American fluent in Tagalog with good accent

My friend Speaking in tagalog. He is fluent and probably one of the most fluent Americans in Tagalog I've heard.

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Author Gerry Mendoza (3 months)
wow he's amazing 

Author Althea June Cole (5 months)
i was drinking water when he mentioned LUCKY ME ...i almost choke myself to
death.....HAHAHAHA XD masarap! 

Author Budji Tresvalles (14 days)
Wow! Your friend's Tagalog is really really good! I'll send him the best
bilo-bilo, Bicolano style! 

Author Sid Pablo (8 months)

Author 3FLYTE (8 months)
Dude, Tagalog is one of the hardest languages to learn.

Author Jacob Huggins (7 hours)
I want to learn it! :(

Author Ravenzx Zanganzx (8 months)
tagalog is a hard language to learn

Author DG Ilagan (6 months)
Is he a Mormon? :D

Author Captain Deadpool (3 hours)
Awesome bro. Fist bump*

Author Tiffany Leongshi (2 days)
wow.. endorser pa la.. xD Lucky Me. haha

Author edel cole (18 hours)
e tinuruan cia ni side a mgtglog hehehe

Author eivoj galnad (2 days)
Woow ang galing ...ikaw na hehe

Author aleka dela cruz (8 days)
dude! he speaks better english than the rich kids we have in the
philippines... 2 thumbs up yow!

Author trinity khim ejrirlrh (5 days)

Author cadburyss sy (5 days)
Panalo ka. Hehe.. Labyu :)

Author pretty wahine (15 days)
hahaha lucky me talaga ha

Author Joshua Sinogaya (3 months)
he sounds like my uncle

Author Gun Bourne (25 days)
yung sa f4 boy band ba yang nasa unang parte ng clip haha

Author Gaby Domanais (2 months)
Lucky me hahaha :))))

Author Kevin Davis (4 months)
How do we even know hes really speaking muslim

Author Hxrry Styles (5 months)
Haha xx

Author jhasoon curtis (3 months)
haha. ang cute ni kuya. nakakaaliw.. tagalog kung tagalog. AWESOME.! ^_^

Author Kate Woo (1 month)
Ang galing naman nya mag Tagalog (: Nanibago tuloy ako when he spoke in
English LOL

Author erica (28 days)
you've probably answered this a million times before. how are your friends
fluent in tagalog? spent time in the philippines? rosetta stone? too much
time around filipinos in jersey? 

Author Epic Fail (25 days)
What sorcery is this? I don't even... God he's good.

Author Salve Ling (2 months)
He's like so fluent in speaking Filipino.

Author Hernane Ayon Jr. (2 months)
To those who are not Filipinos out there, Filipino is kinda like English.
Yet it has different words. The language might be hard. But once you can
understand it it's good. What's hard is the pronunciation, the accent and
many more. I am a pure Filipino. My dialect is actually bisaya. Tagalog is
the country's national language. I too find tagalog hard. But dude , it's
in our blood so it's pretty easy for us to understand though. There are
just words that are hard to understand. Other has deep meanings. For me, if
I were to speak tagalog and if I was not a Filipino, most likely, Japanese
or Chinese or Korean are the hard ones. They have thousands of symbols to
remember. But their language is pretty hard too. Some sentences are pretty
hard to execute honestly. But I'm not offending any of the languages and
stuff. Just sharing that's all.

Author chelle lazaga (18 days)

Author Bea Padilla (1 month)
Wow. He's really good. :) Galing! XD

Author arianne arcilla (3 months)
Omg,he's almost as fluent as me!Ang galing nya ah!

Author tira koni (1 month)
ahahaha natawa ako dun sa diningding!galing mo pre!!

Author Edz muzic (7 months)
hahahaa i love you! 

Author bankmind80 (5 months)
How did he learn? This video would be more beneficial if we knew what
tools, (books, cds, etc). he used to learn how to speak Tagalog. 

Author Illest Styles (4 months)
Pilosopo, hahahaha

Author Lornetka Baranowski (2 months)
hands off!

Author Wilma III Rellora (25 days)
West Valley? West Valley, Utah? Returned Missionary ka ano? Hehe

Author Alvin Abalos (2 months)
naks, ang galeng naman ni kuya..

Author canukmark096 (4 months)
Guarantee that he's Mormon and served a mission there.

Author Steven Cajipe (17 days)
Boom !
Panizz!! XD

Author PerroxidoKunX (3 months)
I didn't understand anything, that means he's awesome!

Author PAM D (5 months)
Your friend is awesomee! hi! 

Author Mae Ilagan (28 days)
OMG! i love him na! lols

Author Angel Hernandez C. (8 months)
Hahahaha so cool..:")

Author Christina Spurlock (3 months)
wow! that is awesome! i wish i could speak it this well!

Author Jane Medina (6 months)

Author Tricia Perez (2 months)
dude i'm filipino and i can't even speak the language. awesome job!

Author TheJosepaolo (25 days)

Author Lou Sir (3 months)
pinoy na pinoy! lol

Author neil tristan yabut (24 days)
filipino, motherfucker, do you speak it?

Author Leo Villanueva (2 months)
i think he was in philippines for so many years

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