How To Make Wither Boss In MineCraft 1.4 Snapshot 12w36a

How To Make Wither Boss In MineCraft 1.4 Snapshot 12w36a

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Author pokemonisepic3700 (2 years)
do ou know when the actual update is?

Author JustMyAccount100 (2 years)
Awesome man keep up the good work

Author 852maniak (2 years)
i liked how that wither you hit slowly slid down the screen

Author DusTrix (2 years)
so tomorrow yay

Author nikolodeon55 (2 years)
nice vid man..but a litle demand here..could he talk a bit slower and like
take a breath sometimes :P it kinda gets hard to follow after a while.i
understand what you are saying but it gets tiring

Author fanofthetoka (2 years)
I hope they add a Potion of Wither into the game, maybe made from something
it could drop

Author Nobleleader001 (2 years)
Im first commenter :-)

Author colbyman66 (2 years)

Author aydin lujan (2 years)
first mother fuckers

Author Joshua Parhizgar (1 year)
Wither boss

Author lcmmig98 (2 years)
if who dislikes this video,they are noobs who dont know what means
minecraft,so like everybody! :D

Author nikolodeon55 (2 years)
its not like you made a short intro in this one too :P anyway i understand
its cool ;)

Author Sevarate (2 years)
I hope the name stays, maybe you surround 3 skulls with obsidian and make a
T shape with 3 skulls and 2 obsidian for the body

Author jacomas18 (2 years)
I'm here to stop oeple saying First! Like fucktards

Author LivingGaming (2 years)

Author Nathan Gorriaran (2 years)

Author Kevin De Santos (2 years)
Hey look its Chuck Norris

Author homersimpson111222 (2 years)
Creeper at 1:46 : Hey whats going on here bro

Author FireRockerzstudios (2 years) :) I made a video showing how to install it :)

Author Kard Flourisher (2 years)
Oct 24

Author stas bosma (2 years)
black steve boss

Author Corey Smith (2 years)

Author ollierkul (2 years)
hahaha lol i see only FIRST!!! comments after i did it in one

Author kevin van der slot (2 years)
not cool

Author colbyman66 (2 years)
op shit head O.o

Author Nathan Gorriaran (2 years)
Were do we get the snapshots, or can we?

Author TheSkatersk8terskate (2 years)
Below threehundred

Author SpicyGutz99 (1 year)
those scelten heads are nethter scelten heads

Author jacomas18 (2 years)
I'm here to stop people saying First! Like fucktards

Author ghostguy1240 (2 years)
Ok so you craft your own death? Seems fair enough.

Author Trent Anderson (2 years)
Wasn't the original name of the Wither "Reese Witherspoon"?

Author Jacob Dante Cruz (2 years)
I can explain how to make a Wither better than this turdball

Author LightCraftproduction (2 years)
today 1.4 came out dudes!

Author FireRockerzstudios (2 years)
I'm sorry, I just don't have time in my day to make a long video people get
mad when the video take to long, I get hate mail saying to get to the
point, but I do make a wrap up at the end of the week where I talk about
everything and take my time :)

Author omeganism (2 years)
whats a snapshot? i always thought that it was a picture or video?

Author Justin Kofskie (2 years)

Author gliscor307 (2 years)
this snapshot is a decorational game changer.

Author สัณหณัฐ เย็นมานัส (2 years)

Author legolunatic100 (2 years)

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