How to Style a Pixie Haircut

Basic way to style a pixie haircut



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Author Rebekah Stull (23 days)
I'm taking the plunge and getting my hair cut off! I'm using your hair as
inspiration. I love your cut so much. And I need those earrings! Where'd
you get those? They're so cute!

Author stargazer0480 (12 days)
any tips to make my pixie look less mullet meets mushroom?

Author ejohnson98 (1 month)
I've watched this video about 10 times in the past 5 months. I keep
referring to it when I get in a hair slump.

Author Suzanne McColl (5 months)
Love your videos! It was taking me ages to dry and style my hair now I take
less than 10 mins. I was scared to try different things and mess around
with my hair, now I do it every day! Thanks for the tip on the spoil me,
bought it yesterday. 

Author Jan Amann (2 months)
Love your cut!! It totally inspired my pixie and even gave me the guys to
try platinum. Thanks for all ur tips- my pixie went from flat to adorable
once I started using the right products. HOW do you get your bangs to not
fall in your face?! Mine are so fussy!

Author Ashley Lynn Wilson (2 months)
I want to get a pixie so bad! It's so classy and pretty! And I love the
dark blonde on the bottom.
ps. you're lovely :)

Author Shelly Kessler (3 months)
You are amazing!!! I am getting ready to get a long pixie cut (don't want
it to short) and this video was so helpful to me about how i can style it
and what i can do with it. I have officially subscribed and can't wait for
more great videos! :)

Author Kayla Counts (3 months)
Love love your hair! Would you send me some pics of your hair to my email?
Like the front back and sides so I could show it to my hair dresser?

Author Cindy Frederick (5 months)
Great make it look so easy to do.

Author Kirstin Elliot (3 months)

Author 40 4ever (4 months)
Another Great tutorial! What brand of flat iron did you use? Where buy?
Who makes Gloss Drop? Where buy?
Top off hairspray...what brand? Where buy? Thanks!

Author jyjer louna (5 months)
bonjour je parle français mes je pense que vous avez voir avec la traduction
de ce que j ai écrit de votre langue ...j aime beaucoup votre coupe ...j ai
fait un style a vous tellement que je trouvais cette coiffure très très
jolie... et vous donnez des idées de coiffure je trouve ça génial lol
bonne continuation pour vos vidéo qui sont superbe ...parlez vous un peu

Author tlw1334 (1 month)
Love your videos! I'm always styling my pixie the same (flat and sleek)
because I never know how to make it more texturized....LOVE the product
mini-tutorials that you give with your styles!

Author Christy Ferguson (5 months)
So I can not find the Lanza spray wax anywhere online... HELP!!! Where can
i order it at???

Author Mona Richard (4 months)
Love da hair style for thin lifeless hair ....great video ty 

Author jekorb (4 months)
Cute, cute, cute~~~you're a true Girly-Girl!

Author Lillie Cothran (6 months)
So cute,thank you for the video...

Author AellaSkiy (6 months)
holy crap I have your haircut! I literally found pictures of you on google
and took it to the hairstylist O__O sooo cool that i found you!

Author Victoria Rose (5 months)
Recommendation on where to purchase a silk pillowcase?

Author Samantha Salas (6 months)
Are those your natural eyelashes? Oh gosh, how do you do that with your

Author Wendy González Hagelsieb (4 months)
love it

Author Michelle W (7 months)
Hi! Love your videos and love your hair style. I'm thinking about getting
this cut. What is the name of the spray wax in the brown can that you
showed first? (The first one that you showed). Thanks! :)

Author Cheryl Tarrant (2 months)

Author tnblockhart (10 months)
You have totally inspired me to cut my hair like yours! I'm a new (2nd
time) mom and need to get rid of this hair that my son keeps pulling....
Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! My hubs is also anti short hair but we
gotta do what makes us feel pretty... I think after seeing this I'm gonna
go for it! 

Author Farah Mendoza (1 month)

Author mechelle cranford (6 months)
Just went blonde and pixie...working on the messy look, that I love and you
do perfectly. Thanx for the tips!

