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Thank you PSY for creating such a fun song and music video. I hope you like my Korean translated into Enlish version lyrics! Ok, not translated but just misheard!

Also thank you to A-Dream for creating an amazing instrumental! This is the first time I didn't create my own music because his already sounded amazing. Please subscribe to him:

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Open Condom Star
Condom Star

[Verse 1]
Imagine a dog sat on you Inga. Jogging yoga.  
Go pee on Johnnie. Yo, you are on a poop dog in a no job 
Buy me all machines I need to go watching in your jaw
Good on Ban John Indian Yoga

Not a Sauna Air
Now Jan ate all my cooked Dasani nude cuz I'm a heir
Kapeesh a key though Johnnie wasn't there in the sauna air
Buy me all machines. Johnny Taj abroad in the sauna air
Cool on sauna air

Adam there was, Sadam said oh woah 
couldn't know, hey, could I borrow no, hey
She can put Target to God. She gobble gay

Open Condom Star ahhh
Condom Star Op Op Op Op 
Open Condom Star ahhh
Condom Star Op Op Op Op 
Open Condom Star
Eh...Sexy Lady
Op Op Op Op Open Condom Star
Eh...Sexy Lady
Op Op Op Op 

[Verse 2]
Chum soup can buoy. Gee my door can donut your jaw 
He tear that shit put me on moon brought the Marty poon in your jaw
Karaoke man went mad. I know she bought a yacht on Yoga
good on gum guck jogging Yoga 

Not a sauna air
Chums and a boy he G-man norton known as sauna air 
that guy blaming what and John me shoveling the sauna air 
girl, you pull that sass on me. Ol' tom boy told my sauna air
cool on sauna air

Fiend, I know him
Korea not a gnome
baby baby not in more chum I don't know him

Do we even know him?
Korea not a gnome? 
baby baby not in more chum I don't (chew know what I'm saying?)
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"chad wild clay"
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Author Chad Wild Clay (5 months)
Thank you +Consuelo Higdon and +Anton Whitehead Glad you like my singing :)

Author Chad Wild Clay (3 months)
NEW Parody of Eminem THE MONSTER is up now!

Frugal (Parody of "THE MONSTER" by Eminem ft. Rihanna)

Author Kody Retros (22 days)

Author klsar1 (28 days)
Oh shit, this is more difficult than singing it in Korean. WTF?

Author Garth Palmer (2 months)
Oprah Condom Star

Author Will M (1 month)
Hilarious, he makes the lyrics sound like korean.

Author Tangletalon38 (3 months)
When i first heard this i thought it said oppa condom star XD

Author Kaan Sener (1 month)
Fine,do english.

Author DPlaysMinecraft (1 month)
This makes a lot of sense

Author Tom B (3 months)
I always thought it was "silencing the world...", and then "Nigela

Author lily Ballantyne (7 days)
adam there was sadam said oh whoa fucking brill LMAO..

Author KhazWolf (1 month)
It's pretty funny but I just don't think you can beat "I'M AN OWL, SILENCE

Author Diver Below (3 months)
She gobble gay LMFAO! This was great Chad! I can't believed i missed this

Author Cassidy Bacci (29 days)
Chad Ur singing is great and I love all of Ur songs

Author gc0619 (3 months)
i find this vely vely offensive to my famiry

Author Jeff LEGEND (20 days)
you best singer

Author Hunter Torpin (17 days)
This was amazing! xD

Author Kaylie Walker (1 month)
"She gobnle gay" My new catchphrase

Author Dominic Lopez (1 month)
This is how I hear the song now ;-;

Author A mai (1 month)
1:20 and I've had enough

Author AKnS Guy (1 month)
Chad you are my hero you have inspired me to write parodys of popular songs
even if they turn out to be really akward with the word yoga in every
sentence no offence 

Author lord joshimicu (2 months)
Lol nice parody :)

Author Megan Pavlisich (1 month)
I've listened to both the original 'Gangnam Style' and your parody version
and I was amazed by how close they sounded by listening to each video
separately. I just listened to both versions at the same exact time in a
split screen, and I was even more amazed by how your singing and Psy's
singing were almost 100% identical sounding! I thought that was amazing!

I love your videos that you do with your beautiful wife Vy! They are
hilarious! You are one of the best parody creators/singers I have watched!
I never knew you guys lived in MN until I did a little research! I think
that's so cool, because I live in Minnetonka, MN and I never thought
someone as popular on YouTube such as you, would live in the same state
such as myself!

I hope you and Vy keep creating parodies! You guys are awesome and I love
your singing! You're very creative too! 

Author Jackson Eyrich (1 month)

Author Clayton Metz (3 months)
Nice voice!

Author LaruzaHarashiRasana (4 months)
You sir have gotten yourself a subscriber. This is just far too great. xD

Author Ryan Barrett (20 days)
Lol I don't see thoughs words when I listen but this is so funny

Author Dylan Glenwright (3 months)
Why...just why....!?

Author Jahiem Green (26 days)

Author Luann DeLuca (1 month)
This is the absolute best interpretation - you have a terrific voice too. I
could not stop LMFAO at the "Fiend, not a norm. Do we even know him?"
stanza. Played it 3 times ... great job!

Author connor bayman (1 month)
at lest u tried mate

Author samantha rodriguez (2 months)
CHAD i love ur singing its like a angel

Author Cianna Ross (3 months)
No problem with was BAD for the kids and I

Author Nyls Boonstra (2 months)
You have such an awesome voice! That part where you sing "Open Condom Star"
Is sooooooooooo freaking awesome man, just like the voice from Super Smash
Bros. Brawl!

Author Montana Kakepetum (2 months)
S c
add hahcjvlavjbcdajfbvahbfvhjvbajbvfbadhjcfbhjvbevfbhjeavbjhdabfionefbd
A nd f. M. MnDc. DCN. Name and

Author R8nm8 (4 months)
You are a genius!!!

Author Tony Armenta (2 months)
sexy piggies oink oink piggy style

Author The Urchin Fruit (3 months)
what does a plus mean before a youtube username?

Author Matthew Waldrep (3 months)
May door can donut yo jaw, :D

Author Jason SkateWolf (5 months)
LOL nonstop laughing XD

Author Jimmy Welling (25 days)
no effence but why does ur suit look like pee wee hermans

Author thamir almeshghab (3 months)
You have a nice voice

Author Gerard Kirwan (2 months)
Opa Condom style!!!

Author Adrian Huerta (2 months)
Haha sentences dont make sense but they r english words lolz

Author 남영식 (1 month)
as a Korean, this is still funny!

Author Ale Hernandez (3 months)
It dose sound like that no wonder

Author Consuelo Higdon (5 months)
I love you singing voice!

Author Jay A (4 months)
At least I can understand these lyrics.... HA!

Author Kaitlyn Stivers (3 months)
I used to think the original version said condom store

Author Nehal Chakraborty (4 months)

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