Marceline and Marshall Lee-Boyfriend

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Author Abix Brooks (6 months)
There brother and Sister to me but..

Author Kalel Kristmas (1 day)
I love the ship but hate the song. 

Author Theevil6ify (4 days)
This ship is what happens when somebody takes the phrase "Go fuck yourself"

Author Austin17598 (1 month)

i wish life were a cartoon

Author Steven Mcbroom (1 year)

Author Taylor Smith (1 year)
for marcline and marshall lee fans out there

Author GirlsAreGamers2 (4 months)
Aren't they basically the same people or brother and sister :/

Author sally roslin (7 months)
its cute even tho marshall lee is just a guy version of Marceline

Author Silvano Ancora (5 months)
wath song?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Author Shawntia Bullen-Fairbanks (7 months)
cute!!!!! <3

Author cili pipiras (4 months)
watch my channel

Author yomna yoyo (8 months)
guys they are bother and sister,they are not inlove

Author jamika howard (1 year)
here another.

Author Manny Beton (4 months)
idc if they are the same ppl :P if i had a guy verison of me i would
obvisly date ma self XD

Author Johana Delcid (1 month)
This Song From Big Time Rush - Boyfriend cx Which Is Also A Tv Show o:

Author Crystalrose Dupuis (8 months)
my dauter is a big fan of adventure time

Author Taylor Smith (1 year)
my fav vid

marshall lee / marcline

Author Hope Black (1 year)
for marcline and marshall lee fans out there

Author Recci Louise Pilarca (18 days)
hehe i lov them

Author Elijah Helton (7 months)
if only the had an adventure time version about marshall and marcelines

Author ximena cruz martinez (4 months)
I love btr

Author bunny17551 (25 days)
I can see the intentions of this but really I would think of marshall lee
and Marceline being like twins......just my personal opinion but

Author LuckyKattniss (8 months)
i love tjis

Author Veronica Oates (23 days)

Author panda house (6 months)
It would be better if it was fiona and marshell but this is good

Author Rhona Mackay (1 month)
they cant be together its like dating your brother or sister or even

Author Sophie Vo (6 months)
I think them 2 make a cute couple!

Author Judith Torres (5 months)
So cute

Author Taylor Smith (1 year)
marshall lee and marcline in luv

Author Merf Abbie (6 months)
They make a good couple

Author Pucca lusi trejo (1 month)
q hermoso ;D

Author Xenii Espinosa (1 month)

Author Lucas Little (3 months)
i like the video

Author ♥JanLovex♥ (24 days)
To me, their just brother and sister.

Author Catherine Bill (4 months)
a song for my boyfriend to me +Jelani Robertson 

Author Amanda Andrade (7 months)
lovely couple

Author Vanessa enriquez (4 months)
So cute i love

Author drago boy (5 months)

Author sara sedriks (7 months)
Cute couple

Author Maria Clara Almeida Torres (7 months)

Author s nonya (8 months)
I like this song.

Author 陳小珊 (2 months)

Author sara sedriks (7 months)
Cute couple

Author Finnceline Mertins (1 year)
Marceline and marshl Lee is my most fave person

Author ximena silva (20 days)
cute pic on 1:58

Author JENNIFER VALENCIA (24 days)
What's the name of the song? 😁

Author Carlos Belinskif (2 months)

Author Leah Hunking (7 months)
Actually never mind that comment lol they r so cut together

Author Julie Shoun (7 months)
twue wove

Author Jonathan Luiz (7 months)
mi god

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