Author katherinejane76 (10 months)
Any thoughts on how to style this haircut if your hair is really thick? I
find it's easy to get poofy helmet head with all the hair I have.

Author Katie Collins (8 months)
Washing your hair once a week is THE benefit of short hair. :)

Author barnhillnancy51 (8 months)

tell me what would be good to keep my hair from going flat during the day.
I have tried many things. My hair is short like yours and starts off good
at the beginning of the day and when I look in the mirror during the day,
it's as flat as can be. Thanks for your help

Author mining brat (10 months)
im asking my mom a lot to do this with my hair. she keeps denying!! but i
believe im close to doing it for my 10th birthday

Author ShadowRavenWolf (6 months)
Can someone please give me advice? I've had my pixie cut for about a year
now but I've always had a problem. My bangs don't really have volume. They
lay flat on my forehead even after styling. I don't know if it's just my
hair, if I'm parting it wrong, or if I'm styling it wrong.

Author ZuluReddy (9 months)
Love your hair cut and style. Looks so easy to style. I had the same cut
but found it difficult to style as my hair is a lot more wavy than yours.
Very well done. Thanks.

Author carmengonzales282 (4 months)

Author Grace K Gilfillan (11 months)
thank you! :)

Author Sarah Cunningham (8 months)
Love how much texture you can create with a few spritzes of stuff. thanks
for posting this. gives me a little more confidence about being able to
style super short hair!

Author Emily Rehr (1 year)
Can you list all the products you use so I know what to buy? Bc I'm going
to get a hair cut like yours and need to know what to use and how to style

Author roseann153 (10 months)
Hello Whippy, I am so thrilled I found your channel! I totally LOVE the
pixie style cut I recently had a haircut ( I also have short hair) I had
the stylist cut my sides off what a mistake :( I will be bringing her a
picture of the pixie you have and I will be asking her to do the cut like
yours next time. Thank you for being so honest about things, it is
refreshing. One side note could you please tell me what are your eyeshadows
you use, I am watching your part 2 video on how you style your hair and I
am in love with the eyeshadow color you are wearing. Thanks for your time
on you tube I truely appreciate it.

Author Kathleen Bauer (10 months)
Absolutely adorable. Fabulous cut and products too!!

Author amarcord99 (2 years)
Your hair is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the "secrets" :)

Author jaimelestacos (1 year)
I have thick, fine hair so I'm currently looking at different pixie styles
- I've accepted that long hair (past my shoulders) is just a no-go. Your
pixie is one of the styles I love most because I'd like to keep a little
bit of hair to play with (and I like that my ears won't be so on display).
But I am concerned with using your hair as inspiration simply because
you're blonde and I'm brunette, so the effect might not transition well?

Author janet p (1 year)
Love your hair. U look like girl off Sugarland

Author AriAnnaArias (2 years)
You look like a little fairy! i love it!

Author kookla317 (1 year)
Whippet, how do you keep your hair from getting greasy between washes? I
know dirty is better for short hair style, but mine gets so greasy! Amy

Author idunnonicole (1 year)
u resemble they lady who cut my hair

Author brees bitz (3 years)
I need this haircut!! SO freakin cute girly!

Author mansongirlx (2 years)
LOVE IT!!! such a cute haircut! :0)

Author jaagoda (2 years)
I love your haircut! Where did you get it? How do I explain it to my
hairdresser? I have fine, soft, baby hair. Yours seem to be of similar
texture. It looks easy to manage and still very feminine.

Author TheMomsb (1 year)
You are the cutest ever, I am going to the hairdresser on Wed. Where can I
get some photos of your hair? I don't know how to get one from here. I love
your artsy style!

Author Mónica I. Avelar (1 year)
actually my hair stylist said it is not good to wash your hair everyday, it
is ok to do every other day, to keep your hair from over drying, even if
you may have oily hair, sometimes, I go about 2 days max without washing my
hair, but I have oily hair, and, actually in Europe they do not wash their
hair everyday too, I wanna try the dry shampoos, do you recommend any one,
I am kinda iffy about trying one, I do not want to have any soap feeling in
my hair, it shouldn't since it's dry! lol

Author Jane Fleet (2 years)
nice cut, very becoming. ;)

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