Assassin's Creed 3 Boston Brawlers : Ropebeater and The Merchant

Ropebeater and The Merchant from the quest Boston Brawlers.

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Author Richie Laurencin (5 months)

Author Azriel Wynge (1 year)
This was most helpful. Thank you, my friend. I saw some citizen changer
hack. What was that?

Author rashidnasib (2 years)
how come you're Ezio?

Author Inakablues (2 years)
I got a bug in this fight. After defeating his buddies he just stood there.
I snuck up behing him and choked him unconsious. Weird.

Author BlocksApart (2 years)
ezio outfit, get it by getting 30 points on uplay and then downloading it

Author silverklauwsje (2 years)
shoot 3 arrows at him then use the table to knock him out and done you are

Author Yumarokiyo (2 years)
isnt it that obvious..? geez

Author minimaguire227 (2 years)
rhe easiest way to beat them is to press O or B to parry, then throw them.
while getting up you can punch them. repeat

Author garukid22 (2 years)
When you do the kick thing on the ropebeater, you can get a free punch in
when he is getting up

Author MrLoveEmma (2 years)
How did you get that outfit???

Author Char Bar99 (2 years)
What outfit are you using

Author Brendan Matsuyama (2 years)
You have to have 30 uPlay points and buy it on the uPlay interface.

Author iloveasianwomen1980 (2 years)
Okay you have to run into them and make sure you push them into a wall or
something anything really hey cart etc. When you do it will know them off
balance for a second this is when you strike, after the fir punch connects
than you can just knock the piss out of him. HOPES THIS HELPS. ;)

Author winsum4465 (1 year)
Yeah, he went full retard. You never go full retard.

Author Kiya Warrior (2 years)
No move I do on the ropebeater does any damage whatsoever even near the

Author GT0wned1 (1 year)
used this method. guy dies. i fail the mission. wtf haha

Author David G (2 years)
Redeem it from Uplay for 30 points.

Author DirtDiver67 (2 years)
Sorry if it was asked and answered but I dont feel like reading all the
comments... What outfit is that and where/how do I get it... I love it!

Author RedWolfVion (2 years)
Try to only use a combo starting with A/X Break counter combos are what
you'll be using on tougher enemies. D: Hope this helpz!

Author BlocksApart (2 years)
counter, then throw, then just punch him xD

Author arnold traore (1 year)
do you mean ropebeater or the merchant?

Author gemkaifan (2 years)
You can also make the rope beater be thrown into the barrels

Author 911SMOM . (1 year)
I'm not even having fun anymore with this fucking bullshit game.

Author RJswanee (2 years)
I just B/B combo-ed him (counter/throw) and hit him once while he was
falling, and then once more when he got back up. Took a while, but it
worked. Also, if you put the fence between him and you, you can regain
health, and he just stands there like an idiot, because fences are a
mini-boss's mortal enemy (apparently). Hope this helps.

Author Jason Bennett (1 year)
Its simple mate, Basically fight em as you would by using the X button and
then when you see the red icon above the enemys head press the B button n
then tap X straight after to counter the attack and if you see 2/3 red
icons above their heads all at the same time also press B n then X to
counter and it will do a combo attack taking out all 3 its mint. The
Fighting on this game is on some next level its flat out cause you can also
use the enviroment along side the attacks as shown on this video

Author Lskovfoged (2 years)
Translating to Ps3: Hold O, wait for slow motion then press X, after that
you just punch him till he pushes you away. Repeat ???? Profit.

Author BlackAmmy17 (2 years)

Author MillionBucksDude (2 years)

Author James Hankins (2 years)
Here's a little trick I finally figured out that saved me some health and
time with these two. After you counter, if you try to attack, throw or do
anything, they hit you. And they hit like a truck. But if you just counter
and then wait for the slo-mo to finish, you just push them back a bit.
Then, with Ropebeater, you can move about and steer him to the
environmental objects, or with the Merchant, use a defense breaker, A on
X-box or X on PS3, and just attack a few times. Rinse and repeat!

Author TheGamer0101 (2 years)
I used a trip mine

Author Joel Harte (1 year)
what is that cool costume he has on?

Author Mike Jefferies (1 year)
thanks for explaining what you are doing douche

Author AFLoneWolf (2 years)
Update: Just got it. You MUST use the table.

Author IMakeSickVideosM8 (2 years)
This is so annoying, I rage quit, I can't even injur him, everything I try
he blocks then punches me. Wether I press A, X, B, hold B then press X, B,
A, Y, ... nothing works at all.

Author Kiya Warrior (2 years)
Finally got the ropebeater, the game finally decided to throw him into the

Author Trent B (2 years)
Awesome vid. Thanks for showing the kick. Pretty sure it's the only way to
beat the merchant.

Author Pagemaster22193 (2 years)

Author fanofnormalclips (2 years)
Does anyone know the buttons on the PC ? .. x.x

Author JulianvD01 (1 year)
When i do That nothing happens!!!

Author chefkefsoserfly (2 years)
How do i find the people? I got the list but i dont know where the people

Author darkmeta999 (1 year)
...I never read the stuff about the Ropebeater being unaware of his
environment, and just trapped him against a wall (don't remember how) and
kept punching him in the back until he went down. It sort of looked like
Connor was spanking him. Cue several predictable jokes about the last two
syllables of the guy's name.

Author James Fenlon (2 years)
I am the same. I believe it is all down to the B button on an Xbox and it
is the way that you press it. I still have no idea how to beat up anyone. I
just run away until my juice fills up again and then it took me hours to
beat one of those fighters up, and that was pure luck and not skill.

Author DevineAaron (2 years)
I beat these guys but the boston brawlers tournament isn't showing up for
me, Fuck!.

Author motaf48 (2 years)
The brewery ring is located north center part of doesnt have a

Author Darw807 (2 years)
1:20 Did u just lost ur contact lanses?

Author rosebud1296 (2 years)
*mind blown* oh!

Author Eahk Lx (1 year)
Ezio's costume

Author Woogie Harrelson (2 years)
So this guy can block any single strike or counter Connor throws at him,
but when theres a wooden table within 5 feet he becomes a retard?

Author Josh I (2 years)
how do you beat the sailor

Author AwesomenessBigRock (1 year)
thank you

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