World of Tanks - E-75 Tier 9 Heavy Tank - Rock Hard

I've teased you long enough with the occasional peek of this thing lurking at the back of my garage, today it's time to review the monster German tier 9 tank with the tier 10 armour.

Mods used:
Reticle with Reload Timer:
"It's a Trap!" Sixth Sense Perk Icon:
Coloured Tank Icons:
Damage Panel:
Camera Zoom Mod:

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Author Conrad Kurtz (26 days)
All this glowing praise....wish I got my E-75 before the advent of
Waffentragers and tier 10 gold-spam :(

Author Kevin L (1 month)
I have both the E 75 and the M103 and i like my M103 more than the E75
only got 400 match on my E 75 but i have nearly 800 match on my M103

Author KilliaM19 (1 month)
Damn it love this tank!

Author TreeSlayer (1 month)
Now we Only got 900 horse power:) maybe wg wants to buff the is3 a Bit
more? Maybe its Not fast enough ;) silly wg

Author Eddy Mac (3 months)
out of date info ;-) but still amazing tank

Author Casper Kersten (1 month)
My favourite tank so far, and I don't even have the 128 mm gun yet!

Author blackmamba24dm (3 months)
Pretty darn amazing tank and vid of course I am grinding through the Tiger
II to get this tank

Author Christian Brath (4 months)
Jingles, could you do an updated review og this tank. The current one is
very ild :) a wot noob from Denmark

Author Josh Threatt (4 months)
Lov this tank so much, in my opinion I would take is over st-1

Author carlitosskater89 (4 months)
#scantrash yolo
I think you can buy a premium tank as higher as your wallet let you get,
and farm some credits, so the losses of the E-75 are "compensated" with
that tier 8 premium tank. You should take the Löwe, it's going to be a bit
buffed, so it will perform better.

Author Eddi evie (3 months)
2 tho thill e 75

Author jordan gregory (20 days)
im on the grind to the E75 taking forever i play on the xbox version so i
have to unlock in a specific order got 100,000xp to go :) 

Author V Hardestadt (5 months)
I love the E-75, it's my favorite tank in the game by a long shot. If you
know how to handle it, this tank will never let you down. You might as well
forget about the E-100, it's rubbish compared to the E-75. 

Author Paulo Pedrosa (1 month)
i've bounced t30 shots fwith the rearof this tank so yeah. very good

Author Henrik Winkler (2 months)
Your favorite tank type is fast medium and
your favorite tank is the Tog II...

Author NouseEmpire (5 months)

Author John-Paul Cox (5 months)
They must have changed things - since I can't see the 1200HP engine on my
available choices. I just got the E75 today and followed this advice about
getting as much as possible with TiggerII. 

Author Kaydn Dep (3 months)
That's like a tiger 2 on steroids

Author MrFlorinCT (1 month)
jingles please remake the review ! I just unlocked it but didn't bought it

Author xXTUCXx1 (3 months)
its a terrible tank. it is only good if the guys shooting at you are idiots

Author Eddi evie (3 months)
30 tho till e 75

Author NouseEmpire (5 months)
I cant play on the computer version cause my motherboard die, so I got a
new one, and it wont load ANY games, so I got the XBOX360 version, and well
everything comes in "Packages" and when you research things on the Tiger 2
they don't go on the E-75, so I just my E-75 and I'm completely useless
because I'm slow as shit, and there usually a tier 10 TD around the corner
wherever I go. So Fuck.

Author solomonstemplers (1 year)
i've started watching your reviews and really enjoy your views i just got
this tank today and only have the 105mm 1 away from the 120mm and am
haveing dreadfull games. watching this has kinda restored my faith tho!
welldone thanks alot and keep em comeing i'll be unlocking the jagtiger
soon and after playin the ferdinand its got to be a proper killer.

Author AtomicNeon61 (10 months)
A Question Jingles: Would it be also a good idea to put the Toolbox instead
of the Enhanced Gun Laying Drive on the E75? I skilled all of my
Crewmembers in repair and i think this is a good idea, isnt it? Like your
E75 Vid. Maybe you know that the E75 is in the next 15 Days 30% off and i
watched your Vid to get a imagine of this Tank. Helped me alot, thanks!

