Overunity Magnet Transformer Free Energy

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Author WannabeStuntMen (2 months)
Another thing... what are those small yellow boxes? What are they good

Author Paul West (2 months)
We'll it looks like that old adage has been proven right once again, for it
is true you do indeed learn something new every day. Like most I to was
skeptical at first until I watched this video for the third time. That's
when I noticed something that added some real credibility to this video.
When this dude short-circuited his device with those needle nosed pliers,
the bub flickered once or twice and went out. Moreover, when he began
prying his invention apart while operating he apparently had some
difficulty due to the strength of those magnets in close proximity to that
iron core. Note:these are super strong magnets and don't pry apart easily.
When he broke the magnetic connection the bub went out. We can bombard this
poor guy with reasons that it can't work but, what if it does just as he

I don't believe there is a hidden magnetic field operating at an high freq
feeding this device via iron core! Why? Because the windings would have to
be hundreds of turns not just a few..

Looks like that iron core was made using an old discarded transformer.
Those windings obviously automotive wire and them capacitors don't really
matter, probably ac filters caps used in switch-mode power supplies.

lastly it's obvious that we don't enjoy a free energy utopia today because,
we're to damn stubborn when it comes to what are the absolute physical
laws, and what defies those laws...
I'm going to give this genius the benefit of a doubt! by duplicating the
device he so graciously shared knowing it would draw nothing but harsh
ridicule to himself. I have every confidence that it we'll work as
demonstrated. The components and magnetic fields seem form an high-freq
oscillator that may oscillate at the freq of the magnetic waves from those
magnets themselves...

Author me me (25 days)
I find it interesting that "some" people think that the yellow capacitors
are batteries. If it was a battery the device would not work at all as
batteries create what is called direct current which would cause the blue
winding to cause a saturation in the iron core and nothing would be output.
If it is a capacitor then it would create resonance and cause alternating
currents through the blue winding and thus cause an output in the red
windings. the diodes appear to be both facing the same direction allowing
current to flow to the blue windings when that side of the capacitor is

As for those condemning him because he is not a nobel laureate that is the
lamest way of casting doubt. there are many great scientists that never
earn a nobel prize. and for those that claim physics as the reason it could
not work then maybe you need to study it before you use that claim. The
laws of thermodynamics are valid for "closed loop" systems. almost all of
our power generating systems are not closed loop. there is an input of
energy from the environment (usually stemming from the sun [wind, solar,
water]). in this case the added energy is coming from the neo magnets. as
you know magnets do not change in their strength quickly, but they can and
do weaken over time.

so there is not "free" (as in something for nothing) energy "created" but
there is energy harnessed from the environment (in this case the neo
magnets, capacitors and diodes) that was already there.

For those of you who think that if this were true it would be everywhere
then you do not understand the power and ability of those who have special
interests in keeping things in the status quo. They want power and money
and will do anything to keep that. I have personally seen very promising
technologies disappear which would have made wonderful beneficial changes
to our world had they been allowed to make it to the market. Things like
this will never make it to market so if you want it you will have to make
it yourself. To those who try, in all sincerity i say, good luck with
learning things that will never be taught in schools and doing things that
are reinforced by "science" as impossible, but are not!

Author Tao2004 (5 months)
It is not "Free Energy" if you have to "start it" with energy first. It is
self sustaining energy induction.

Author Naoki Kashima (5 months)
BECAUSE OF THIS. I SMELL CIA DIS-INFORMANT. Search for other videos with
less views that actually show useful information about over unity devices
:) Thanx

Author rstevewarmorycom (5 months)
An unchanging magnetic field cannot participate in the electrical circuit.

Author DanielTseng100 (8 days)
how much time is this transformer "on" after activating it?

Author krugtech (9 days)
dirty ass LIAR!

Author orbiter8 (John) (10 days)
I'm thinking that if this actually worked, it would have been all over the
news by now, In online articles & magazines. AND have folk developing it
further. Hmmm.

Author debunkified (20 days)
I feel fucked when I watch this as well. First of all there's no
oscillatory circuit, I mean you need a moving field switching transistors
or something as switches. You guys should begin to start watching out for
bogus videos such as these, and the accent doesn't make it any more
believable, I mean come on. And then I just gave this guy attention trying
to explain this to you guys, so hopefully this will be the last post on
this video Delete this video dude, we're sick of watching Bull Crap such as
this for your network building attempts, with nothing of no real value to

Not funny for the serious researcher.

Author Bery Belloney (26 days)
1- why he always cut his video ? o.O

Author Bangla Plus (7 months)
That's not resonance capacitor. That's the battery. Thanks for joking with

Author David Sligar (6 months)
If this exceedingly simple device were real, even slightly, it would
represent an energy revolution, and would have been confirmed by thousands
of experimenters of all qualifications. The much more likely explanation
is that this is an elaborate fake -- along with hundreds of other similar
free energy fakes put up on YouTube. If you don't think so, look at his
website -- several other even more absurd devices (fakes) are presented
there. Why waste time?

Author brandon boulton (6 months)
Not sure if this is just a joule thief or true resonant em transference.
Interesting though :-) will have to try this.

Author Сергей Казаков (5 months)
Да ты сука фальшивая хоть из штанов выпрыгни, а работать это не будет.

Author samdomding (5 months)
Thumbs up to thumbs down ratio indicates that 400 people understand physics
and its unbreakable law, 1042 people think thyat these laws can be broken,
that is beacuse they have not tried to break the law yet, but 400 people
understand that it wouldbe futile attempt to even attempt to break the law.
But as they say there is no harm in trying, you will only waste more energy
in trying which you should save for future! ha ha!

