American fluent in Tagalog with good accent

My friend Speaking in tagalog. He is fluent and probably one of the most fluent Americans in Tagalog I've heard.

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Author xXpurplebuddy (15 days)
I'm mostly Filipino, I can't even speak tagalog that well. :o

Author Jacob Huggins (1 month)
I want to learn it! :(

Author Ellean Ross Dofeliz (25 days)
Super Funny....HaHaHaHa....

Author edel cole (1 month)
e tinuruan cia ni side a mgtglog hehehe

Author cooldoghotdog (1 month)
pinoy bato? haha galing nmn apiir👏

Author Budji Tresvalles (2 months)
Wow! Your friend's Tagalog is really really good! I'll send him the best
bilo-bilo, Bicolano style! 

Author Gerry Mendoza (5 months)
wow he's amazing 

Author abu3abd (11 hours)
Natuto nga pero bakla naman ang tunog hahaha

Author Juvie Hidalgo (4 days)
Ang galing nmn ni Jack. P

Author Helix D'Slayer (5 days)
Galing!!! Pati yung accent kuhang kuha hahahah...

Author donnelsky50 (3 days)
Un mga filam sa pba ilang taon na saten di daw marunong mag tagalog lol

Author Loudz A. (10 days)
magaling ka :D

Author Shieyan Blary (17 days)
. ang Saya nya tingnan.' 

Author sittiehaya Ely (11 days)
hahaha!! funny ka tol!
napanood ko sa MKNML kayo ko sinearch.

Author Emily Weirdnez (10 days)
This guy's good hehe..

Author Pixelated Rice Cake Gaming 【Filipino】 (8 days)
bakit ayaw mo ng dineng-deng, Jack? haha! Ilocano here.

Author Aejay Marie (19 days)

Author Celine Garcia (14 days)
galing niya 

Author EhmEychAhr Ehm (16 days)
ang cute!!!!! :)

Author Jennully (27 days)
He small kine sounds like a Filipino Michael Cera haha. He really IS
fluent! :D

Author Tricy Ann Escamillas (25 days)
"yung pekeng pancit canton"- hahahaha

Author Helix D'Slayer (5 days)
Galing!!! Pati yung accent kuhang kuha hahahah...

Author jamil singh (1 month)
U rock dude

Author Althea June Cole (7 months)
i was drinking water when he mentioned LUCKY ME ...i almost choke myself to
death.....HAHAHAHA XD masarap! 

Author Tiffany Leongshi (1 month)
wow.. endorser pa la.. xD Lucky Me. haha

Author kian ledesma (1 month)
oa tumawa si kabayan..

Author Captain Deadpool (1 month)
Awesome bro. Fist bump*

Author aleka dela cruz (1 month)
dude! he speaks better english than the rich kids we have in the
philippines... 2 thumbs up yow!

Author eivoj galnad (1 month)
Woow ang galing ...ikaw na hehe

Author trinity khim ejrirlrh (1 month)

Author Justin Adrian De la Cruz (1 month)
wow "sa kabilang dako ng mundo" grabe ang lalim nun ha...nice2x galing by
the way bakit ang fluent nya sa tagalog? fil-am ba cya?

Author cadburyss sy (1 month)
Panalo ka. Hehe.. Labyu :)

Author pretty wahine (2 months)
hahaha lucky me talaga ha

Author Sharon Alvarez (1 month)

Author mark6020cc (1 month)

Author chelle lazaga (2 months)

Author Steven Cajipe (2 months)
Boom !
Panizz!! XD

Author barbara costa (1 year)
ang galing!! Fluent ah !!

Author Kevin Dato (10 months)
wow he's really good. I love this guy. :D

Author angela Justo (1 year)
hahahahhaha naloka ako mahal kita

Author cokernator (1 year)
ang galing - Ingrijents (ingredients), kuhang kuha ang accent.

Author akiko agustin (10 months)
Wow . .

Author CharGyse (1 year)
I replied to that stupid guy saying "I guess you never heard of Baybayin."
That way, anyone who didn't know that Filipinos actually had their own
writing system before the Spaniards came along can learn about it. My reply
was not to change the stupid guy's mind; I doubt I could do that; but to
make sure his prejudiced comment couldn't manipulate the minds of those who
also don't know. Surely this is better than pretending the stupid guy's
ignorant opinions aren't there?

Author Jules Marco Taveso (1 year)

Author Noremae Espineli (1 year)
as if that makes you intelligent for saying how dumb our language is. well,
if i had to choose languages, i would still choose ours than to choose
yours because you are Rude and disrespectful!

Author sheen lasay (1 year)
hehe.. naging missionary ba siya??

Author moza alsuwaidi (11 months)
Wow, Hindi na magpatalo ang mag Americano sa mag pinoy a! Marami na rin ang
marunong mananagalog.but we are happy to you sir,your so fluent to speak

Author Fejilyn Esteban (1 year)
Wow Mabuhay ka :)You're the best guy...

Author Giankat Garcia (1 year)
Kala k babae

Author Alex Shanks (1 year)
Lol, all they talk about is food.

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