World of Tanks - E-75 Tier 9 Heavy Tank - Rock Hard

I've teased you long enough with the occasional peek of this thing lurking at the back of my garage, today it's time to review the monster German tier 9 tank with the tier 10 armour.

Mods used:
Reticle with Reload Timer:
"It's a Trap!" Sixth Sense Perk Icon:
Coloured Tank Icons:
Damage Panel:
Camera Zoom Mod:

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Author Trevor Renkevens (27 days)
I had two accounts when is started playing this game. One of them is
Metalshredder1, which i still have, and I went down the american, British,
and russian tanks. My other account was Bubbletank112, which i gave to my
friend before he changed my whole account information, which I went down
the french, chinese, and german tanks. I HATED all the french tanks,
especially the heavies leading up to the 50 120, the chinese tanks are
absolutely horrible because they all have no gun depression and the armor
isn't that good leading up to the 110, which isnt that great of a tank. Oh
the german tanks. They were so hard to drive. I gave up on the e75, the
jagpanther, and the vk 3202 because they are just terrible. The jagpanther
wasnt that bad i had fun in it, but the heavies are slow, have terrible gun
depression, and even though their armor is thing, there is barely and
sloping or angling and the angled part of the tiger 2 and up are the
weakspots, the lower glacius not the upper glacius. I gave up the account
in a heartbeat because even though the e75 is well armored anyone can get
around it and kill it. Plus going down the german heavy tank line is like
disappointment after disappointment. The E100 is just a well armored tank
with a shit gun and terrible maneuverability. Forget the german heavies,
they suck. 

Author MrMcayable (2 months)
Pls do a new review of the E75 because of the things that have changed :)

Author RTW Iceorb (27 days)
e75 just a monster of a tank it just refuses to die nomather what you try
to do to him it just says lol you have more of that shoot me bitches its so
good the fear that tank puts into people after few bounces its just crazy

Author Gothtecdotcom (28 days)
On your recommendation I sold my Tiger II, after a couple of dozen really
successful and profitable battles, and bought this tank....

Wish I hadn't... Blows up if someone sneezes the wrong direction and you
couldn't damage a ming vase at 20 inches from the end of the barrel.....
Yes I did the angling thing yes its not stock.... But when it gets beaten
by a Tiger II in just two shots (I hit the git 6 times, penetrated twice
and guess how much damage - 00000 ) its a joke... Did they nerf then thing
since these videos...?

Author Andrew Scotto (21 day)
Just got this today , new favorite tank

Author Magnificent Margon (1 month)
Thank you Jingles.

Since watching this video I have played a lot better in my E75.
Took it out in the first battle in it after and did amazing.
Playing it just like you said worked for me.

No matter how old something is it can still be relevant.

Keep all the videos coming. 

Author Cursedmist (13 days)
are they the same on the xbox 360..?

Author Sebastian Kajander (6 months)
On xbox, you can't skip the f*cking stock gun so my E-75 is useless

Author Stone bernardo (1 month)
ive gotten 60,000 credits and 1,400 xp on xbox in a ms1 yes a teir 1 and i
challenge you to do that on your pc

Author Conrad Kurtz (10 months)
All this glowing praise....wish I got my E-75 before the advent of
Waffentragers and tier 10 gold-spam :(

Author Glenn Ewing (13 days)
I fucking hate arty

Author Stone bernardo (1 month)
i got 4 kills all teir 1 match and my hiest teir tank at that time was teir

Author LAPoint 90 (6 months)
i hope he makes another e75 video Because this was 2 years before 

Author Joe Liddell (3 months)
@Sebastion Kajander I know you just lose money when you play that tank you
lose money

Author cammobus (5 months)
Jingles this needs a redo ... engines and guns are NLA 

Author James T Kirk (4 months)
Love love love the E75... that grind tho...

Author Kalle Piispa (5 months)
Dat angle tho!

Author Krapuxas Krapux (5 months)
they took out the 1200hp engine, now all you get is 900 :c

Author Casper Kersten (11 months)
My favourite tank so far, and I don't even have the 128 mm gun yet!

Author adam calveley (8 months)
HISS clips are not for a little wile they are for life e75 is bad but when
he did a clip on it. It had 1000 more people byed the e75 after this clip.
make more clips jingles i love them i have watched this clip 88 time it
never gets old that why hiss clips are for life it will never out of date

best before

Author jackson graves (8 months)
I just bought the e75 on the 360 version and everything is in packages
therefore I have to play stock until I get 25300 xp Shoot me in the face

Author Anna Gomez (3 months)
Too bad this tank is tier NEIN!!!!!!

