Pakistan Army Commandos in Action

Pakistan Army Commandos in Action

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Author Teja Kumar (1 month)
my dear pakistanis now time is came to show all that we are not a enemy
countrey becoz china making you gays as fools and america making us fools.

Author backstreetboy420 (2 years)
@69musclecars talk in urdu then i will be able to clear your objection

Author Muhibullah Khattak (2 years)
ssg commandos zindabad

Author Haider Ali (2 years)
proud to be pakistani

Author Kingston School (2 years)
Best Army in the World.

Author backstreetboy420 (2 years)
@banoffee2001 talk in urdu then i will clear your objection

Author Sayed Ekramuddin Wasil (4 years)
@THEKRIA you are right because we hit you pakistani smell , Taliban,

Author Kapil Soni (3 years)
@Husnain1995 : sun be husnain tumhara lund to allah ne khud katke bheja tha
madarchodo tumhari maa chod dunga aur tere baap ki gand maarlunga abe nango
apni maa ki chut ke keedo bhen ke laudo u poor people u mother fuckers
pakistani tumhari aukat nahi ki tum apne baap se aankh bhi milao

Author perfectionist00007 (3 years)

Author Abid Afridi (1 year)
good. long live pakistan and pak army.

Author umair ashraf (2 years)
@69musclecars mother fucker come with facts not with the ass hole of your

Author airbourne124 (3 years)

Author Sujjad Hussain (1 year)
very good

Author 69musclecars (2 years)
@umair1926 am impress you got the nerve to talk about fucking my sister
considering your the marying your own cousins you bunch of sick imbread
fucks and bolocks if it wasnt for the west pakistan would be fuck all ..
and if we kept our equiment as you said you nothing but rag heads throwing
rocks, do your self a favour and fuck off

Author Khan12078 (1 year)
hardman over the internet, dirty piece of shit, dont insult yourself we
already know your an inbred fucker, selfish bastard and youve just proven
that, go ask your government why they blew the twin towers up, and I dont
care about those who died in 9/11 because it had nothing to do with me and
my people are now paying the price. I hope america gets nuked!!! Go to hell

Author Nabeel Qureshi (1 year)
Thoooo India! Gay Hind!

Author PCTechTalks (2 years)
@69musclecars you jelly bro?

Author umair ashraf (2 years)
@69musclecars mother fucker where is your commando when vait nam fucked
you. you bloody ass hole. America is our ally therefore such thing happens
but now we are ready for any type of adventure from any where man you are
fucked in Afghanistan, or when the 9/11 is happening where is your bloody

Author ThePakarmyboy (3 years)
let the time come ,when the war starts the name india wont exist it will be
(UP)united pakistan,inshallah

Author Tri Core (1 year)
I don't think they are commandos. You probably meant peacekeepers? They're
wearing UN uniforms. lol

Author Ash Niazi (4 years)
@THEKRIA this is true hindu is dirty bec hindu national drink is piss of
cow, and coward bec muslim ruler rule 1000 years on india and history does
not show any thing about hindu

Author danapane (4 years)
Action Kider Ha LOL

Author sureshrana108 (1 year)
wondrfull great performance.... ASSALAMALAIKUM ...khuda khair kare ...

Author umair ashraf (2 years)
@kir23mal mother fucker come with the facts not with the ass hole of your
sister bloody shit hole fake account

Author danapane (3 years)
Hilicupter per Cher ker Utarna Action Hota ha LOL

Author nadeem4772 (3 years)
thudi phan dakusa phara indian

Author talha naveed (2 years)
pakistan zindabad

Author Azam Khan (1 year)
Geo Pak Foj

Author PK FAN (3 years)
@danapane tumhre ghar tumare mom dad ke kamray main

Author Hamza Khattak (3 years)
U Indian what do u know about PAKISTAN do u know its meaning (The Land of
Pure Peoples) and u are famous Puppets u are friend of winners but in
future u will be Puppets of Pakistan

Author mazhar hussain (11 months)
LOve u pak Army ,we can not Forgor your secrifices

Author pakistansportslk (2 years)
my deepest sympathys! well u must ask ur government y dey did that as 911
was an inside job

Author Captain SomeoneSomwhere (2 years)
@69musclecars Lol true.

