make me cry

Author pirsajad (5 years)
dera kha yara noor khom uplod ka dera zayat maza ye rakwa staso dera manana
zu ba sta intezar koma thanks yar

Author adilAfghan786 (4 years)
someone please tell me this singer name i really like his songs . Nice song
keep it up good work...

Author KareokeLuver (5 years)

Author Zwaanpukhtoon (5 years)

Author Kefayat Ahmadzai (4 years)
realy nice song i love it

Author Aneesa Khan (3 years)
it actually made me cry itz heart touching no1 in the world can a mothers
place allah de tolu mendu la der umar warkey ameen suma ameen

Author Malaika Munir (1 year)
Love u maa

Author emal aryobi (5 years)
salaam how are you thanks so machhhhh emal zazai

Author naser khan (1 year)
Movie akhair ghunah mi sa da singer zman zahir by..shahid khan
awami adalat

Author NAQASH50 (4 years)
der aala yara gud luck

Author Adnan Aziz (3 years)

Author Zwaanpukhtoon (5 years)
Khula de sama khwazawa ..

Author MrDangerboy1234 (5 years)
hahahahhahhaahhehehehehehhehehheheheheheheh very funny keep it up...great

Author pathan869 (4 years)
yara da sandara kho dera gamjana da pa har sorat mor ta waly mor nashe
wayely gong ee sa

Author GREATKHAN08 (4 years)
haaye yar kha de kharab ko.okhky me rawany shwy yara. sometimes somthing
suddenly touches ur heart so deeply that u cant keep urself controlled.

Author XoAsma4Xo (5 years)
sniff masthlaab che day zaaree.. dagha sandara dera shaesyta da ow bekhii
zay wa zaraumaa... zma khpala dagha sandara mi dera khuwasha da... dera
manana... da dagha sandaray da paara... =)

Author Theafghanleader2 (5 years)
hahahahah so funny hahahahahahaha you make die bcoz of loughing yar very
funny song hahahahahahahhahahahha

Author ashiqafghan (5 years)
nice yar der kha

Author aatifali07 (4 years)
der kha....yar plz de siger name kho rata owa kna plzzzzzzzz.

Author pathan869 (4 years)
pashto sad song very nice

Author Shahab ali shah (4 years)
ufffffffffffff mor khu mor da kana

Author Zwaanpukhtoon (5 years)
dera dera mana rora wallah bilkul sahi khabar de karr da..

Author patrikhusain (5 years)
nice song salamoona mor tha deer deer Hassan

Author usman ulhaq (1 year)

Author Noman ul haq (1 year)

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