Super Smash Flash 2 - How To Turn Super Saiyan 3!

Before anyone decides to put a bad comment...

This video was made in the early January days. When I was new to this game. Im like 100 times better now than how im playing in this video.

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Author Nick Reed (1 month)
dislike because it just shows it not how to do it

Author fruitty2 (1 month)
He didn't SSJ3 at all!

Author The Wizard Colony (2 months)
LOL! How to turn sonic super saiyan! 0:57

Author xredgreenbluex (4 months)
I disliked because of this shit ass music

Author UnreleasedGamer (4 months)
how do you charge ki??

Author Ahmed. BIlal (23 days)
Idiot that not how to turn ssj 3 and you cant..

Author Diana Hernández (1 month)
que version es esa

Author Joshua Le (1 month)
its not super saiyan 3 its just plain old super saiyan and when goku turned
red thats kiao ken and when he was red while using the smash ball he was
still super saiyan not super saiyan 3,that guy was just lying

Author Kanye Boyd (2 months)
you went into a supersaiyan 3 like for one second

Author Nick Reed (1 month)
Hmmm my OPINION is that super saiyan goku is the most powerful (notice how
I said opinion for all of you who disagree)

Author Zak Moss (2 months)
send me the link to this version please

Author King Sdott (3 months)
BOY bad

Author ZachyGames (4 months)
+Jox Te.- Hold Down and O

Author mariocraft101 (4 months)
Link to that version of smash flash 2

Author Sora Uchiha (8 months)
i knew it u only went ssj3 when u used dragon fist

Author Skullz Stompa (9 months)
You where Super Sayian Three Fpr the Dragon Rage only '-'

Author KyleTheDerpGaming (9 months)

Author Jox Te.- (1 year)
How to do the KI ?

Author gamerelite11100 (1 year)
U have to unlock ir

Author ShaolinPandas (2 years)
Lame that's just one of his regular moves in super saiyan form

Author Kevin Reeves (2 years)
it's all about narutooo!!! throing yo clones then yo clones kick them
towards you and then you shoot a clone out the ground and then you jump and
they come from the sky! UHHHH!

Author ChampionX16 (2 years)
@hyperstarmario12 STAR can you plz make a vid on how to get a free
minecraft thats working i dont understand the other vids

Author Giovanne Lucas Barreto Pinheiro Souza Pinto (1 year)
que trocha

Author ReddRosevelt (2 years)
how do you turn to super at all?

Author Antonio Bethel (10 months)

Author Iceman32lol (2 years)
noobs noobs everywhere ._.

Author andrewnolazco300 (1 year)
They just dont know how to do spirit ball :(

Author Octavia Melody (2 years)
he sucks in the new demo -_- but now i has captain falcon and he pwns

Author TheFunnyguymatt (2 years)
i know how to go ssj 4

Author Jeff The Narby (1 year)

Author Nathan Robinson (2 years)
@WTFBomB1000 but you take five damage every second

Author WTFBomB1000 (2 years)
@JakyDaxter1 why the hell are you acting like a wannabe

Author iSalted (2 years)
@hyperstarmario12 technically it is transforming into him but its very
unentertaining all it is is in the taunt and d fist

Author Starmario12 (2 years)
@metalspore keep jumping?

Author jason son (2 years)

Author spartancamo (2 years)

Author Gidy (2 years)
@hyperstarmario12 ლ(ಠ益ಠლ Y U NO PLAY PMU ANYMORE

Author Ion McKinney (2 years)
@IGNentertainment "Day or Night Super Smash Bros. Brawl" Newcomer:Goku &
Vegeta Coming Soon....

Author LeonSymphonia (2 years)
@LordShadow95 They're still working on a new one.

Author soragel osorio (1 year)
You've got to be kidding

Author Missishigh (2 years)
thats not super sayin 3 it's dragon soul

Author Starmario12 (2 years)
@Gidy800 cause its boring...minecraft is way better.

Author mati romeo (1 year)
truchisimo cualquiera hace eso

Author jdsluffy (2 years)
Make a video with Kaio Ken. It will be better.;)

Author Kajahn Smith (2 years)
too bad ssj3 is just an attack.

Author Marcel Whorton (1 year)
i was laughin so hard when you kept missing the smash ball

Author luis jazem soto batista (10 months)
eso ya me lo savia y no se ase asi

Author LukeDukeTilDeath1 (2 years)
no its no just in super sayin mode hold down and special

Author Leonardo Murillo (10 months)
se hace apretando 1 y a verdad

Author Michel Valdez (1 year)
i bet u cant do a video that is better im not saying this videos good

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