Author MrKamranali95 (3 years)
Pak Arny ssg nssg ssw is the world's best army... Pakistan Zinda baad.. If
i have 1000 lives i shall be secrifice for Pakistan And beg to God for
more.... Pak Army Zinda Baad...

Author hammad ghazi (1 year)

Author Khan12078 (2 years)
blame your own government you dumb shit it was an inside job and us
ragheads have suffered because of it 100,000 killed in Afghanistan from
your US forces, even i was brought up an Orphan watch your fuckin mouth.

Author jkabc25 (3 years)
Pakistani army can not shoot down even a single U.S. drone that flying over
pakistani territory and killing hundreds of Pakistani citizens. Shame on
you pakistani army. 96,000 Hijaras from paki army surrendered to Indian
Army in 1971 which made pakistan into 2 pieces. Allways pakistani army lost
to Indian army, be it in 1948, 1965, 1971,1984, 1999.. Pakis understood
they can not fight with Indians face to face, so started sending terrorists
to India.. Shame on you pakistan.

Author umair ashraf (2 years)
@69musclecars lol shit when they are on UNO mission ofcourse they use uNO
helicopter where is your army when 11 people take training and bull shit
the USA

Author Khurram Mahmood (3 years)
i am waiting for ghazva e hind when we wil take no captors kil al and those
we do capture wud be jus for display we wul pay u bak for each an every act
of cowardice against our father LAND U INDIAN CUNTSS ITL BE FUN TO SE U

Author Husnain1995 (3 years)
@benofmarol Tmhara lun to hm ne 1965 mai hi kat dya tha.........waise jb
bhi hmara lun lena ho aa jana...........bloody cow piss drinkers.......GAY

Author Arain Ismail (4 years)
@andeshmand2005 ( i can smell a dirty coward hindu)

Author CJxDeath (1 year)
that was just us saying hello u imbread fuck...just u wait raghead

Author Sayed Ekramuddin Wasil (4 years)
What they are doing ??? they are all talliban and terrorists they should be

Author Husnain1995 (3 years)
@Rumpelsteiltskin sala tere bap ki baat nahi ho rahi jo aise cmt kar raha

Author gmwizz (4 years)
hahahaaha ... dat was action ??? bc lol :)))))))

Author umair ashraf (2 years)
@denbronco44 fuck USA as they are fucked in 9/11

Author ThePakarmyboy (3 years)
u couldnt control our 10 soldirs(that we gifted to mumbai ) how will u
fight our army u scary pussies ,and btw india does not have nukes ,they
have only 1 missle with the range of 25o km haha and pakistan has150km, 250
km ,350km,1000km,1500km,2000km,2500km,3000km,4500km and now we are working
on tipu ,i heard its more than 9000km ,,all are tested ..

Author baburbsb (2 years)
@Fekay786 Tere paas woh hai kia lolz tere country main bhi saray khan tere
ladkiyoon aur bachoon kay baap haain Amir Khan,Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan
etc poor indians hahahah lolz

Author 69musclecars (2 years)
@umair1926 yeh of couse why didnt we deploy our commandos during 9/11 !!
yeh good one dick head and we might be getting fucked in afghan coz you
cunts CUNTS are protecting / hidding them ! a fucking child can fire at a
convoy and run back over the border so he cant be toucvhed you fucking
fagot ! shut the fuck up bitch if it wasnt for us you wouldnt have any
equipment to give to your fagot army ! be aware India'a genna tear you and
allah up the arse fucking homo ! go and pray bitch

Author perfectionist00007 (3 years)
@jkabc25 thnks for the compliments HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA screw u....

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