Overunity Magnet Transformer Free Energy

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Author Bangla Plus (5 months)
That's not resonance capacitor. That's the battery. Thanks for joking with

Author AorphiA (3 months)
Sure he starts the loop of energy by the input of energy. Energy simply
transforms, therefore... as long as it stays within the loop it will never
die out, unless you break the loop. When you use energy from an electric
company to power things in your home, there is no loop, if there was... the
electric company would not ever make any money.

Author valveman12 (6 months)
More smoke and mirrors BULLSHIT! This does not work. You need a moving
magnetic field to create a current in a coil of wire. This is such crap!!

Author BEAR (3 months)
If your gonna make a fake MEG, atleast fake it based on the real MEG!

Author spturks (8 months)

Author rstevewarmorycom (4 months)
What complete unbelievable bullshit!

Author Naoki Kashima (3 months)
BECAUSE OF THIS. I SMELL CIA DIS-INFORMANT. Search for other videos with
less views that actually show useful information about over unity devices
:) Thanx

Author John Husband (5 months)
This is brilliant, it is the best demonstration of an electromagnetic field
concentrator/harnesser/harvester. The energy comes from the earth's
magnetic field.

Author WannabeStuntMen (20 days)
Another thing... what are those small yellow boxes? What are they good

Author Brad Reed (7 months)
That's not how electricity works.

Author David Sligar (4 months)
If this exceedingly simple device were real, even slightly, it would
represent an energy revolution, and would have been confirmed by thousands
of experimenters of all qualifications. The much more likely explanation
is that this is an elaborate fake -- along with hundreds of other similar
free energy fakes put up on YouTube. If you don't think so, look at his
website -- several other even more absurd devices (fakes) are presented
there. Why waste time?

Author Tao2004 (3 months)
It is not "Free Energy" if you have to "start it" with energy first. It is
self sustaining energy induction.

Author extrasupermorgen (5 months)
Where you hide battery?

Author mv (5 months)
Where you second hand? where oscilloscope? Where voltmeter and ampermeter?
What frequency in the circuit? Which capacitors and inductance coils? LIAR!

Author schymcgee (6 months)
Um, you can get something from nothing at least not in this Universe! But
if you could, what a wacked out World this would be. Think about it...

Author DJW1959Aus (5 months)
Yep a battery in one of what he calls capacitor and a micro relay switch in
the other. Some will go to any length to get youtube pennies.

Author Glenn Hough (7 months)

Author brandon boulton (4 months)
Not sure if this is just a joule thief or true resonant em transference.
Interesting though :-) will have to try this.

Author Di-Fan Lin (7 months)
This guy loves to troll people xDDD

Author Warren Harding (6 months)
Transformers work on alternating magnetic fields, you can't generate
electricity with a constant field such as those provided by stationary
So this is a hoax.

Author samdomding (3 months)
Very Good! this is quite clever Free energy Geerator, it is actually called
Coherrent Induction, and it does work, those who don't believe it wouldn't
work, why don't they just try making one and see it for your self. I have
made several now running my room lights in each room and even by adding 10
in parrallel and using a DC12v to AC 230V inverter I can even use my telly!
This man should not show such good ideas on youtube, he should sell his
ideas to make money first. I would.

Author Raymond Doetjes (4 months)
I bet that one of the "capacitors" houses a small battery.
And the neodymium enables a reed relay switch.

Author smcx66 (8 months)
just use an electrolytic capacitor. Light Emmiting Diode.

Author Mark Giblin (3 months)
I must have been asleep when they covered this in physics as it makes no
sense at all.

Author Zoomtronic (6 months)
the guy sounds like a terrorist

Author Shaider Riz (5 months)

Author Romania GoldRecovery. (4 months)
Hmmmmm...very interesting...for the first start of the circuit you put the
red cable in the diode in the top of the circuit and from the second start
you change the cables.

Author Nikita Chumakov (3 months)
the current cannot be probuced without change of magnetic flux

Author Tepan Senteolt (3 months)
The only way to find it it's making one. The rest iit is a just critics. 

Author flash001USA (6 months)
Awesome job! Too bad it's a hoax.

Author MrMjsmith626 (7 months)
It looks like the magnets are keeping the caps charged,otherwise light
would go out almost instantly.Now what I would like to see next is a
version of that run an entire household,central air conditioning,fans
TV's,stereos,the works!!. This would be a YouTube first!!. If you can make
a much bigger version of this to run an ENTIRE house,this will make
everyone want to build one.So far all I've seen out here on youtube is
little experiments like this.Why isn't there anybody doing not a house or
light up a business with this system?.

Author rstevewarmorycom (3 months)
An unchanging magnetic field cannot participate in the electrical circuit.

Author samdomding (2 months)
Thumbs up to thumbs down ratio indicates that 400 people understand physics
and its unbreakable law, 1042 people think thyat these laws can be broken,
that is beacuse they have not tried to break the law yet, but 400 people
understand that it wouldbe futile attempt to even attempt to break the law.
But as they say there is no harm in trying, you will only waste more energy
in trying which you should save for future! ha ha!

Author smcx66 (8 months)
it looks like a mylar capacitor, stores electricity, IN4148 diode is just
a check valve. The coils has to be wired like the infinity symbol.

Author Tim Akers (7 days)
Despite others saying it's real or not, if it was real, how hot would this
get? Also, is there a way to regulate or govern by measuring the input and
output, without taking away from the original starting source? 

Author ThinkingBetter (16 days)
People need an IQ test if they believe in this video.

Author markleyg (7 months)
Next thing you know he'll be trying to convince us their is this being
looking over us and determining all that happens. Sheesh, people will fall
for anything.

Author Gary Leventhal (6 months)
I really mean it I really want it to work, but watched to may hoaxes.

Author Hhydrogen4Power (8 months)
Thank you

Author Grumpy Koala (1 month)
More magic tricks. Got to love them, just do not believe them.

Author DormantIdeasNIQ (4 months)

Author Dino Dini (2 months)
It's fake. There is a big coil under the desk. You can tell because the
light does not start or stop immediately that he makes the contacts.. it
takes multiple attempts, while he is presumably operating a foot switch. In
any case this cannot be done, despite what the scientifically illiterate

Author XavierBetoN (7 months)
for how long?
Geez why people speak in Indian accent never measures values?

Author josip :D (snakeinthebottle) (3 months)
do you see how background light changes when he conects the batery ...Video
is cuted at that part so you need to be very stupid to think that this is
not fake :D

Author Trym Adrian Kaspersen (4 months)

Author Raptor Jesus (4 months)
so all he's doing is charging the caps with the batpack and then shorting
it out before it dies...

Author laser74hobby (6 months)
Could you make me one of these, I would buy it from you, and would share
this knowledge with others...together we can make the truth known! Please
send me a message back to buy one please. thanks! J.R. 

Author Naim Krasniqi (4 months)
hahahahaha , what an English dialect speaking looool

Author thata galit (6 months)
In this video, what the magnetic does is just to temporarily hold the
electric energy charge from the ignition gadget or whatever do we call for
it. As what we can see, he always switches off the light and turn on again
by using a "starter' or a battery to recharge the electric energy into the
magnet that he claims to be a "free energy" source. Fraud

Author Teslalabor (1 month)
The way he speaks makes me SICK

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