Helen Meles sings for President Esayas Afewerki (NiGus FiKri) remix

remix music and Helen

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Author Sam Tedfay (8 months)
what a bitch fuck this dictator i hope he burn in hell

Author tekle gebrekidan (1 month)

Author Gebreit Shekey (1 month)
Yes he is a piece of mud and shit lair dog.The singer also is laying.

Author احمد محمد مساعد (2 months)
I think Helen Meles she,s first singer in Africa , Because she having
nationaltey sings ... !1!!

Author Abraham Kebede (1 month)
thats ok... she sings for him. or fake video clip, it doesn't matter.
anyway most african leaders are dictators. thats our natural gift.

Author Jay Yosi (1 month)
If she really sung this song for this dictator, two thumps down. Helen if u
did this for this barbaric dictator, shame on you. But, If you sung this
song simply as a love song, three thumps up. 

Author gaf set (8 months)
you & DIA fuck in your big mouth !!!!! . ati shermuta kidi biafki habiyo.
who is ISAIAS? the only dictator and the only one needed in these 22 years
dictatorship time of Eritrea .niski gin hant resah shermuta eki !!!!

Author Hagos Fseha (7 months)
bulshit how do say hellen melles fuck dont spoil our beloved artist.

Author keben kebede (2 months)
it's false one gys it's a fake video editing

Author Johar Ibrahim (8 months)
who the fuck is Esayas . he is a peice of sheet
they trying to make him GOD . STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Author Kiki Miki (7 months)
President you are the few real nationliest remained in this world.. Long
live Afewerki

Author Johar Ibrahim (8 months)
go and warship him fake assssssss 

Author Johar Ibrahim (8 months)
helen meles and others are fake singers and lairs . what they are doing is
just to comfort for their living 

Author TheOrthodoxWay (1 month)
@ Aron Alamin: Firstly, you don’t need to be aggressive and insult others
when they have a different opinion than you. Secondly, everything you wrote
exemplifies your despicable personality. Twenty years on from the euphoric
celebrations of independence at Asmara city, Eritrea is a CRYING nation
now. That’s an irrefutable fact you need to mull-over! The senseless
killing, torture, poverty, lack of education, lack of development - you
name it. How many innocent lives lost in those Eritrea’s notorious
detention centres? How many young Eritreans female prisoners become the
sexual advances of officers and prison guards? How many Eritreans lost
their lives in the desert trying to flee the regime. Working in another
country like Ethiopians is one thing but the life of being an
[asylum-seeker], with an undefined future is what is left for Eritreans
fled to Yemen, Italy, Sudan, Libya and even Ethiopia. I am not supporter of
the current Ethiopian regime but Ethiopia as a nation is GROWING and
DEVELOPING while Eritrea is DYING and DIRE nation. I suggest you try to
read and educate yourself on what’s going around instead of trying to boost
on something you don’t even have. Plus, hate is too much a burden to bear
so try to love and respect your neighbors and humanity as a whole. I pray
the almighty God to redeem Eritrean people humanity and salvage their
dignity. President Esayas is the worst thing happen to Eritrea

Author MrHagad84 (2 years)
You said quote " but you re already K.O and collapsed my friend, you want a
second round, pussy hahahahaaahahh" quote what is that? learn english then
talk to me.

Author kingali446 (3 years)
i love helen meles more than, all (eritrean) singers but why she's sings
for this evel leader he's not, deserve anything other than hell!!!!! u mast
make ur mind helen shikor it's not right tell him byeeeeeeee for esayas

Author Fantanesh Belay (11 months)
Elsa , I'm pretty sure you didnt even finish a high school or Essayas still
fucking your ass puting in Sawa by isolating u from the rest of the world ,
that's why u r lack of information about Ethiopia . Please look at the link
I attached and see where Eritrea is in the world HIV rank . About the
fragmentation Ethiopia that is jeleousy Eritreans feeling ( wish ) so there
is no comment on that .

