Mortal Kombat 9 - More Cyber Kharacters! Cyber Freddy Krueger!

Song: Two Steps from hell - Gamechanger

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Author brandon gusko (11 months)
they should have made cyber scorpian dlc thumbs up if you think so as well

Author nicolas ignacio cofre cruz (11 months)
this is just stupid photoshop

Author Brayden White (11 months)

Author Dawne Joy (11 months)
Cyber kitana

Author Assassinking36 (1 year)
very funny owetire1

Author Rommel Antolin (6 months)
Is this a dlc?

Author TobiCena (1 year)
cyber smoke looks like raiden from metal gear rising 

Author Randy Merrill (1 year)
Mk9 smoke isn't a robot. But in the earlier games yes he was cyber.

Author GuysThatsBlue (1 year)
Doesn't smoke already have a cyber form?

Author Anthony Carmine (1 year)
cyber ermac look like the only cool one. sorry.

Author MrLednard (1 year)
Yes but in MK9 Smokes look like Syndel with a Ninja armor

Author bad1aj (1 year)
Smoke already is a cyborg, so why you put it in, I have no idea.

Author Alucard Dracula (1 year)
Hello!im the cacter customer from MK 9 tell me at skype at anakin.alexandru

Author el xdiano (1 year)
oe pendejo cyber smoke ya lo hicieron

Author Emmanuel Stalling (1 year)

Author Jerome Mckissick (1 year)
cyber smoke and ermac are fuckking awesome they really need to do tht shit

Author Brian Valentin (1 year)
Smoke already has a cyber form xD

Author ahmed nazar (1 year)
0:40 let there be tremor first then make cyber tremor

Author Bluezorr2912 (1 year)
Those looked COOL!! I wish they could be on DLC

Author Brenna Kasper (1 year)
I love every cyber costume and I don't no why he's gay

Author Gleuma Duarte (1 year)
and the cyber sub zero ?

Author Mohhammed Jawwad (1 year)
tis is cool

Author Canned Bread (1 year)
smoke looks beast

Author Randy Merrill (1 year)
Good point but i use his secondary cause the primary isn't appealing to me
like the MK2 and the alternate is.

Author Teo B (1 year)
ciber shid

Author Matthew Mancia (1 year)
Smoke has a cyber outfit but it still looks bad ass

Author son goku (1 year)
Smoke is robot in others games

Author owertire1 (1 year)
the cyber girls got cyber tits tough..... :(

Author jetskiiify (1 year)
Cyber Nightwolf looks like Michelangelo from TMNT

Author Alex May (1 year)
Well, there already is a legit Cyber Smoke... oo

Author Light Yagami (1 year)
cyber ermac fuck yeah

Author Randy Merrill (1 year)
He is another ninja character from the VITA version and MK: Special Forces

Author pacman10124 (1 year)
a cyborg with hair? FAIL

Author dahlia ismail (1 year)
make cyber Liu Kang.

Author Leelewis Chamberlain (1 year)
MK9 needs cyber-fredddy creuger!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Todd Krivoshey (1 year)
that's a good question I myself have offten wondered that one I know the
perfect man for him Lance Bass ffrom nsync

Author kelevra kreator (1 year)
"sektor", bitch

Author ethan lantz (1 year)
all of these are based on sektors body style

Author trex12evangelion (1 year)
Awesome cyber freddy ha love it respect dude.

Author Humberto Romero (1 year)
ciber smoke es normal como cualquier como cyrax y sektor ¬¬

Author Galen Marek (1 year)
"Why is Justin Bieber so gay? It's magic!" ← Classic and funny!

Author Funny, Mad & Bad Clips LoL (1 year)
Cyber Goro would be nice.

Author douglasstevenps (1 year)
Ojala hicieran un juego de mk pero que salgan todos cibers y que no halla
que desbloquear nada

Author Paronimix (1 year)

Author Tpecep (1 year)
only cyber ermac is cool

Author Illest Ballistic (1 year)
cool robots

Author TheAceGamer (1 year)
Cyber Freddy Kruger looks awesome.

Author DrDoofinshmerts (1 year)
Fucking idiot he's saying pendejo to the guy he replied to. Pinche inutil

Author BrutalOffence (1 year)

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