Taher Shabab & Farzana Naz "Lah Lah" [official video]

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Singers:Taher Shabab&Farzana Naz
Song:Lah Lah
Lyrics:Sameodin Afghani
Music: Khaled Kayhan
Director:Jawed Salek
J/MPictures Production

© 2013 by J/M Pictures. All rights reserved.

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Views: 2,209,221
Added: 1 year
Runtime: 6:14
Comments: 466

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Author harmeet singh (1 month)
my favrt farzana naz

Author FDP LIONHEART (2 months)
Excellent song.

Author nazifa khaliqzadah (8 days)

Author Danny Iglesias (4 months)
im cuban and i have no ideah what she is saying but im inlove with this

Author Perviz Behbud (20 days)
it is very good song

Author afgunz moh (18 days)
she is hot..

Author Hafiz Fazly (21 day)
basyar haly bod wala

Author Omid (3 months)
This is indeed one of the most intertainning video clipps in afghan musical
culture. Excellent. 

Author Mehdi Naseri (24 days)
Taher Shabab & Farzana Naz "Lah Lah" [official vi…:

Author tamima hassani (1 month)
@frankfurk friend I live in canada n here's a lot if afghans N
yes there lots of afghans are going for vacation to Cuba every I

Author Karen Coverdale (1 month)
Greetings from Brazil <3

Author nazifa khaliqzadah (8 days)

Author gulabsaid khan (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author sajjad rasool (4 months)
upload lyrics too

Author Ahmad Zabir (1 month)

Author hazratumer shinwari (1 month)

Author Ajmal Habibi (1 month)

Author wali Khan (2 months)
Nice song

Author Khushal Khan (2 months)
564 have no taste of music!

Author jamila john (6 months)
the first time I have loved A Pushtu song really amazing! can't get enough
of it.

Author Mohammad Ramazani (2 months)
اهنگ خیلی خوب زیبا خواندی افرین

Author علی احمد گرگیچ ساربان (3 months)
خوب بود

Author Lisbey Hernandez (3 months)
I love this song... i just wish i understood the lyrics 

Author Cat Girl (3 months)
Love u farzana u are great pashto singer I love pashto songs greeting from
London my boyfriend is pashtun 2 and I'm half British and half pashtana

Author adan khan (3 months)

Author Hassan Khan (6 months)

Author khubidar khan (4 months)
Afghan best ......

Author Elyass Elyass (13 days)

Author Afghan Lion (9 months)
First pashto song to hit 1 mill views!

Author Mahboob Faiz (4 months)
Brilliant song from both of u. 

Author Saraj Ud Din Sadid (4 months)
بسیار خواندن مقبول وزيبا

Author Wajo Wajo (20 days)
فرزانه جان ايا شما لايف يا زنده ميتوانين بخوانين تا جاى كه مشاعده شده زنده
اصلاً نميتوانيد بخوانيد چرا موسيقى را بهتر نمياموزيد ؟ يا شايد استعدادش را
نداريد . 

Author Omar Afg (4 months)
blessed song !!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sw bangash khan (5 months)
Amazing song..

Author Andre Khan (5 months)
der kha))

Author ahmad moradi (4 months)

Author Yussofie Achim (5 months)
das sehr sehr schön danke schön fan alle

Author Shabab Jane (5 months)

Author zindagi omed (8 months)
Naaz, you really are a NAAZ, you make this stand out... 

Author MrAFGPRIDE (8 months)
Actually the first pashto song to hit over 1 million views is Rahim shah
and nazia iwbal a song by them two.

Author Ali Leila (5 months)

Author Lutfia ATAY (5 months)

Author Masood Zekria (5 months)

Author zai gorek (5 months)
الموسيقى حلوة جداً...

Author Amir Amiru (6 months)
سال نو مبارک باد

Author navid hateme (6 months)
it is awesome

Author Cemil OSMANAĞAOĞLU (2 months)

Author Ehsan A (6 months)
I tell u this is one nice song love

Author Christine BEDAR RYCKAERT (1 year)
I'm a French woman; Fantastic video and music !!!!

Author Gfffuufr (1 year)
Nice song

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