Dragon City - Get GEMS pro guide NO HACKS!!!!

This is cantavanda with another extra video of the Dragon City guide.
Here I am showing how to get gems really fast for beginners and professionals.
Thanks to João Mendonca for helping me with this guide.
The musics:
-Pokémon Platinum - Giratina Boss Battle
-Pokémon Diamond/Pearl - Spear Pillar (Super Smash Bros Brawl Remix)

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Author KoolSanti Suarez (2 months)
For tablet to Charlie ?

Author Thel Walters (5 months)
nah shit?!!

Author Ray Smith (7 months)
Atllast i found a dragon city hack tool, thanks to the hackers who made

Author whishark (2 months)
How many gems do you get if you complete the dragon book?

Author NUTZYOZ (7 months)
Dude I go to my DragonCity everyday but still don't get gems I'm lvl 22 

Author Stephanie Waidelich (4 months)
i level 27

Author Niels Hemelsoet (7 months)
you suct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Nikitesh Singh (2 months)
I am Dragon City level-99 with 5,646,674,476 gold and 2 billion food ..

Author Jessica Lewis (4 days)
thank you

Author Mike Shultz (6 days)
Hackers why play????? Like turning on radio and saying you wrote song???

Author Divine x Warz (13 days)
do any of you guys know if you have purchased gems in the past how long
until you can earn them again

Author CaptainJelly123 (7 months)

Author Naruto Prinny (4 months)
Fuck u

Author Matteo Maria Filiani (5 months)
Fuck you

Author Angela Vargas (4 months)
Nah drrrrrrrrrrrr

Author giano chay (3 months)
U guys been troll 

Author Owen Wu (18 days)

Author Cristi bogdan (27 days)
no function

Author visakuo tsurho (3 months)
well that was a waste of my time 

Author jackson cutts (2 months)
wow...its all the basics

Author Emir Kugic (5 months)
your are stupid

Author imran nuhambasic (8 months)
i knew that already

Author Yinglei Wu (8 months)

Author Evan Michael (5 months)
I don't get gems on Mondays I'm on level 26

Author kittenloverthe7th (6 months)
Music goes perfect

Author Caleb Kissner (6 months)
Stole dudes and dudettes from PBat....(champs and champettes)

Author Jonas Skulberg (7 months)

Author dx junior (3 months)
I'm level 83

Author Sven Glavocic (1 month)
WOW that's all i'm doing that and it ain't working i get maybe 4 gems every
week using those tips i need a hack a glich

Author chloe ching (6 months)
Thx for the help

Author Marli Wissmann (3 months)
It didn't work!!!!!!!!!! You idiot

Author Jonathan behm (7 months)
That video sucked😡😡

Author PATRICK BLACK (2 months)
Monday you no get gems

Author SplinterWorks Pit (6 months)
when i play dragon city it glicthting

Author Savannah Keith (7 months)

Author Bey battler (2 months)
like if fake

Author Sherly Johan (1 month)
In my dragon City no Deus quest

Author gilson silva (8 months)

Author Alberto Martinez (4 months)
ya i dont get gems on monday and im in levle 17 u lier ):

Author GmodLover Zerro (2 months)
I'd rather hack it instead of wait for hours waiting for an egg to hatch,
or my arena to reset, or my combats to refresh.

Author CaptainJelly123 (7 months)
Your intro sucked.

Author Linthicum Claybrooks (8 months)
Hey guys I found A real Working Dragon City Hack here
Works 100% Guaranteed
Just tested it out 10 minutes ago and its working great!
Get it quick before it disappears!

Author dx junior (3 months)
You suck you don't know how to do things

Author VALKYRE (1 month)
Did yall notice he was playing Pokemon diamond/pearl/and platinum music

Author Yoram Paar (8 months)
what a bad video is this!

Author ko kolay (4 months)
you suck

Author elsion hasaj (2 months)
fuck of 

Author Juanita Salinas (3 months)

Author Kaeden Tan (8 months)
how is this related to pokemon???????????????

Author Marilyn Bau (6 months)
Thank you so much

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