How to Make a Calculator in Visual C++

This is my tutorial on how to make a calculator in visual c++. It can be useful for calculations and mathmatics.
Private Message me on YouTube if you want a regular speed video uploaded. (This one was 2x)

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Author تفاصيل حلم (1 year)
super nice

Author JellyTank696 (1 year)
thanks alot man

Author 300SpartanX (1 year)
Use Visual c++ 2008

Author Ben Murphy (3 years)
Very helpful, there are almost no tutorials for Form Applications
anywhere... this helped a lot

Author nazimran345910 (2 years)
thanx man u r a star ;)

Author stefanone111 (1 year)
il mago boscolo <3

Author Mahmood Al-Ali (2 years)
fuck you very much

Author TheKingofdemon33 (1 year)
check my calculator design watch?v=2YpRDIBpFoc

Author DTEG (2 years)
im trying to actually build a calculator with buttons for each number etc.
and using your vid as as a starting point. i've already done the graphical
part however i don't have any labels. what is the significance of a label
in this situation and do i need one(s)

Author TheTamiracle (2 years)
can you also show how to make a scientific calculator in visual c++ ? need

Author 300SpartanX (3 years)
@kingdaka5006 glad you liked it :D

Author MrJose342 (1 year)
thank you ;D

Author k3v1nfbr (1 year)
haha that was great! Thank you!

Author The Rice Guy (3 years)
What song its very catchy ^_^

Author 300SpartanX (3 years)
@TheWinnieston are you using visual c++ 2008?

Author JamesandHarry SuperBros (1 year)
what means, i failed too

Author PajLe16 (1 year)
Could you copy the code after "#pragma endregion" in description because
when i try, build fails.

Author theonethatthinks (3 years)
c++/CLI is not regular c++, but its still good tutorial :)

Author 300SpartanX (3 years)
@Jedi5412 i forget but its from musicshake, download it by inputing my url
to video2mp3 (google it)

Author TheJimsterJim (2 years)
do you use win32 for making your gui? are all professional programs made
using win32?

Author 300SpartanX (2 years)
Not sure, probably 4.0. my hard drive got wiped.

Author 300SpartanX (3 years)
@huiren92 this is for beginners.

Author RHCPBassPlayer (1 year)
Magic Boscolo <3

Author Simone Favaro (1 year)
boscolo <3

Author Mohamed Amine Labidi (1 year)
me too i created a calc and the problem is how to write Text you must write
it with T not with this t you must write it like that Text not like that
text for more just here watch?v=7lH9vHjJJb4

Author 300SpartanX (3 years)
@EpilepticElbow are u using vc++ 2010? switch to 2008, i had the same
problem. maybe ill add some annotations explaining it, it all comes down to
how much time i have.

Author destroyergm (1 year)
How did you get that menu on 3:10 ? I have C++ 2010 and when i start typing
'label1' noting happens... :(

Author ashwin173 (2 years)
Click 'no'. Then, fix the build errors. Then, run again. If the same
dialogue box returns, repeat the process until all errors are gone.
Clicking yes doesn't make any changes to the program--and just runs the
last successful build.

Author KissRahitikiTV (1 year)
Can somebody help me ?! When i type: this-> doesn't appear that

Author QuantumCD (1 year)
Visual Studio 2010 doesn't have C++ intellisense.

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