Author Kevin L (10 months)
I have both the E 75 and the M103 and i like my M103 more than the E75
only got 400 match on my E 75 but i have nearly 800 match on my M103

Author Christian Brath (1 year)
Jingles, could you do an updated review og this tank. The current one is
very ild :) a wot noob from Denmark

Author V Hardestadt (1 year)
I love the E-75, it's my favorite tank in the game by a long shot. If you
know how to handle it, this tank will never let you down. You might as well
forget about the E-100, it's rubbish compared to the E-75. 

Author Henrik Winkler (1 year)
Your favorite tank type is fast medium and
your favorite tank is the Tog II...

Author Duncan Cook (8 months)
I just got this tank and I must say it is one big disapointment.
Gun and Speed is okay but the armor is very bad.
My front gets penetrated everytime, and not the lowe glaces, the upper
armor plate.
Even when I'm angled.
Maybe they are firing gold, I don't know becuase I don't use XVM.
But very match I had was a disaster, I got the feeling that this is a paper

Author I Want To Study (6 months)

Author Kerzerk (11 months)
Damn it love this tank!

Author jackson graves (7 months)
The stock is absolutely should be illegal

Author Kaydn Dep (1 year)
That's like a tiger 2 on steroids

Author Eddy Mac (1 year)
out of date info ;-) but still amazing tank

Author jordan gregory (10 months)
im on the grind to the E75 taking forever i play on the xbox version so i
have to unlock in a specific order got 100,000xp to go :) 

Author TreeSlayer (11 months)
Now we Only got 900 horse power:) maybe wg wants to buff the is3 a Bit
more? Maybe its Not fast enough ;) silly wg

Author MrFlorinCT (11 months)
jingles please remake the review ! I just unlocked it but didn't bought it

Author GuNCh Bandit (6 months)
This video will not load for me.

Author Eddi evie (1 year)
2 tho thill e 75

Author Aspar White (1 year)
its a terrible tank. it is only good if the guys shooting at you are idiots

Author Josh Threatt (1 year)
Lov this tank so much, in my opinion I would take is over st-1

Author Eddi evie (1 year)
30 tho till e 75

Author carlitosskater89 (1 year)
#scantrash yolo
I think you can buy a premium tank as higher as your wallet let you get,
and farm some credits, so the losses of the E-75 are "compensated" with
that tier 8 premium tank. You should take the Löwe, it's going to be a bit
buffed, so it will perform better.

Author NouseEmpire (1 year)

Author John-Paul Cox (1 year)
They must have changed things - since I can't see the 1200HP engine on my
available choices. I just got the E75 today and followed this advice about
getting as much as possible with TiggerII. 

Author NouseEmpire (1 year)
I cant play on the computer version cause my motherboard die, so I got a
new one, and it wont load ANY games, so I got the XBOX360 version, and well
everything comes in "Packages" and when you research things on the Tiger 2
they don't go on the E-75, so I just my E-75 and I'm completely useless
because I'm slow as shit, and there usually a tier 10 TD around the corner
wherever I go. So Fuck.

Author solomonstemplers (1 year)
i've started watching your reviews and really enjoy your views i just got
this tank today and only have the 105mm 1 away from the 120mm and am
haveing dreadfull games. watching this has kinda restored my faith tho!
welldone thanks alot and keep em comeing i'll be unlocking the jagtiger
soon and after playin the ferdinand its got to be a proper killer.

Author AtomicNeon61 (1 year)
A Question Jingles: Would it be also a good idea to put the Toolbox instead
of the Enhanced Gun Laying Drive on the E75? I skilled all of my
Crewmembers in repair and i think this is a good idea, isnt it? Like your
E75 Vid. Maybe you know that the E75 is in the next 15 Days 30% off and i
watched your Vid to get a imagine of this Tank. Helped me alot, thanks!

Author Morten Harrysson (1 year)
If you paid some attention to what jingles said, unlock the good stuff
before you purchase the tank and remember to angle it. It will become your
best friend ;)

Author 화이트 남자 (1 year)
It looks awesome but week spot sucks

Author Aidan Thompson (1 year)
It is just an is-7 gun

Author FL4SHB4NG BE (1 year)
just researched this beast :D

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