Gpsp For Nokia (symbian) with Download Link

GPSP is A GBA EmUlator For Nokia Touchscreen Phones
like 5800XM,5530XM,N97,5230,5233
-Created By Summeli

This application works on N97,X6,5800,5530 and 5230...

Download link for the GPSP for Symbian

To get the bios, go to:

Try These ROM's (w/ Download link)

Super Robot Taisen OG 2

Metal Slug Advance

Legend Of Zelda (Minish Camp),_The_-_The_Minish_Cap_%28U%29.rar.html/

Pokemon fire red,emerald and etc.

Megaman zero 1 to 4

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Thank you 4 warching...

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Author Roni Rahcman (6 months)
why my gpsp can't be open ??????

Author Xandrex (10 months)
Man The bios is removed ?
Please help me 

Author junia fitzpatrick (2 years)
why does it keep saying email addresses are black listed. what kinda email
must u have

Author xBluekillx (3 years)
PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEE PROBLEM with the emu when i am installing it i have
the same eror like forceunleasher someone pm me please and help me what to

Author MrLoLLiPop93 (3 years)

Author honcc5 (3 years)
@MrSwabesasarap I cant find my IMEA number thing i did typ #06# on my phone
but it doesnt work.

Author Der Sportler (3 years)
@mickeymouse12678 Everytime I tryed it, my mobile couldn´t open the file.
Maybe someone cam make a tutorial 2 install it. ^_^

Author AnimatorShadowX (3 years)
YEAH MOTH*******!!! I install finally this emu!!! You vid is awsm,wndrfl...
Thanks a lot! Who needed help,i help him!!!

Author Chris Gagne (3 years)
alright i got to the part where you install thegpsp v0.6 but i need it
signed, and when i try to sign it it says file restricted any help?

Author Stromi94 (3 years)
Thank you !!!!!!!!! i love this emulator ♥

Author rocker211289 (4 years)
nice vid buddy...... btw wats dat song..??

Author Omar Tellez (2 years)
Dude, please tell me how you did it to run emerald version in that symbian,
in my cellphone it's just a white frozen image.

Author xnoobiezx (4 years)
Why my call/stop key is not working??SWEvent capability

Author formerkid (3 years)
hindi ko mainstall!!!

Author Frostaas (1 year)
check this

Author gerald hamtig (3 years)
@MrSwabesasarap i have a problem while installing the QT ... when the PIP
installation comes .. there was an "error" ...please help me

Author Nicolas Niño (1 year)
does it work on nokia C2 02?

Author mishulong (3 years)
pls reply.. How do you set the biooooos??

Author wantedwanted21 (3 years)
@MrSwabesasarp man i really need to know WHERE IS LOCATED THE DATA FOR

Author Vincent Briones (2 years)

Author Alffi91 (2 years)
You need to make tutorial video how you get GBA emulator for nokia

Author Sean Smyth (3 years)
Right, downloaded the emulator, signed for it, any idea where I might find
a BIOS, the link you have up no longer works. Also I'm rather new to this
so how do I access it once it's on my phone? many many thanks

Author Pshyologer (3 years)
Name of the song please :)

Author gerald hamtig (3 years)
i have a problem while installing the QT ... when the PIP installation
comes .. there was an "error" ...please help me

Author honcc5 (3 years)
@MrSwabesasarap I got the same problem as forceunleasher but if I download
the qt-installer thing, I get an error -33

Author honcc5 (3 years)
@MrLoLLiPop93 Your Welcome Bro. But how did you download the thing i tried
to download the qt installer but it wont work.

Author Frostaas (1 year)

Author junia fitzpatrick (3 years)
i did this when you like first posted the video but they change up the web
site and my account that i made on the first site isnt registered there
again and ill rely like to get this back can you like do it for me plz and
email me the signed app plz ill give you my phone id 353184037070195 and my
email adress is oh ill subscribe cause you rely
helped me out the first time tanks by the way

Author MissingFailure (3 years)
How do you map the keys so you can use the menu and red button?

Author Shayne Mesde (1 year)
Please help me! i don't know how it will be signed but this is my serial
number 354182025775345 and this is my email
thanks for the help!

Author MrYuxiang (2 years)
The links for the games don't work.

Author Subham Debnath (3 years)
mine gpsp says ...uncertified error ... qt and bios installed ..still !!!
my phone is 5233

Author ramirezamulek (3 years)
pinoy pala ka... lol

Author ChaoticAznDrama (4 years)
does it work for all symbiyan s60v5 phones like nokia x6?

Author saut sihombing (2 years)
can you give us the tutorial on how to install this thing

Author coolmuslim1 (2 years)
man I really need HELP from where I can get the bios PLEASE ( NEED HELP )

Author MrLoLLiPop93 (3 years)
@honcc5 For me the link worked oO Awesome Work, but no Sound and the Games
Gta Advance and Super Mario 3 don´t work :/

Author Roldan Flores (2 years)
NEED HELP.. my gpsp on nokia 5530 XM is having a language problem. only
letters "S" and "W" are showing up in the gpsp.

Author MrHell458 (2 years)
it says request of application not granted

Author link hikari (1 year)
same here

Author Aaral Fernandes (1 year)
It wil work in my nokiaAasha311

Author TheDragonite6 (3 years)
i need good AUDIO!!!!!

Author riekotz (4 years)
nice song

Author Guru Laghima (3 years)
@RinoGerTheDancer Glad to hear it. :D

Author xevious19 (3 years)
Just put it on the folder where you placed your GPSP EMULATOR and QT.

Author SkillMastersJoint (3 years)
the song is "parte" by stroke 9, i really hate it when people ask for the
sing and dont want to anwser such an easy song..

Author SliceYaPingas (3 years)
How do I install the QT? Does it require something on your computer?
because I have a mac lol

Author Aaron Mylie (3 years)
how does one load the bios?? i installed qt but cant find the bios file

Author BlackFlameProductions (1 year)
the link for the bios is not working plsss help

Author Tim Aguirre (3 years)
pagtapos ng qt ano next ayaw mag install ng gpsp e

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