Author BEAR (5 months)
If your gonna make a fake MEG, atleast fake it based on the real MEG!

Author rstevewarmorycom (6 months)
What complete unbelievable bullshit!

Author inspectyerbooty (1 month)
SPARKS!!!!!!! watch very close at exactly 2:54 he stops the circuit... look
at the size of those sparks, huge 2 or 3 inch sparks in all directions [you
must freeze 1 frame at exact moment...but notice also before this that the
light dims and goes out and then re-lights, weird huh?]... now take a guess
at the voltage and amperage in that circuit people!!!!!!!!! ;) ***and
don't assume i am giving an opinion about the truth in his claims***
[given that i see the light dim and go out and re-light i assume that some
form of electromotive force is present in the system, either in a constant
form [battery] or a rebounding pulse that re-lit the light temporarily at
2:53 and could of possibly caused a voltage surge

Author Tepan Senteolt (5 months)
The only way to find it it's making one. The rest iit is a just critics. 

Author John Husband (7 months)
This is brilliant, it is the best demonstration of an electromagnetic field
concentrator/harnesser/harvester. The energy comes from the earth's
magnetic field.

Author CAPTAINSSBN (2 months)
Energy is what we need asap no more screwing around about. the time has
come for all those who understand how the basic energy flows work need to
build simple machines. The magnet device on you tube that produces 60
watts with no battery to run it is awesome.

Author Алексей Витальевич (6 months)
У нас в городе с 1998г целые микрорайоны так освещают!

Author AorphiA (5 months)
Sure he starts the loop of energy by the input of energy. Energy simply
transforms, therefore... as long as it stays within the loop it will never
die out, unless you break the loop. When you use energy from an electric
company to power things in your home, there is no loop, if there was... the
electric company would not ever make any money.

Author electrohacker (5 months)
bra bra bra free energy

Author Hokukeo (2 months)
button batteries are fun and easy to hide.

Author Tim Akers (2 months)
Despite others saying it's real or not, if it was real, how hot would this
get? Also, is there a way to regulate or govern by measuring the input and
output, without taking away from the original starting source? 

Author Mark Giblin (5 months)
I must have been asleep when they covered this in physics as it makes no
sense at all.

Author Craig Diamond (2 months)
This idiot doesn't have a clue how transformers actually work...

Author Nikita Chumakov (5 months)
the current cannot be probuced without change of magnetic flux

Author Wak Job (2 months)
If those 'capacitors' are really batteries, why does it need to be jump
started with another battery? I can't figure that part out.

Author Alfred Rein (2 days)
Take this operating machine and go out of the House :-) Maybe there are no
magnetic Induktionmachine under the Table and the Lamp goes out.

Author ThinkingBetter (2 months)
People need an IQ test if they believe in this video.

Author NemoO4567 (2 months)
Судя по лайкам,каждый третий уже собрал себе это чудо-девайс))!Чё,никто ещё
не попробовал?У кого получилось?

Author Magnetic Pulser Bob Beck Protocol ~ PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (7 days)
The universe has always been accelerating. (Einstein's theory of gravity,
the one that contained what was called a 'cosmological constant'). Dark
energy, the expansion of the universe, is the opposite than that of
'normal' matter. Black holes are like big bang particle accelerators
scavenging matter in one universe to create life in another alternate multi
universe. God the Universe is endlessly expanding to the point of infinity,
a kind of 'over-unity' energy — that is, it produces more energy than it
consumes --- more matter equals a faster rate of expansion. A universe
within a universe where man and all matter are regenerated over and over
again. Black holes 'big bangs' are just the latest in an infinite number of
cycles going back into the past and into the future. It seems that time may
just be a 'frigment' of our imagination :-) Gravitational waves, ripples
in space-time suggest that the universe did indeed expand many times faster
than the speed of light in the first few instants after the Big Bang.
"cosmic inflation" theory. similar to the Overunity Magnet Transformer :-)

Author Re Ja (3 days)
Tak bezbarwna taśma pod kciukiem no i pewnie bateryjka he he popatrzcie

Author extrasupermorgen (7 months)
Where you hide battery?

Author KumbaYah Ahchyam (17 days)
what size capacitor

Author Daniel Alves Paiva (14 days)

Author samdomding (5 months)
Very Good! this is quite clever Free energy Geerator, it is actually called
Coherrent Induction, and it does work, those who don't believe it wouldn't
work, why don't they just try making one and see it for your self. I have
made several now running my room lights in each room and even by adding 10
in parrallel and using a DC12v to AC 230V inverter I can even use my telly!
This man should not show such good ideas on youtube, he should sell his
ideas to make money first. I would.

Author david li (18 days)
what the fuck is this fucking language!?it that fucking indian shit!!!

Author edurmz (12 days)
Fortunately I studied Electronic Engineering and I know this is a fake.

Author Raymond Doetjes (6 months)
I bet that one of the "capacitors" houses a small battery.
And the neodymium enables a reed relay switch.

Author Héctor Rodríguez Hernández (16 days)
Mira este vídeo de YouTube:

Author Grumpy Koala (3 months)
More magic tricks. Got to love them, just do not believe them.

Author Teslalabor (3 months)
The way he speaks makes me SICK

Author giovanni sassano (26 days)
the better question is how long will it run for.

Author dany mecho (1 month)
2:17 you see the fucking dueds side both of them is + so its bullshit 

Author nizamettin uysal (28 days)
Asla çalışmaz.Çünkü, bu tür enerji üretiminde, mıknatısların sürekli
hareketli olması gerekiyor...

Author J Suparman (1 month)
Good Attraction. Amusing enough. Thanks for the effort you made, Deirones.

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