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Open Condom Star
Condom Star

[Verse 1]
Imagine a dog sat on you Inga. Jogging yoga.  
Go pee on Johnnie. Yo, you are on a poop dog in a no job 
Buy me all machines I need to go watching in your jaw
Good on Ban John Indian Yoga

Not a Sauna Air
Now Jan ate all my cooked Dasani nude cuz I'm a heir
Kapeesh a key though Johnnie wasn't there in the sauna air
Buy me all machines. Johnny Taj abroad in the sauna air
Cool on sauna air

Adam there was, Sadam said oh woah 
couldn't know, hey, could I borrow no, hey
She can put Target to God. She gobble gay

Open Condom Star ahhh
Condom Star Op Op Op Op 
Open Condom Star ahhh
Condom Star Op Op Op Op 
Open Condom Star
Eh...Sexy Lady
Op Op Op Op Open Condom Star
Eh...Sexy Lady
Op Op Op Op 

[Verse 2]
Chum soup can buoy. Gee my door can donut your jaw 
He tear that shit put me on moon brought the Marty poon in your jaw
Karaoke man went mad. I know she bought a yacht on Yoga
good on gum guck jogging Yoga 

Not a sauna air
Chums and a boy he G-man norton known as sauna air 
that guy blaming what and John me shoveling the sauna air 
girl, you pull that sass on me. Ol' tom boy told my sauna air
cool on sauna air

Fiend, I know him
Korea not a gnome
baby baby not in more chum I don't know him

Do we even know him?
Korea not a gnome? 
baby baby not in more chum I don't (chew know what I'm saying?)
Open Condom Star Store


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Author Chad Wild Clay (1 month)
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Author Chad Wild Clay (6 months)
TODAY I just uploaded a new PARODY! Please watch!

Author Chad Wild Clay (11 months)
Thank you +Consuelo Higdon and +Anton Whitehead Glad you like my singing :)

Author TheUntamedNetwork (2 months)
My Little Gangnam

Author Endermender110 (1 month)
I thought of this... then I found this video...

I love the internet

Author Chad Wild Clay (9 months)
NEW Parody of Eminem THE MONSTER is up now!

Frugal (Parody of "THE MONSTER" by Eminem ft. Rihanna)

Author DHammerr (2 days)
youre doing it WRONG

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And people wonder why this video has 6,129 dislikes? Make that 6,130.

Author Awesome Roblox Player and also of SHSO (6 months)
did you feel even one glimpse of regret for making these videos? cousin
some of them you look pretty gay.

Author Elizabeth Gaspodnetich (1 month)
OMG! That was hell-a funny! you are a real funny guy! I will be putting
this on my I-Pod right away!

Author preston rowe (2 months)
R u gay

Author Kaylena Orr (1 month)
I feel like I watch this video at least once a month LOL so darn catchy!

Author klsar1 (2 months)
This English version is so confusing that I might as well learn Korean
lingo from scratch.

Author a_flexin (2 days)
Hahaha yay I found it lol this vid is freaking hilarious 

Author Oyun MANİA (7 days)
this best parody

Author Glenn Iverson (8 days)
Other than my small personal preferences of changing "yoga" to "yo jaw,
"open condom star" to "open condom style," and "Couldn't know, could I
borrow no" to "good enough, we've had enough" I'd say this is both dead on
and hilarious! Great job! 

Author Lorelei Judd (13 days)
I love that song!

Author IshidaNikurasu (3 months)
xD ahaha, awesome

Author B8ssH3ad (3 months)
You sir, are hysterical!! xD

Author Leticia Hernandez (18 days)
Chia seeds

Author Raniya Dass (23 days)
i forgot the original lyrics coz of this parody :')

Author Hanla Von Hanlakins (3 months)
One time me and a bunch of friends were in the car and this song came on.
We didn't know any of the Korean but instead of saying "Sadam said oh woah"
we were singing "seduce a narwhal". In the middle of the night. We probably
annoyed the Carvel guy.

Author Jaidyn Wahlers (28 days)

Author Kaniska Sarkar (1 month)
Dude.. u nailed it.. xD XD XD XD XD XD XD *_____*/\*_____* LOL..

Author Kaan Sener (7 months)
Fine,do english.

Author Snarzellor (1 month)
Old used condom style!

Author Kailah Solis (1 month)
Yeah it was cool lol

Author science Vlog (4 months)
still don't understand shit

Author Ketsaree Kanamaneekan (1 month)

Author olly Taylor (4 months)
She gobble gay. Lol. No.

Author JordanScottMills (1 month)
Nailed it B) 

Author Annie Ni (1 month)
Condom, u gotta be kidding me

Author Fluttershy Simmer (2 months)
I'm dying laughing. I'm hopefully doing an actual English translation
cover. LOL

Author selectheowl (2 months)
Sir, you are a fucking genius.

Author Hope MSP (5 months)
funny parody i keep watching it over and over again 

Author whalebag07 (2 months)
Ahh my name is John

Author Jaden Karr (2 months)
The lyrics seem like something that would happen if you pushed the speech
to text button on someone's phone then played the song in the mic.

Author MuffinMon (2 months)
"open condom star"
I lost it
Insta subbed and liked

Author Adam Smith (5 months)
Bart Baker is better

Author Kody Retros (7 months)

Author Marqui Lyles-duckworth (2 months)
Chad you Know commented your self

Author Michael the Minecraft player (2 months)
What the heck are you saying

Author Angela Dunmon (2 months)
So your name is chad

Author Jess Rooney (2 months)
The only thing I can relate to is the "She gobble gay." Ever since the song
came out, I've heard that. I swear to God, they're the words :'D

Author deepdarkfantasy3 (2 months)
How can you cool on sauna air? XD

Author Trey Bond (5 months)

Author patricio tixi (2 months)

C. Udbsc jhhjhhhff

Author Nicholas Bozman (3 months)
I like this video

Author seras victoria (3 months)

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