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Author nongsutharat (2 years)
@PricelessOnyxSpade black cat ; be with me spidey; but your bossey black
cat; wiell have sex at my house spidey; ok im not girl friends with you
mary jane

Author Carl Clark (11 months)
i like the video but i like the music better

Author kratosthegreat (1 year)
I'm sure if she actually existed, she'd like you :P

Author Joshua Crespo (1 year)
You really think so? :D What am I saying, of COURSE she would! Lol

Author J.West (1 year)
It's hilarious when they flirt in thjis game... Cat: You never know wheree
this might lead.... Spidey: I'll bet it's something I'd never mention in
front of my aunt Cat: And who wouldn't want their own night who swings from
webs Spidey: Are you jealous? Cat:You'd better hope not! Spidey: I like
when Kitty shows her claws. Cat: I'l show you more than that...

Author MarkFaust (3 years)
Is this from Shattered Dimensions?

Author Joshua Crespo (2 years)
Even when I was younger and I wasn't "interested" in women, I though Black
Cat was awesome. Awesome body, even more awesome personality! Just.
Awesome. She's bossy but seductive lol... Too bad she's only interested in

Author PricelessOnyxSpade (3 years)
@MarkFaust Web Of Shadows

Author PricelessOnyxSpade (3 years)

Author macaulay172 (10 months)
spider man edge of time black cat is a clone

Author CrazySeanDX (3 years)
Black Cat: Be with me. Spidey: But I love someone else...Mary Ja-- Black
Cat: I got bigger, firmer, softer boobs ya know... Spidey: Sold!!

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