Top 10 moves of Sheamus

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Top 10 moves of Sheamus
Thanks for IK and IWW

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Author Daryl Moore (8 months)
I haven't watched wrestling in over a decade and If I started back watching
I'd probably root for Sheamus, he seems like an awesome wrestler. One
small thing, two of his moves are basically copycats. The brouge kick is
basically a copycat of HBK's sweet chin music and the Celtic powerbomb is
basically a rip off of Scott Hall/Razor Ramon's Razor Cutter finisher. I'm
not trying to rip the guy or anything, I'm just stating that these quote un
quote finishers are not new. I do like the finisher he has called "White
Noise" which is not listed here. Now that seems like an impressive and
original move. Go Sheamus!!!

Author Wael Hamed (8 months)
shemus the best

Author DemoRocker (1 year)
Ireland is the best country

Author shakzabz hasan (9 months)
some of em r old

Author Jaz Ming (7 months)
His theme song though

Author PSE Mentalist (10 months)
Sheamus kick and the Celtic cross us two of his best 

Author xavier holmes (11 months)
I did nt know sheamus had all of those moves

Author ScopeR's Channel (9 months)
noob Brouge kick is best Sheamu's move

Author Ann Allen (1 year)

Author Bumbleprime.789 (1 year)
Damn was Cody Rhodes that hard to beat most of this video was comprised
with that match

Author Robert Jones (1 year)
i would like to see the high cross alot more but the irish clover leaf (
not shown here ) is just as fun to watch ! congrats big fella

Author BangRezMC (1 year)
number 1 is must be the finisher but why brogue kick is number 2? brogue
kick is the finisher of sheamus....

Author TheSUPERGTA (2 years)
-Click right button -Stop Download -And laugh

Author t-rex x reks (1 year)

Author Amanda Matthews (1 year)
Its Curse not Course

Author Harith Haziq (1 year)
pity evan bourne

Author Crazy Girl Ana (2 years)

Author deathghost zco (1 year)
Evan bourne is DEAD!!!

Author darkx legend (1 year)
2:38 Harlem shake?

Author TrailerFocus (1 year)
Fuck you this is bullshit. 3. High Cross 2. White Noise [Wich wasn't even
listed] 1. Brogue Kick That's how you do it, idiot.

Author dreameroncloud637 (1 year)
Great vid for the Great White

Author dragonsteven128 (1 year)
dude what is a ddt? it's dbt

Author Phased Bullets (1 year)

Author SNPRagent009 (1 year)
When I saw the power bomb, and that it was outside of the ring, I thought
"Oh man, what a douche."

Author nail cutter (2 years)
cool intro

Author ahmed bouton (1 year)
brogue kick 1

Author jung alviar (2 years)
it isn't irish course!its irish curse

Author countryboy56149 (2 years)
brouge kick should be number one

Author Shin Akuma (1 year)
Not the same move.

Author Żryj Kluski (1 year)
Sheamus rządzi ! PS. Pisze po polsku żeby autor nie musiał sie męczyć z
angielszczyzną : )

Author krystalkahn (1 year)
I find so as well. We are both big fans of Sheamus

Author Hill (2 years)
I was a fan of sheamus while he was a heel now as a face he looks like john

Author X-Plays (2 years)
Sheamus oh oh oh Sheamus is the best of WWE

Author nancy simon (2 years)
shemus is awesome

Author Austin Best (1 year)
its curse

Author kadar khan (2 years)
even bourne got beatan up

Author coleandjoe1 (1 year)
You forgot his submission

Author benjish4dowcakes23 (1 year)
My to

Author xXTOFXx-YT (1 year)
ke mierdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bicicle

Author Anthony D'Aquino (1 year)
john cena is really better than sheamus

Author Tony Cella (1 year)
A green cross is a high cross.

Author Marquo Vitali (1 year)
this is from 3 years ago

Author washiki yasuragi (2 years)
fuck you

Author adriane ivan (1 year)
3:07 R.I.P. Evan Bourne

Author NIKKILLOYD2727 (2 years)

Author Angel lopez (1 year)
W=We W=Want E=Edge


Author Garoimikado (2 years)
3:06 aslo known as HIGH CROSS

Author bARrbiEebiITcH (1 year)
evan bourne is probaly in the hospital and that is why he is in the hospital

Author Tony Cella (1 year)
The fella be smokin' the Irish moss.

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