Lucciano Pizzichini 7 YEAR OLD GUITAR MASTER

Child Prodigy Playing Santana Guitar Master

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 3:30
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Author James Lanning (2 months)
He's got Sponge Bob on his guitar! 

Author Tofiq Babayev (2 months)

Author eagle0468 (14 days)
Darn, they only have potatoes to film with in Argentina I guess....

Author Anthony Jo (17 days)

Author samsul arifin (20 days)

Author Tom Cat n Blues (21 day)
You have to see this kid play the guitar, BRAVOOOOOOOOO

Author Nabil Amin (27 days)
messi is that u

Author Gara Gara (1 month)
el talento le corre por las venas =)

Author Carlos Camacho (1 month)
I can't help but say What had this world come to that we cant even be happy
for this lil boy! Kick ass Little one dont hate just cause at that age you
couldnt even play a G chord haha. 

Author elevatorman013 (1 month)
Buy that kid a flowbee

Author akanit potiyarnthippapar (1 month)

Author Gerardo Belot (1 month)
Las generaciones que llegan después del 2000 tiene un nuevo tipo de
procesador incorporado.... tanto para la música como para cualquier cosa
que les gusto o.O, niños que tienen solo 2 y medio y prácticamente ya esta
leyendo, aunque no pueden pronunciar las palabras correctamente aun !!!!!
este pibe, junto con otros tantos que se ven por estos medios que tocan
como dioses los instrumentos !!!
Siento que nuestras generaciones se quedan obsoletas en mas de un

Author Nikko Wijaya (1 month)
Perfect !!!

Author Росен Милушев (1 month)
That's talent

Author Cat0strophix (1 month)
Adorable = D

Author Eddy Bracke (2 months)
wow great that you can play this 

Author Hương Mai (2 months)
like shit

Author si candri (2 months)
Awesome !!

Author Joaquin Chaparro (2 months)

Author 123spleege (3 months)
look man...this is not helping these kids. they get a big head and then
stop pushing themselves. these stupid vids are for goofy adults who never
really tried hard at anything musical. leave these kids alone. 

Author Rafael del rio (3 months)
que dios te bendiga hijo ,no lodejes eres un artista con cojones ole tu

Author Shawkat Mahmoud (3 months)

Author Austin Loa (3 months)
Lady Killa! 

Author Raul Zalazar (4 months)
Y como que este pibe le gustaba a mi ex novia (son amigos de la infancia)

Author jon vidiccy (4 months)
jealous ... i dunno how to play guitar...but this kid is fantastic...can't
help moving my body while listen to this !

Author McLeeXB (4 months)
Well done, naked guitar master!

Author shaolin master (5 months)
No way

Author mikeg642000 (5 months)
Amazing, must have been born with a Guitar in his hands!

Author luc chabrier (5 months)

Author Der Schmied (6 months)
hell!!sounds really like santana!!

Author dicky maulana (6 months)

Author seth dove (6 months)
wow. to be so young and be that good. major props little bro. keep killing

Author Flor Chu (7 months)
Es muy tierno y super talebtoso :3 si es asi ahora no me imagino como seta
de adulto :O

Author Louise B. (7 months)
This little boy is amazing. I love listening to you Lucciano.

Author Professor Musica (7 months)
Surgeons at University Hospital at Beijing last week, using endoscopic
techniques inserted a tiny guitar into a pregnant mother's uterus. Her 27
week old fetus was later seen on ultrasound playing the opening bars of
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)...Doctors are planning an early C-Section so
he can headline at the Winter Olympics! True Story!

Author Manuel Delgado (7 months)
goodness me, at seven i was playing hide n seek.. what wasted years...

Author Gabriel Salvatore (7 months)
Que grande, y encima argentino, que orgullo :_

Author bruce bryan (7 months)

Author GILLEBRATH (8 months)
Cool little dude lucciano nice sound .

Author YouSuckDeep (8 months)
that's what you call, talent

Author ThisIsSchiff (1 year)
give them a break, theyre probably just racists

Author Son Sogon (1 year)
She only 7 years..btway she got big talent..stupid people who dislike.

Author Gil nevo (9 months)
haha lol

Author Nasty Mar (1 year)
that spongebob sticker still gets me when i see it lol

Author samsyuncommando (1 year)
768 dislike come from guitar master

Author Dragged gfk (1 year)

Author Sebastian Meza (1 year)

Author Za Kaw (1 year)

Author Julio Jarquin Guevara (1 year)
Wonderful this will be the around the world

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