Demo helicopter 3D FULL HD (video demo SAMSUNG)

L' unico video demo di SAMSUNG OMNIA HD i8910 in 3D FULL HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 1:40
Comments: 60

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Uploaded by: Filippo Gasbarro
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Author newseagull (29 days)
fake !

Author InZaNeFirzoX (9 days)
well now i know how good this works on the pc when conected to the 3d tv :D

Author I'm gamer (2 months)
Not work

Author jamaca67 (2 years)

Author rockroomer rower (1 year)
Its boring and ideal

Author Filippo Gasbarro (2 years)
thank you :-)

Author speznaz212 (1 year)
most epic animation i ever seen

Author Arsenikki A (2 years)
This "intro" is so awesome! nice work!

Author Filippo Gasbarro (1 year)
download the movie from the link in the comment

Author John Day (1 year)

Author ordinacija mario malnar (1 year)
how to download 3d to usb for testing?

Author rerqerh ehtrreh (1 year)
incroyable sublime technologie

Author S. Boss (1 year)
Cool stuf

Author Filippo Gasbarro (2 years)
Stupendo!!! Serve anche per fare un test 3D e anche full HD.

Author IMRAN SIA (1 year)

Author superhsvmarci12 (1 year)
Thats not real stereoscopic :/ It was convert in 3D :(

Author superhsvmarci12 (1 year)
Ah, okay... But you got a like ;)

Author Kailash Das (11 months)
video is very good

Author Filippo Gasbarro (1 year)
sisi you're right, I wanted to make a video different from others, the
'only in 1080p and converted to 3D

Author Filippo Gasbarro (1 year)
watch the link in the description

Author Tran Hung (2 years)
tai ve co xem duoc 3d tren tivi khong cac ban

Author Rodrigo Costa (1 year)
Galera, curtam a minha página no facebook por favor. o nome é Amor Desenhado

Author carlos alexandre Martins (1 year)
pó essa pora de tv 3d é mo palhaçada pó minha tv e normal e vejo vide em 3d

Author Filippo Gasbarro (1 year)
I put the link in the description

Author Mickey Hodge (1 year)
very cool

Author Ben Foong (1 year)
Insert airwolf theme into this vid and it'll be perfect

Author doreMr (1 year)
...and you converted it to 3Shit!

Author sonik0907 (1 year)
это на моем планшете есть

Author Md Nawab (1 year)
how can I download 3d video pls anybody explain me

Author Raihan Akbar (1 year)
OK bagus tuh videonya ...

Author Tapas Ash (1 year)
video is excellent but can not copied in my pen drive

Author Rodrigo Costa (1 year)
Por favor ajudem ai!

Author Hitsugaya Toushiro (1 year)
could i watch polarized movies on normal monitor ( i do have polarized 3D

Author Charli Almafuerte (5 months)
no está en full hd, está en 720 p

Author Gamer _278 (2 months)
meda miedo el meteorito, uso tanga a y te amo rockroomer rower

Author Jakob Skrede Langedal (6 months)
Does not work :/

Author Sanalkumar DJ Sanalkumar (4 months)

Author Viper (7 months)
is there any way to get this in 3D through youtube tv?
I have a 50" 3D Sony bravia

Author Javier Pumacayo (4 months)

Author Ankush Kapoor (6 months)
i need this video in 3d
how can i download it?

Author Vanderlei Da Cruz Verdiano Verdiano (7 months)
Acriaçao da 3d e muito legal gostei muito bom

Author kadira mahender (9 months)

Author Fenix Borges (5 months)
Eis ai a capacidade em manusear o sistema CAD e Solid Work é pura intuicão
projetar e dar sentido a os movimentos. é satisfatório saber que você

Author Giorgio Gonzales (9 months)
el mejer video full HD

Author akhil chandrika (9 months)

Author Fatih Bayrak (10 months)
Olm o kadar vidayı nerden buldunlan

Author Mastergremio2007 (11 months)
So this will never be seen on passive 3d tv. Is a 120fps video only able to
watch in 3d via shutter glasses I'm right?

Author Fatih Bayrak (10 months)
Çok emek var belli belli

Author jhonny soto (11 months)
amigo lo descargue de la pagina y tenia virus porque la laptop se volvio
loca y la unica forma de eliminar el archivo era entrando en modo seguro

Author gurram ravi (1 year)

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