Tae Sub & Kyung Soo (Eng Sub ) Part - 7 Gay Themed

The gay love story of Tae Sub & Kyung Soo from the korean drama Life Is Beautiful .......

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WARNINGS!! - BL - SPOILER Song: T*h*a*t**m*a*n - H*y*u*n**B*i*n Drama: L*i*f*e**i*s**b*e*a*u*t*i*f*u*l


Author Liam P. (1 month)
now i just realized this show is too conservative to my taste, lol....
still its good, and its enough i guess...........

Author frank Blanco Bla (2 months)

Author Siswanto Boy (3 months)

Author frank Blanco Bla (2 months)

Author nancy noel (5 months)
Its Dylan from Angel Eyes!!!!!! im all smiles

Author rainbowk11d (10 months)
Lmao he sound super delusional!

Author jennifer minschu (7 months)
die sind so süß , vorallem 7:30 ^^ voll putzig

Author Saphirre85 (6 months)
i love this show soooo much. whenever i'm down, stressed, or have no new
episodes to watch of my current dramas i sit down and watch this one over
and over again from beginning to end. love episode 16 last part. little
spicy romance there. if you haven't seen this show YOU MUST WATCH RIGHT

Author michael amaya (10 months)
tae sub and kyung soo are so cute i love them. see what i say about nice
looking foreign boys... i would do anything for them or so called love..

Author 98qc (11 months)
Cute ....kinda seems like a after school special on gay couple , they don't
kiss and are just cute doesn't really seem like a really couple

Author 1AMHottest (2 years)
They don't have sex until the 58th episode, in the original script, Taesub
whispers to Kyungsoo, "I want you to make love to me." but in the drama he
just silently whispers something in his ear and then in the next scene you
fine both their rings on the table.

Author Favm360 (2 years)
Lee Sang Woo is flawless.

Author Spino162 (2 years)
You have to understand that this was the first Korean drama ever to deal
with homosexual relationships. Korean society is very conservative and
quite a few Koreans aren't even aware of the existence of homosexuality.
Therefore this drama was a first very careful attempt to show homosexuality
in the Korean mainstream media. That's why there isn't even a kiss scene or
anything too "unusual".

Author Kpop Fan (1 year)
Kyungsoo's mother is over doing parents wouldnt even act that way

Author TheCarlScharnberg (2 years)
"Raised a stink about it" - now, there's a term I believe I haven't heard
before. Haha!

Author Bill Joseph Ramos (2 years)
I think they kissed but only once...

Author David Le (2 years)
Lol of course we'll be curious and want to see them kiss. But I'm a little
confused. Since 'life is beautiful' is gay themed. But for me it seems like
the grandma and grandpa are the main charactors. So idk who is the main
Main character. Maybe the family since it's a family show.

Author Ei Ei Khin (2 years)
I love Tae Sub & Kyung Soo couple. Thank you very much.

Author lbmota1 (2 years)
Thank you for your answer! :) I do understand that these were the first gay
characters on TV. In my country same sex marriages are legal and I don't
remember watching any national drama dealing with gay couples. I really
like this story line, it is very intense. And if both characteres and
dialogues are plausible (as I read somewhere), it is so interesting to me
to realize how different our cultures are it what concerns to affections,
even between straight couples, like Tae-Sub's brother (cont)

Author MMLEW95 (1 year)
I just want Kyung Soo's mother to shut up and get out

Author era ELF (1 year)
hmmmm the only word that pops in my head is AWKWARD !!

Author gaydarable (2 years)
i realy wan't to see them kiss

Author Kim Hana (1 year)
Kyung soo is D.O's first name

Author Mac man (1 year)
these boys treat eachother like their two adolescents who are discovering
the world around them....they should behave like grown men, not

Author Lovern Angel Patron (2 years)
i love this video .... ;)

Author mitchie seny (2 years)
They are sooo cuuute together <3 *__*

Author eston zera (2 years)
yups, it makes many people think that being gay is all about sex, but this
movie has another side of gay. how to love each other, i realy like how
they treat each one ^_^

Author somsak1986sp (1 year)
Love is always beautiful!

Author tran an (2 years)

Author atehkmb (2 years)
his mom is soooo ermmm STUPID!! If my mum ever said that to me for being
who I am, I'll tell her two words and two words only "FUCK OFF!" hahahahaha

Author Roderich Edelstein (2 years)
What I really love about this show? I really love how they tell each other
EVERYTHING. Unlike some dramas where the parents tell the other to break up
with her/his partner and then he/she goes "I don't love you anymore! GO!
kjhjahsgg" and basically cause a commotion about it instead of saying
outright that it was the other person's parents who told him/her to break
up with the person. Or like lie about what was said on the phone to make
the other "not worry" or something like that.

Author Lewis McCorkendale (2 years)
Esta comedia drama es grandiosa. Me encantan los personajes de la trama
gay.. muy masculinos..pero con el toque especial femenino en cada hombre..
es muy especial. Grasias por esta historia de los muchanos/hombres un
ejemplo a la union familiar y la comprencion. Grasias.

Author saltpan1 (2 years)
Gay couples have to overcome a lot of obstacles to get together. Actually,
they are just ordinary people like everybody else. The significant
difference is their lovers are the same sex. They can also have genuine
love and are willing to sacrifice for their beloved ones. I don't
understand why homosexuals are still being discriminated against in our
civilized society, especially in China. I think gay people deserve more
human rights like passing anti-discrimination law to protect them. By the w

Author kiitenenene (2 years)
Really? o___O, I didn't notice that. But I remember once in the drama they
did have sex, the one where Taesub tried to go home but Kyungsoo held him
back. All they showed us is after that where Taesub returns home looking
tired and slips then falls of the stairs (because of the state of his legs
lol) when trying to go to his room.

Author my529389 (1 year)
Oppa=my brother

Author Miguel Lugo (2 years)
i just hate Kyun Soo mom!!!!

Author marjohireful (2 years)
Cool c:

Author xolang (2 years)
On a side note: They way they say "harasso" for "fine" or "good" reminds me
of Russian. :D Also when the mother told them to eat in the previous
episode reminded me of Javanese "monggo". :D

Author ssong ee (2 years)
이거 종교,보수단체에서 엄청난 비난을 쏟아부었던 드라마. 키스신 있었으면 방송정지 됐을거임ㅇㅅㅇ.

Author fujoshipsico (2 years)

Author myKe frozenbaby (2 years)
"you awful child .. " I would have said, bye and hung up. Parents living
there life through their children? Grow one.

Author breakoutbaby (2 years)
They are a gay couple in this drama :)

Author arrrturrrooo (1 year)
they seems so awkward together >.<

Author Panda Cassie (2 years)
No...I think it's ep 16......They had sex....I'm really sure about that

Author hautanle (1 year)

Author love kyuhyun super junior (2 years)
i feel like im watching this in 2012 <3 (^_^)

Author Kim Santiago (2 years)
yes they look gay

Author Shola Hanson (2 years)
well duh they are suppose to be gay in the drama! if they can convince u
that they r gay then they did a great job!

Author Quan Ho (1 year)
Yeah,luhanlover :3

Author asian aries (2 years)
well...true gay couple is like this. gay isn't all about sex...they are
loving each other like normal couple to. it's just that, gay people are
just's same sex relationship. that's the only difference.

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