Author abu amecha (1 year)
i can't wait to see this people to be free, look at guys , we saffer wz
italy , we saffer wz hilasilase , we saffer wz derg, we pay price to be
free, our brother becme dectater, we need change we deserive change.enough
is enough.

Author mercurry622 (2 years)
this song is not belongs to hellen meles please stop spoil our beloved

Author johnson hellstone (2 years)
Just want to clarify something to whom ever brought up Sudan, for ur info,
Sudan was not divide because of the religion and race. so pls do ur
homework before u put something out there.

Author GunnyGunny1 (3 years)
@sambob919 Entay ezi hizbina agame agame agame enda bele ajewjew mibal
zifetiwe? Bitaeemi zehizin eyu hizbina. Dinkurina eyu ezi. Anyway, lebimu
eske. Dedihri adgi miguyay eske gidefiwo. Doronan tiratin keynu keyterif
getskumn kebabikumn

Author MultiKabari (2 years)
you have no other argument that you are tigray Tigrigna, you repeated it
again and again, that's because you're sick and jealous of those people. I
am proud of what I am but be proud of who you are (ethiopian). on this day
we celebrate all race and religion combined victory over you and even as we
honor the memory of our martyr, but you keep in your own rotten and
infuriating to dream the impossible.

Author tg love (10 months)
kakaka ni esayas ewun derfi adliuwo diyu?this is shame&disgusting

Author MrHagad84 (2 years)
First his name is Idris not Idriss, that name is nothing to do with you,
you are out of the circle we know our hero, regarding haile selasse,
mengistur & meles zenawi they belongs to you, you share with them language,
culture & history, if you visit your cousin meles zenawi you will not have
language barrier both of you are tigrinya speaking people but we the rest
of Eritrean people we have our own language & culture based on
Arabic/Islamic culture but your language & culture is tigray-tigrinya.

Author haq1new (2 years)
@1welwel First of all u should know how 2 write..'gegema' Eritrean . U
raised the name of God ! By the way,u Eritrean do u know God? If u were
smart u should't raised his name as long as u r a son of Devil full of
evils. U know we Involved in -ve comments coz of u evil Eritreans. U always
began the war, but u r the looser one. Most Eritrean(-90%) r the most
poison ppl on the Earth, may be (-10%) r the good 1 like Tigreans. I am
really upset u Eritreans r speaking my language, sharing my cultur

Author MrHagad84 (2 years)
You said quote"Sudan was not divide because of the religion and race."quote
my reply is that why you drop that comment to me? I am Eritrean muslem & my
language & culture is Arabic/Islamic culture plus we share with Sudan
border, language, culture & history specially with East Sudan so why you
put that question on my? I am not tigrinya culture my language is Tigre,
then Arabic you should put that question on tigrinya people or to the
president of tigrinya regime in Asmara. pls do our home work.

Author MultiKabari (2 years)
eh monkey close your mouth your re not eritrean , juste a stupid etiopian ,

Author 1welwel (2 years)
Anta fara AGAME do you think you are my equal tell your boss MELES,SIBHAT
etc you are fucking with the wrong people you should knew better we made
you & we will brake you in the time of our choosing.Stay tuned don't chew
more than you could swallow .P.S tell your sister Shswit1 the cheap hore
nai hrkam gual hirkam

Author (2 years)
@haq1new You must be an idiot. Only an idiot can think like this. Where are
you washing dishes? Europe or USA?

Author gabriel82030 (2 years)
No denial of our common culture and languge but our past has led us where
we are today! It is beneath my dignity to call people names. I am striving
for a good neighbourliness and mutual respect. Eritrea is a state of its
own so is Tigray( Ethiopia). Read and read and analyse, idiot!

Author MultiKabari (2 years)
long live the motherland down the traitors, long live the President Issayas
has his enemy down, we are with you till the end

Author esuratna (1 year)
Ezi qetali metagltu ..

