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Wood turning tips and projects with Carl Jacobson. Wood turning basics on a Lathe with basic wood turning tools. Taking you from start to finish with a ruff piece of wood to your sanded and finished project with paste wax and mineral oil for a superb finish. Turning a wooden spoon on the lathe.

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Author Gaven Vicino (29 days)
Did you use an kind of finish on it?

Author JULIE WANEMAY (1 month)
Thanks that will help me with mine. Nice and simple...

Author Hien Dinh (4 months)
thanks for these videos carl, i think i found a new hobby. 

Author Riley Duncan (7 hours)
I almost feel bad being so happy watching other people mess up a piece
because I mess up so much I think Im just an awful wood worker. Thanks for
the video!

Author Frank B (7 hours)
I love the Blackhawk.

Author The Wooden Spoon (6 days)
I approve of this.

Author Bjorn P (4 months)
Dear Carl,
Which chisels do you use?

Author Taylor Hughes (3 months)

Author Rich McNatt (3 months)
Nice job! I took a little different approach, yours turned out much better.

Author wakely wanderer (5 months)
would removing the two jaws also work for the spoon you made in the wooden

Author Kirsan Petrovich (5 months)
this man very cool

Author Vladimír Plevko (7 months)
Výborná lyžica na Slovenské horúce halušky.

Author Jay Reidy (7 months)
Restores my soul to see that experts get catches. I don't feel quite so bad

Author Byoomholay (7 months)
Great stuff Carl. Can I ask one small favour though? Is it possible to
avoid using the words......"just go ahead and"......before every sentence.
I rejoice in your creative turning whilst simultaneously cringe at your
destruction of the English language.

Author Richard Ross (7 months)
well done for not swearing on camera

Author kodogijo (1 year)
Somehow I like it when the vid shows where you accidentally scratched your
first spoon. Dunno, it's kinda show us that it's not as easy as it looks..
But you sir, are really awesome!

Author Jim P (2 years)
The dust that gets in the air from sanding would be quite messy. It seems
like 6" bowl will fill a 5 gallon bucket with shavings. I can't imagine
those getting tracked all over the house.

Author canubelieve (2 years)
Glad you left the blooper in. I thought I was the only one who did that!

Author Carl Jacobson (1 year)
Thank you,

Author Carl Jacobson (3 years)
Hi Ron, Thanks I think we all could put a nice video together of bloopers.

Author Carl Jacobson (2 years)
@tannerturlington You should expect to spend between $250.00 to $700.00 on
a lathe. I just got a new Delta.

Author Carl Jacobson (3 years)
Thanks Nic. Thought it would be fun. Carl

Author Carl Jacobson (1 year)
I have a Delta 46-460

Author Doug Drake (3 years)
i've been thinking of making a spoon, GREAT job, thanks for posting!

Author Illya Lukinov (10 months)
so many energy wasted only for one spoon

Author Caleb Welte (1 year)
the foodstuff probably helps that out a bit

Author sunfish fiesta (1 year)
I'll actually answer it. :) The ones in malmart are machine made. So they
go much faster.

Author tannerturlington (2 years)
@haydenHD Thank you sir! I thought they cost more than that.Glad they don't!

Author tannerturlington (2 years)
I would like to purchase my own wood turning machine. How much am I
expected to spend and what do you recommend?

Author jgordge1234 (1 year)
Is the paste wax and mineral oil a food safe finish and if not what is?
Plus great vid

Author bigjc12000 (1 year)
Very nice work.

Author DJ Scottdog (2 years)
thats cool

Author Carl Jacobson (1 year)
Thank you,

Author Ruger260Taurus (2 years)
@haydenHD were can i get one of those clamps

Author Anthony Rodriguez (1 year)
Well, I don't know about this video, a special machine and almost ten
minutes, I think if I go to the dollar store I get 3 of those for $1 in 1
minute, but as a hobby may be. Good Luck.

Author 352shan (1 year)
U r not gud spoon maker

Author Carl Jacobson (1 year)
Thank you Michael,

Author Binh Nguyen (1 year)
What's name of the machine you use to make the handle of the spoon round ?
I love your video

Author Dominik Wilken (1 year)
Good Job :o

Author Isaac Gosse (1 year)
you need to sharpen your roughing gouge

Author GDLutz (2 years)
@haydenHD What model is your delta. Are you happy with it? I am looking in
to buying a lathe, I have been turning in my high school woodshop but since
I am about to graduate I would like to get my own lathe.

Author cepson (2 years)
Is there any reason, other than the logistics of cleanup, that I shouldn't
set up a small lathe inside the house for turning pens and other small
items? I'd like to set one up in a spare room.

Author Declan Horan (3 years)
Great stuff Hayden. I got two little spoon carving chisels a wile back and
have yet to use them. Will give it a go soon. The turning of the handle
certainly speeds things up. Dec

Author Carl Jacobson (2 years)
That's not nice referring to WALMART as a Chinese shop.

Author Carl Jacobson (2 years)
I was just joking. I'm sure there not done on a lathe like this.

Author rizakan (2 years)
it"S ok when the mistake happens in the start, awkward is when you are
about to finish and the you f***k it up;) it happens to me alot

Author mac Harrison (1 year)
I think that all your work is magic and that you should make another spoon
video, because i enjoy watching them

Author Carl Jacobson (1 year)
It's a wood lathe.

Author Chris Matthews (1 year)
I'd sure like to see some quick and dirty alternate methods of hollowing
out the bowl of the spoon without a wood lathe. I saw a guy do it with an
angle grinder with the Lancelot blade in about 5 seconds but that blade is

Author Carl Jacobson (1 year)
Yes it is :)

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