Farming Simulator 2013 - Let's Play Career Gameplay Part 52 Drayton Farm Map

Such a small map yet it packs quite a big punch. I honestly have no clue how to get my harvester out of the main yard properly. I probably embarrassed myself majorly.


Mods used this episode:

Kärcher HDS 690 (High Power Water Cleaner)

ES Limiter & Operating Hours Mods

Fendt 380 GTA Turbo

VeG-S - VehicleGroups Switcher (v0.92)

2013 Inspector mod V2.1

Deutz Cutter 7545 RTS XL


Lemken Gigant 1400

Crazy Cows:

Claas Lexion:

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Runtime: 29:24
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Author Company007 (1 year)

Author Alex Hissong (1 year)
map of many problems

Author Stephen Davis (1 year)
you park the trailer under the combine header an then hook the header
off... that's how the header trailer works

Author TotalCustomz (1 year)
you have to put the header on a Header Trailer or a low loader and take it
out the main gate and then re connect it to the harvester

Author Stephen Davis (1 year)
an please make lots more videos for this map i like it better than the
other one

Author cody manning (1 year)

Author Peter Oertel (1 year)
shitty map bro try two rivers

Author Russell Hobbs (1 year)
have to use the harvester to put the header on the trailer

Author valerieritchie7 (1 year)
use the irish map next time

Author 07blackhawks19 (1 year)
different map please

Author MrOJIBWAS (1 year)
welcome to my world ( I live near a farm like this)

Author Ross Black (1 year)
Get the header cart

Author AwakenLife (1 year)
Two Rivers, Amber and Central Kansas FTW. Great vid, thanks!

Author Baron Van Oosting (1 year)
If you get stuck on top of a car just walk away so they despawnthen you can
go back to work. the blue things that say watson on the side are rollers so
if you have rocks or gopher mouds (piles of dirt created by f*****g
gophers) it flatens them out so th feild isn't so bumpy. I think they are
just props though. And i am ver ysorry about all these messages i am just
giving you many tips.

Author whh2000 (1 year)
This map looks amazing Do lots of eps. on this map

Author MustangBurrito (1 year)
Nice driving lol

Author PulzeGaming (1 year)
Play Country Live Its Soooooo Good

Author Ryan Butler (1 year)
make more vidos on this map

Author Pkmmasterepic (1 year)
unfortunately that is crues control so that will not work

Author Arsenalrobert (1 year)
being good at a farming game was never really my goal....

Author Dingleberry Gruffiton (1 year)
This map sucks so bad go back to the one you did in episode 51 and 50 and

Author racturbo22 (1 year)
You have to load the header trailer by using the combine. You just lift the
header up and detach it when you have it lined up on the trailer

Author Brody Koenigs (1 year)
this map sucks. try a new one

Author kickasscow (1 year)

Author Bill Alicea (1 year)
you can drop the header and push it out with a tractor

Author z (1 year)
this map is shit

Author WG3xzx (1 year)
You have to use the combine to connect the header to the header trailer has
to be conected to the combine and driven on the trailer and unatacted

Author 67doyley (1 year)
is does not let me get the map :(

Author jespergeest (1 year)

Author davidthe37 (1 year)
Try springhill by ni modding on fsuk

Author Auroraw (1 year)
when you hire a worker you dont need seeds in the sower

Author kickasscow (1 year)
04:43 How was reversing though the gate gunna make a diffrence? please
respond in very interested!

Author leo lion (1 year)
take the header off the harvester and get it out using the deuz fork list

Author MrEasports25 (1 year)
More farming simulator 2013. thumbs up if u agree

Author Grizz Gaming (1 year)
I like th map make a few vids wit this map

Author levi charltonlomu (1 year)

Author farmingsim madd kyzza (1 year)
look at this video this is the triggers video link 94Chris7710 and then go
on the video which says drayton farm and that is the video

Author andyboy13100 (1 year)
god to put the header on the trailer u need to get the harvester, drive up
to the trailer then disattach the header onto the trailer!!

Author Harrison Brady (1 year)
yeah but if you hire a worker, the worker will pay for it. so even if there
are no seeds, the game still reagognizes that there are seeds in the sower

Author jj3157b (1 year)
i know you wouldnt get as much crop from this, but if i were playing this
map i would plant grass along the edges so i didnt have to worry about the
trees and the fields being so cramped

Author toby thompson (1 year)
this map sucks you should end it and download another new map!

Author KyleGamingTV (1 year)
with mods you can indacate using num 1 2 3

Author REDKINGgaming (1 year)
bad map

Author Deere2450 (1 year)
Never stop Play on this farm!!! I love it :D

Author Jugalator (1 year)

Author Jordan Griffen (1 year)
attach the header to the combine and put the header while its on the
combine onto the trailer

Author A Garden Shed (1 year)
just google it

Author JOSH H (1 year)
u retard u can download it SPAGGG!!!!

Author Terry Pyper (1 year)

Author George 110 (1 year)
Were can I get this map from ??

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