Author Morten Harrysson (9 months)
If you paid some attention to what jingles said, unlock the good stuff
before you purchase the tank and remember to angle it. It will become your
best friend ;)

Author 화이트 남자 (8 months)
It looks awesome but week spot sucks

Author scantrash yolo (7 months)
just researched this beast :D

Author Glockenfampf (6 months)
Is love my Tiger II But what i like most is playing E75 with the Tiger II
gun :P

Author MrItaly92ful (1 year)
preferisco avere un tempo di puntamento ottimo :) !! un ultima cosa: pensi
che l' e75 sia migliorato o peggiorato nella 8,4 ?! se è peggiore,dove ??
grazie mille in anticipo e saluti da Roma :) nb.sul gioco mi chiamo

Author Gilles Mfoud (1 year)
Hahaha polluting the earth with idiots

Author jort1234567894 (10 months)
I play the e-75 on the same way i really like it it can take allot of hits
and its gun,is great aswell from distance(yes i,killed a e-100 from 700 m)
as from close range i,think it is the best of the t9

Author Zatiria (11 months)
Jingles, seeing as you stated over and over that the E-75 needs the top
engine to have descent mobility would you say that it's worth getting it by
spending 50 thousand free experience? I'm planning to get the E-75 in the
near future, have 130 thousand free experience accumulated from all the
battles I played up to this point and I am wondering if this would be a
worthwhile investment.

Author Der Anders (1 year)
good for you

Author clent jhonson (7 months)
i need this tank :-)

Author AussieFlavio (10 months)
*Ejem*. Nope, that's actually Italian. :P. But yep, he's British.

Author LuziferLP (11 months)
I guess if I can snipe with the 152mm Trollgun on the KV-2, then I should
be able to snipe with the E-75 :) GG, WP, sir !

Author 25Ruli (1 year)
im almost there i got the tiger II :)

Author William Joyce (11 months)
Crap, vid changed.....

Author Ates Ahmed (1 year)

Author GritimoTheOdd (1 year)
That 870 hp engine you can actually unlock on the tiger 1 so if you unlock
it there it saves you the headache on the next two tanks

Author DarktroopX (1 year)
I think, that E75 suffered a lot by gold ammo for credits. A lot of tiers 8
are automatically loading gold rounds, because they know, that E75 is "rock

Author Meister Cubie (1 year)
09:16 Someone got a text message ;)

Author DragonSkin342 (1 year)
just because you have that much battles doesnt mean that you suck daughter

Author besterich277 (10 months)
Woah, is that Spanish? Jingles, I thought you were british mate! You
betrayed me!

Author Slyther83 (9 months)
The grind definitely sucks. I feel like I get top tier at least half the
time on my E-75. I have replays where I win 1v5s against multiple tier 8s
and tier 9s (+2 artillery) while carrying little to no health. Obviously,
they couldn't have been the best of players to allow it, although with
proper angling and the right kill order, I could take advantage of that.

Author NukeMan1993 (10 months)
becareful of the 1040 credit per round cost of the 105 on the Tiger II. it
will make you poor quick. use the 88 till you have enough money to pay for
both ammo and repairs, or else your gonna have a bad time.

Author BohemianEagle (1 year)
If he's dumb enough to face you straight on, shoot his lower glacis and
pray for engine fires. In close combat, shoot his commanders hatch. In all
other circumstances try to get around his sides and aim just under his
turret for an ammo rack hit.

Author Christopher Kulhanek (9 months)
3:35 that escalated quickly

Author GMaXimus95 (6 months)
Very good tank, i have it too, its not maxed yet, but i work on it.

Author MrItaly92ful (1 year)
già,preferisco avere un mirino stretto che una ricarica più veloce di 1,5
secondi :) un altra domanda per favore : il fronte della torretta può
essere penetrato con una penetrazione di 260-270 ?! grazie

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