Kung fu vs. Karate

Jet Li using ''Jeet Kune Do'' vs. Karate

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Author tarekahf (4 months)
One of the best!

Author tarekahf (4 months)
One of the best 

Author govind j nair (6 months)

Author Chandra Putra Pratama Sitorus (1 year)
karate Vs kungfu

Author Kaisertoji (3 years)
@thegamerman7 Jackie Chan survived a fall and other stunts gone wrong,
Bruce Lee dint survive a sleeping pill.

Author MrGokousan (2 years)
The other guy is a Japanese though, his name is Yasuaki Kurata. "Yasuaki
Kurata (倉田 保昭 Kurata Yasuaki, born March 20, 1946), a.k.a. David Kurata, is
a Japanese actor specializing in action movies. An accomplished martial
artist, he has dan ranks in karate (5th degree), judo (3rd degree), and
aikido (2nd degree)."

Author flashlight67 (3 years)
This was not Kung fu vs. Karate, this was Kung-fu vs Kung-fu.

Author Muraku666 (3 years)
@jaylyn3 nope,I don't see it. Thai boxing uses different axis of movement
for it's kicks.

Author kokulink (3 years)
@xUM3RKH4Nx even my sensei told me that its based of it

Author cicsimo (3 years)
watching this makes me feel like I can can Kick Ass

Author 28chriztian (3 years)
muay tai parece pro lo menos al prinsipio

Author juljalala (3 years)
@Pingu3040 you should practice muay thai then ; )

Author SolendeFr (1 year)
kung fu is the best but its not kung fu vs karate this kung fu vs kung fu

Author Dan (2 years)
in the end... all actors.

Author lordzhuge (3 years)
@sportistTkdbg it's Fist of Legend

Author Max America (1 year)
man that was karate vs kung fu

Author Furqaan Ülger (3 years)
this not karate you dumb white fucks. this is bushidoo. if you dont know
it, just keep that empty mouth shut and watch it.

Author OrelK (3 years)
Lol a karateka usually wouldn't use all thses fancy kicks but will go for a
simpler and more effective ones.

Author JDM HK and AZN hip hop dance fans! (3 years)
@Theotokano Kung Fu is can Beat Both!

Author Tanel Kagan (3 years)
The result is that those black belts probably actually don't know much
about the inner workings of the system and won't put up much of a fight in
real combat situations. There are Karate masters with the real knowledge
who know how to move and use energy very effectively, but don't expect that
knowledge to be shared amongst the masses. These secrets are really only
passed on in small circles and like it or not, often withheld from
Westerners. It's not cool to say it but it's a reality.

Author Sensei Ken (2 years)

Author Arifin Ardhi (3 years)
judul filmnya apaan yak??

Author TheKallas (3 years)
that's not jeet kune do it is bai hok pai, crane style against shito ryu
karate, it shows!

Author pingskillz (1 year)
Haha.. that left one was with gray was Japanese martial artist.. probably
Aikido, Hapkido or Karate. Jet Li was using Kung Fu, a mix of some martial
arts, that is why they say Jeet Kune Do. Indeed Jeet Kune Do was created by
Bruce Lee. But the idea is the same in the movie. In the movie Jet Li mixed
the sidekick from the Japanese martial arts and some boxing movements.

Author Allen Walker (3 years)
@DuskfallBand are you blind that place is japan and there fighting on that
location japan is the home of karate O_O

Author nigger061 (2 years)
nice jet li :)) fcking karate..

Author justyna blala (3 years)
do bani

Author Tom Howard (3 years)
@fishertg "Wing chun" and "Karate" live in COMPLETELY separate worlds.

Author bananapudding387 (2 years)
@Superbattle54 thanks plus @thegamerman7 that's more proof

Author ajkrunch94 (3 years)
@horaaliya all those moves you just stated are in both kung fu a karate

Author rAFiCoRe (3 years)
@sportistTkdbg that one's fist of legend, the remake of fist of fury.

Author kokulink (3 years)
what kind ofcloths is jet li wearing looks like a suit

Author Rohan Davey (3 years)
@DragonAge2k It was a draw, actually. The point wasn't to win, but to help
prepare Chen Zen for the kind of fight he'd be facing against the japanese

Author tbrostudios (3 years)
what i dont get is ppl watchin a bruce lee movie they finish it and then
they want to be just like him so the go and learn karate thumbs up if u see
wats wrong with that.

Author grayson white (3 years)
@skateonsurf Ya Bruce was a pretty good actor too. I can watch his movies a
thousand times and not get tired of teh dialogue.

Author Mani Kaidzadeh (3 years)
@tengokunoshi fist of legend

Author Hor Feng (1 year)
bull shit!

Author Nick Freiman (2 years)
@thegamerman7 you forgot donnie yen, but idk where he comes into place in
the "best at"

Author pingskillz (3 years)
You can see clearly that the other with gray is using a Japanese style,
probably Aikido, Hapkido or Karate.

Author Thomas Fisher (3 years)
I never was much for karate, but I've always admired this fight scene. The
japanese guy really portrays what karate (or any martial art) is supposed
to be. fast and agile. I would say karate in this case is pretty comparable
to chinese wing chun gong fu! Which I am partial to.

Author Jose Vazquez (2 years)
how you know is not karate watch the whole movie and youll know...smh

Author TheCrazyTman (3 years)
@lightning5224 I hope you know Kung Fu won though -_-

Author PhantomHitman07 (2 years)
What movie is this?

Author julian inciarte (3 years)
en esta pelicula perdio jet li lo dijeron al final de peli lo admitio jet
li la peli es fest of legend o sino jet li es el mejor luchador

Author topgearfan72 (3 years)
@YajimaKenji I'd say he means the "karate" master is using Koryu. as in the
Koryu arts of Ju jitsu and okinawa te. which was Karate as it was trained
and used pre 1920.

Author Sensei Ken (2 years)
@thegamerman7 they are all actors, please be wise enough to differenciate
between fact and fiction. even Bruce Lee's movie fight scenes were
Choreographed. Or did you think they were real

Author Allen Walker (3 years)
Karate yay :D

Author abyssicknight (2 years)
This movie is one of the best martial art movies of all time. My top five
are Ip Man, Fist of Legend, Fighter in the Wind, Ip Man 2, True Legend.

Author Muraku666 (3 years)
@suemorphplus2009 What traitional style do you speak of?

Author pimdaddysmallboy (3 years)
what style of karate are they using?

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