Arma 3 Alpha - Team Deathmatch (Gameplay)

I check out a team deathmatch server in the Arma 3 alpha.

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Author Joe Seibert (5 months)
i hate it when these retards dont play in 1st person, didnt u get this game
for the realism

Author Richard Robin (2 months)
The best thing in this video was you saying "Go away missing file" 

Author mahmoud akermi (5 months)
more than 5 mn and see no enemy what a boring game

Author lucanator100 (8 months)
where i can find these maps?

Author mahmoud akermi (5 months)
can you destroy bulding ?

Author IAM TGFX (10 months)
Nice. good game.

Author KILLERDEVIL13 (11 months)

Author MyGdoggy (1 year)
Make that two!

Author NotMuchMinecraft (1 year)
arma 3 alpha lite giveaway on my channel 3 keys left

Author Ray David (1 year)
you can you just need to go to rockstargames . c o m and order GTAV but
it's not really GTAV it's actually arma 2 and the mods

Author GenuinelyJordan (1 year)
If they disabled that I'm sure the satisfaction of 50% of the people who
bought Arma 3 would want their money back

Author WolfFury15 (1 year)
this game looks freaking beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't have a computer
that can handle this. The computer I'm using now can barely run Arma 2.

Author salvo pagano (1 year)
nice english man

Author Garrett Morgan (1 year)
Theres ways to disable it just depends on the maker of mission

Author Yuri Tr (1 year)
most PC multiplayer games now have hackers so you can't expect not to see
them around. It's suck but its what we have to live with

Author Sage Levesque (1 year)
idk what your talking about because Arma is literally the most intense
shooting game there is.

Author sanghelian (1 year)
Does it still simulate injuries or does it have some damage-based system?

Author TheArranBicKman (1 year)
What I mean, do you start as a private and work up to being a captain or a
lieutenant or something?

Author hymerdinker (1 year)
i have the same graphics card as you except not superclocked with an i5 and
i can run it on ultra 30-50 fps

Author OlsebX (1 year)
Whats the name of this server i want to play is so badly !!!!!

Author Jakotay Willenberg (1 year)
if i buy this do i get it when it comes out?

Author Pauleh (1 year)
Thank you!

Author fernando ds (1 year)

Author Pauleh (1 year)
I agree, I mostly stick to first person locked servers theses days.

Author dsharding01 (1 year)
this looks doss

Author Axlyss (1 year)
Honestly arma 2 is miles better than 3 for me arma 3 just feels "clunky".
Its only alpha so idk. IT may change but arma 2 was BAD at the beginning of
its life cycle but it became a great game over the span of 2 years. Arma 2
scored a 4 the first time it was reviewed now its what 8? Diablo 2 scored a
3 now its rated in the top ten games of all time. I wish they bring back
old cross hairs unless there is a setting for it but nothing a mod want

Author InvalidUsername725 (1 year)
Hello, I am assuming that you have the Arma 3 Alpha obviously. So I was
hoping you could answer a few questions of mine before I get the game. My
first question is if there is still the same body mechanics when shot. (If
that makes any since) For example, if you get shot in the leg will your leg
brake like in Arma 2? Same with falling? Will you brake bones or just die?
Also if there is any other major/minor differences that you think I should
know could you tell me? That would be great. Thanks.

Author Dominik Tichy (1 year)
Czech game isn't it?

Author Justin Rice (1 year)
this game looks boring and gay as hell

Author Hadid Ghiffary (1 year)
what is your computer spec for this game?

Author Therobwil (1 year)
definitely. I have a similar rig and run it on med-high, getting a rough
50-60 fps.

Author Benja2802 (1 year)
This is just the alpha testing version too, still beta and full release to
come. Bugs will hopefully be ironed out by full release mostly. Dont forget
to report bugs, contributes to the final product and is the point of alpha
testing. Im loving this Alpha so far, looks like Arma3 might be the Arma
we've been waiting for.

Author AppleDunk (1 year)
you must hav a good pc for this

Author Kid574 (1 year)
90 dollars is the Supporters edition <<< notice something in the name ? And
you get all DLCs plus some other bonus anyways so it still would be worth!
30 dollars for "standard" alpha is way cheaper than any other game since
you also get BETA and FULL GAME along with it without extra money.. and
these days a shitty game is at least 50 dollars.. you may want to remake
your calcs..

Author caringmotherie (1 year)
lol at 2:55 after patching up that guy you auto stood up in line of fire:(

Author MrNoobtubable (1 year)
Its just got to Beta if you buy the Beta you get the full game when its
released free so if you are going to get it get it now :P

Author Kid574 (1 year)
ArmA is by far the most authentic and realistic FPS in ages !

Author PC_GameWorld (1 year)
is this game great for just wanting to shoot and have fun? getting burnt
out on crysis 3 already

Author 10svenk (1 year)
no you need a slightly better video card and you can run it on low

Author Logan Sherlock (1 year)
Is this game worth getting?

Author Fede Marin (1 year)
No, i mean it's not cheating if everyone can do it.

Author ianchen9449 (1 year)
how do you even switch to the third person? i played for 20 hours and still
cant figure that out.

Author Kid574 (1 year)
I love 3p view for COOP matches like Domination or Insurgency and such for
when you're moving from an AO to another.. but for PvP matches they should
really force it off (honestly i don't get why server admins don't do it

Author James Wells (1 year)
Liked the video. Is it hard to find servers to play in against other
people? How active is the game?

Author creepersblood (1 year)

Author paecmaker (1 year)
And the alpha lite is totally free. The game costs a fraction of what it
will do when its fully released so if you want arma 3 its a win win, they
get alpha feedback and you buy the game cheaper and also got a chance to
give you opinion while it still matters.

Author Pauleh (1 year)
Hit 'P' for the closest thing.

Author Paskie57 (1 year)
Nice ! The game looks great and I love the way you play. I subscribe :)

Author Shuv (1 year)
Day Z on this engine would be nasty.

Author Rick James (1 year)
You haven't played Arma 3 obviously... The difference between arma 2 and 3
is HUGE in terms of fluency. Such a bad troll... (if not, you're either
exaggerating WAY to much, or you are a fucking idiot; more of an idiot, at

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