Marceline and Marshall Lee-Boyfriend

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Author Bella Drowned (2 months)
i dont get it why would like your self

Author Kris Tsujii (1 month)
They aren't related people! The creators of AT never even announced that

Author Yoaki Kagamine (2 months)
Who now the name of the ask of Marshall Lee

Author Meron Sahle (2 months)
I love you big time rush ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Electrict NERD77 (4 days)
Isn't it weird that he has the exact same name as me?

Author angie katherine gonzalez cobos (3 months)
ayyyyyyyyyy el verdadero amor

Author mavis rivera (15 days)
when i first saw this i was like "wheres the music?!" and i was like " im
so stupid......................................i put the volume on mute

Author Marshall Lee (12 days)
what does3:11 say?

Author Kalel Kristmas (3 months)
I love the ship but hate the song. 

Author Theevil6ify (3 months)
This ship is what happens when somebody takes the phrase "Go fuck yourself"

Author Leeanna Alguram (13 days)

Author Juan Flores (1 month)
I love this song$$$

Author Manne Star (1 month)
Marcelee ♥♥♥ ;-)

Author Marshall Lee (12 days)
im finaly a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Emily Bruce (1 month)
there so cute to gether 

Author RainBow "lightning" Dash (4 months)

i wish life were a cartoon

Author Johana Delcid (4 months)
This Song From Big Time Rush - Boyfriend cx Which Is Also A Tv Show o:

Author Alana Cristina (2 months)

Author Tori C (2 months)
Btw I'm not saying there dating 

Author Abix Brooks (9 months)
There brother and Sister to me but..

Author stuff and things (3 months)
Awww their eyes are so adorable

Author Medugorie sixxkaulitz (3 months)
Esa es la pareja que más me gusta *_*

Author Tori C (2 months)
Ok this is just my opinion but, I'm kinda tired of seeing marshall lee and
Marcline -.- tbh. I don't think they should be with each other. Also just
because there both vamps and dress the same doesn't mean they should be
dating. There basically twins but opposites there boy and girl twins. Tbh
it's like there brother and sister but people make videos of them dating
-.- I'm not being a hater just saying my opinion. So don't get all mad and
stuff and get all smart all just cuz of this comment -.O

Author Recci Louise Pilarca (3 months)
hehe i lov them

Author Veronica Oates (3 months)

Author bunny17551 (3 months)
I can see the intentions of this but really I would think of marshall lee
and Marceline being like twins......just my personal opinion but

Author Edward Labarca (3 months)
que lindo

Author Meron Sahle (2 months)
I love you big time rush ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author ximena silva (3 months)
cute pic on 1:58

Author Uhm Its Jan (3 months)
To me, their just brother and sister.

Author JENNIFER VALENCIA (3 months)
What's the name of the song? 😁

Author GirlsAreGamers2 (7 months)
Aren't they basically the same people or brother and sister :/

Author Tokyo Beats (4 months)
they cant be together its like dating your brother or sister or even

Author Lelinha Medina (4 months)
mas eles sao irmao e irmao nao namorados :P 

Author PewDiePie MegaFan (16 days)
I only just realised, if Marshall eats (or rather drinks) the colour red,
why doesn't he eat his shirt a d Converse and why doesn't Marceline eat her

Author sally roslin (10 months)
its cute even tho marshall lee is just a guy version of Marceline

Author Chica The Animatronic Human Chicken (5 months)
Marceline and Marshall Lee-Boyfriend:

Author Pucca lusi trejo (4 months)
q hermoso ;D

Author Manny Beton (7 months)
idc if they are the same ppl :P if i had a guy verison of me i would
obvisly date ma self XD

Author Jardel Moura (4 months)
que nada

Author Xenii Espinosa (4 months)

Author Marchal Lee the vamipire king (20 days)

Author cili pipiras (7 months)
watch my channel

Author Sofia Alejandra (5 months)
me gusta esepto por la mucica

Author Carlos Belinskif (5 months)

Author 陳小珊 (6 months)

Author Lucas Little (6 months)
i like the video

Author mamo 13 (2 months)
1:40 yes i think, that would be awsome

Author 陳小珊 (6 months)

Author Catherine Bill (7 months)
a song for my boyfriend to me +Jelani Robertson 

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