My Lover's Prayer - Robin Gibb & Alistair Griffin [Xmas Show; 2003]

Written by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb.

In 2003, Robin attended faithfully to the TV show "Fame Academy" in Britain, at the same time where he launched his album "Magnet" and in the year where his brother died. The young Alistair Griffin, won the contest, and Robin decided to version the song "My Lover's Prayer", which previously had been originally recorded by the Bee Gees, Barry on lead vocals for the 1997 album "Still Waters". The new version was a success peaking at # 5 on the UK charts.

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Author Valérie MARC (1 month)
My dearest Robin, always and forever the Best voice ! <3 <3 <3

Author Jeannette Shannon (8 days)
I miss Robin so much, I still feel heart broken, knowing that he is not
longer with us.

Author Otávio Maslowski (12 days)
Beauuuuuuuuutiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Teresa Dantas (4 months)
BEE GEES a melhor banda de todos os tempos,inigualaveis,nenhuma banda chega
perto.Robin Gibb Forever.

Author linda rouget (8 months)
i love robin gibb songs

Author lyndy ma (6 months)
we're talking beauuuutiful vocal here by Mr. Robin Gibb

Author Zdeněk Pavlíček (8 months)
Robin is fantastic but not Alister ..

Author Bernardino Marujo (6 months)
Fantástico tema....

Author dean jones (11 months)
his voice is angelic

Author dean jones (11 months)
Robyn is my fave of the Gibb bros. When I hear him sing it really touchs
my heart. It brings tears to my eyes when I was a kid I listened to the BEE
Gees. I have been listening to them on you tube for the last 6 mos or so. I
am once again hooked on them. Its like watching them for the first time.
I'm blown away

Author Diamond Pearl (2 years)
This is pure perfection! I miss Robin. My heart breaks watching this!

Author M Lucia ODS (2 years)
This song is so beautiful, and so masterfully interpreted!

Author Maria Eugenia Robledo (2 years)
Yo tambien los extraño cada dia de mi vida . Mis adorados Bee Gees

Author Daveycrocket16 (2 years)
Beautiful voice Robin. We will miss you. UK mourns you.

Author katinsav (2 years)
Such a beautiful version of this incredible song! Thank you for sharing

Author DaMenke (2 years)
Love this version, better even than the original from "Still Waters".
Missing you, Robin...

Author fugentagirl1 (2 years)
I love the "Still Waters' album... this is a beautiful song. So glad Robin
shared it's beauty with the world through this new version, and allowed a
newcomer to experience the magic of Bee Gees music! Thanks for sharing and

Author Zany Wabbit (2 years)
good mime

Author vickie OAKES (1 year)
That is so beautiful I have tears running and and ache in my heart all over
again at the loss of Robin and his beautiful voice,, how I will miss ever
hearing him sing live again, Thank you with all my heart for sharing this
very special piece with Robin.

Author Laura Kristina (2 years)
so sad he passed away :(((

Author Mariano Pereyra (2 years)
@fugentagirl1 you're welcome :)

Author Annie J. (2 years)
I am heart is broken...without Mo and Robin.....why did they
leave us so young??? Sing with the angels,.....geniuses...all three
brothers.....miss you every day of my life.

Author lyndy ma (1 year)
I wonder if the young man had any idea.............. what an honor and a
privilege it was to sing with the great Robin Gibb.

Author barbara ann rowlands (1 year)
o,m,g robin this song MUST be the best song ever, you are such an amazing
guy. xxxxxxx

Author lyndy ma (1 year)
this is mesmerizing.... his voice is just THE best I've ever heard...miss
you Robin.

Author Stephanie Angeli (2 years)
beautiful ~ give me the chills

Author Florence Lejeune (2 years)
Oh Robin, when I hear your angel's voice, tears are in my eyes ...... With
you and all your family from France ...

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