Author Fantanesh Belay (11 months)
Who is dikala ? Proud Ethiopia that has never been occupied by Europian
colonizers or your fucking Eritrea that has been sucking Italians dick for
decades . Who is dikala ? your fuckin country trying to be Arab being in
such an identity crise or the proud nation Ethiopia for more than 3000 yrs
.I'm always laughing when I see Arabic letters on Eritrian flag :) poor
people they don't even know who they are and pretend to be others . Poor
Eritrea !

Author haq1new (2 years)
Anta Wedi Hilaf Seat "Gegema" Wedi Abashawil, human breed "Diqala". U & I
neve eve been equal, since the creation of this world, I'm superior than u.
Tigrean Kings & Mesafints reigned u for 1000s of yrs. Then when we smashed
Italian invaders, u were Slaves 2 Italians for Decades. Even now u r under
the tyrant leader Isaias Wedi Tembien. 1 more thing, I saw the Hoker Helen
Meles, with 1 Italian & Arab guys, huh i just heard they paid her $1,for 24

Author Neguse Ghebremedhin (1 year)
Why Agames are all over Eritrean songs and commenting pretending as if they
are Eritreans. No matter what they comment we Eritreans are more than smart
enough to identify them and their wicked game. Get lost all Agames from our
you tube the same like you got lost from our country once and for all .
Eritrea is for Eritreans even in Eritrean you tube. Long live Eritrea. awet

Author erinaadey (3 years)
I can't believe this is Helen singing. Different vocal?????????

Author 1welwel (1 year)
Go fool yourself KESHIM agame.I pity you low life kedami.

Author 1welwel (2 years)
@haq1new hahahahah Asha fara mehret yewrdelka including billions like you
all over the world. GodAllah save us from your kind

Author Meresa Kahssay (1 year)
Check this link... There is nothing that those low lives won't sink to lie,
cheat and manipulate public opinion. These are the very people who would
want to rule in Eritrea. The Lord help us!

Author anti- Iseyas (1 year)
Fucken ass whole all of you!!!

Author MultiKabari (2 years)
the flags that I saw not that of my country is offerd by your masters of
united nation which we have delivered to you and donkeys who was proud to
have this symbol was rejected by our brave soldier and as a woman they
joined the Sudan because they were unsound mind, today they bow their heads
before their master Meles Zenawi, there is no more humiliating but what
they know about honor? nothing

Author mekdes mekonnen (11 months)
thanks fantish. tell him who are

Author shegegable (3 years)
what a shit MF voice with sweet singer display and gigna president. @
embagaliano aytmerasah ms anbesit derafitn jgna presidentn. Profeshinal
srah srah nebsi aytdenakor koys do.

Author samrawit tewelde (1 year)
bro we are all one we are eritreans, have you ever heard of the word one
heart no matter what ethnic group we are from we are one, united once

Author MrHagad84 (1 year)
Embeytei AZEB MESFIN is that your real name? that name is tigray-tigrinya
name, nothing to do with me. My name is Arabic/Islamic name I am from Tigre
speaking people I am from the City of Brave People from the City of Keren
the Castle of Resistance, but your name, language and culture is
tigray-tigrinya name, language and culture. No shaebia vehicle move from
Keren to words Barka, Ghash after 18:00 for security reason. but your name,
language and culture is tigray-tigrinya name and culture.

Author MrHagad84 (2 years)
Helen Meles Zenawi she is international prostitute no surprise that all the
prostitute are from tigrinya people and tigrinya and tigray are one nation
they share everything.

Author awwwhat12 (2 years)
LOve Helen Meles!!!True Eritrean proud of you...keep it up..takes me back
when we all Eritreans stood next with each other..1 Heart 1 People!

Author MerebMelash (2 years)
Embagaliano, what are u doing?. Dont be confused.

Author MultiKabari (2 years)
pourquoi la traite tu de cameleone c est une patriote

Author MrHagad84 (2 years)
You said London is not far to see me so why you waiting? come and see me, I
am waiting for you but you haven't shaw up. you just barking like a dog.

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