Collide - Howie Day - Guitar Lesson

Hi, I decided to post this video lesson today because I'm joining a band, and we're doing this song, and this is a fun one to play. If you've seen my other videos, you'll see I use my classical guitar. This steel-string I'm using isn't a new one, it's about 4-5 years old, but I didn't use it until I bought new strings yesterday and I re-strung it all by myself (yay!). It's a Morales Hand-made guitar from the Philippines.

The link to where I got the chords is right here:

The strum pattern once again is:
Bass(hold) - down - up - up - down - down (repeat for all the chords)

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Author dirtysanchez69ish (4 years)
thanks 4 the help dude. i watched all the videos in the side thingy and urs
helped the most

Author SirDarkvain (4 years)
Thanks for the support! If you have a suggestion of an instrumental or
lesson you want me to make a video of, be sure to let me know! :-D Keep on
playing the guitar, SirDarkvain

Author Sora Yoshida (3 years)
@arsalankillzone1 stfu bitch ill fuck u up

Author SirDarkvain (3 years)
@lukemartinisbeast I had to do it by ear since at the time I made this
video there were no accurate tabs for the song. You go ahead and do it your

Author SirDarkvain (4 years)
@sharpshooter717 I suppose you can do without, but it won't be in the same
key, so you can't play along with the song.

Author wade4d (5 years)
litlle confused on the hammer

Author sakubatzumatsu (5 years)
Salamat^_^ ..u make our life easier! =D

Author Angielovesbuddy (2 years)
What the heck? be nice to my bro. .... you guys can't even do this... and
your trashing him?

Author neilgodfreyy2k (2 years)
Thanks mate ps do u have hairless balls?

Author popstar1119 (5 years)
thanks kidd... good lesson

Author nzt93 (4 years)

Author saraaly (4 years)
hi what is this black thing on your guitar i'm trying to buy it but i dont
know whats it called and do you know what we use it for?

Author Sorena Amini (5 years)
very good!

Author Daniel Dafoe (4 years)
You're a little quiet, but it was a great help! Thanks very much, man. Such
a great song.

Author 13MusicFanatic (3 years)
I love youuu THANK YOUU!

Author choxie94 (5 years)
I <3 u patrick!!!!! lol

Author Martha L (5 years)
u'd the man!! that was awesome!!! u should make a guitar tutorial for
dummies because ur a good teacher and well i need so much help!! lol thanks

Author biancacorine (1 year)
Can you elaborate more on the Cadd9? I dont get it...

Author fariha lynn safwan (4 years)
magkano po ung capo ?

Author SirDarkvain (5 years)
You play all of them, when you strum. However, if you mean the bass
strings, they are as follows: G- Top "E" string, because that note (E
string- 3rd fret) is a G. D- Top "E" string also (the actual name for the
chord is D/F#, and 2nd fret of the E Em- Top "E" string Cadd9- A string,
second from the top. Hope this helps! -SirDarkvain

Author Chirag Bhundia (4 years)
Hey Awesomw videohelped alot thanx

Author erikmoua (3 years)
anyone want to learn the live version?? check out my video at :
/watch?v=tPvAaJfkTcE <---- put that at the end of

Author blackjack130ify (2 years)
Nice vid by the way learnt it

Author di8torted (5 years)
Great tutorial there buddy! thanks!

Author James McArthur (3 years)
Good work mate :)

Author Steven Ray Vaughan (4 years)
Hey buddy, thanks for the song tutorial, you're not an egghead. Hope you do
good in your band man! :)

Author inMYpants0 (5 years)
thanks this helped :)

Author SirDarkvain (5 years)
I'm glad I could help! Enjoy your new song, SirDarkvain

Author ian lowery (1 year)
your like 10 years old

Author kdubbsinchi (3 years)

Author JoeyStoned (3 years)
thanks dude :D

Author Thor Strolia-Davis (1 year)
well i just spent the last 15 minutes writing out the strum pattern and
youtube wont let me post because it thinks its ascii art

Author Custom88 (3 years)
Great vid, very useful

Author SirDarkvain (4 years)
I mention it during the video, but it's called a capo. Basically, it's a
clip the holds down the strings, as if you were barring that fret. To play
this song in the same key as Howie Day's studio recording, it needs to be
placed on the fourth fret of the guitar, raising the key two steps (four
half-steps). Hope this helps, SirDarkvain

Author Jdmkdl (3 years)
Nice bunk bed mate. Hahahahahaha

Author SirDarkvain (4 years)
=D Thanks for the possitive comments, I really appreciate it! Keep up the
guitar, SirDarkvain

Author Niko7runner92 (4 years)
tanks the best cords... :)

Author Mark Chu (4 years)
Great job!

Author Chris Manhoff (3 years)
Thanks for your instruction. I was using G, D, Em, and C and it didn't
sound quite right.

Author Roddy (4 years)
this video just earned a sub....good job. thanks, man :)

Author Thor Strolia-Davis (1 year)
i would suggest you go buy one. you can always bar the chords, but it will
not sound the same and the hammer ons will be harder. if you dont have a
local music store you can go to buy one at, than you can make one. people
have been known to use a BIC pen and 1 or 2 rubber bands to hold it to the
neck, but its not very effective this way. Every serious guitar player
should keep at least 1 capo in their arsenal.

Author saraaly (4 years)
ok Thanks alot ; ) you play it perfectly by the way and i really love this

Author mrdave22 (1 year)
good tutorial. thanks for posting.

Author SirDarkvain (4 years)
@melissaflynn01 The bass note is generally the lowest note in the chord,
for a G chord, it's a G note (3rd fret of the low E string). For a D chord
its the open D string (since you don't play any lower note) or for a C
chord, its a C note (3rd fret of the A string) So in response to your
question, it's not always the low E string, but varies depending on the

Author SirDarkvain (5 years)
The strum pattern once again is: Bass(hold) - down - up - up - down - down
(repeat for all the chords) And as for the Cadd9, you have to listen for
the timing of the trill, its kinda hard to explain, but if you understand
the beat, its on the third count.

Author alexusdasia (5 years)
Great - thank you. I'm impressed by how concise and efficient your lesson

Author Abby Griffith (1 year)
I wish I could play the guitar so I could learn this! Amazing

Author sharpshooter717 (4 years)
dude wat about if u dont have a capo.. hw do u do it on a regular?

Author jr cusipag (5 years)
i cant understand you

Author WallieTF (4 years)
@WallieTF nevermind me, i learned it kinda by playing this video some(alot
of) times ^^

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