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Author Bomb Gaming (1 month)

Author 김민석 (2 months)
how did you play gta4 as an african gang?i think niko bellic is good at
jumping down.
but he is slow compared to jacob or spain gang or african gang. i am not
satisfied with that. but its okay for me to play gta4 as a niko bellic. but
i wanna be fast!
how can i play that mode? i mean i wanna change niko bellic into african
gang please can you tell me how to become npc?

Author Rhino Gamer (5 months)
Me gusto Al Minuto 1:03

Author DeLuXTutoriaLs (2 months)
Hey, Carbons15 what model is in the video... what gang member ?:D

Author Victor Victorius (5 days)
Niko perdón 

Author gabriel ferreira (15 days)
o maluco cai quenen bosta

Author Yadav Loykisoonlal (10 days)
How do you do a mod pls help

Author Rohan Thomas (18 days)
Damn... 0:15

Author Super PiXL (4 months)
is this Gta or Skate 3? XD

Author Just Games (4 months)
this is not parkour you dont use parkour mod you use ragdoll mod fucker

Author Victor Victorius (5 days)
Me gusto donde niño le estaba comiendo la pelotas al de rojo XD XD XD

Author Jude Tm (1 month)
Both the video and the song are good. Great job +Carbons15 

Author Victor Lucas E Beto (1 month)
3:08 kkkkkk

Author Dan Fuchs (1 month)
this sux looks like some south guy

Author Eyeless Jack (1 month)
0:31 oh my balls

Author brogamerlive (2 months)
This on PC

Author ChicoLoquendero123 (4 months)
I always wanted to know how this mod is called "fall ill"

Author The Powerful (2 months)

Author Zomkiller 93 (3 months)
Hey mr.mute button looking nice

Author Leandro Vechi (2 months)

Author rahmani zoubida (3 months)

Author elnikobellic1996 bellic1996 (3 months)
oigan siempre que el protagonista siempre sale la voz de niko

Author jojo valerio jr. (3 months)
3:17 loooool he is sucking his dick looooool

Author bearygo (2 days)
that dick crash tho

Author IAN DEREK (4 months)
Tu eres emo

Author rahmani zoubida (3 months)

Author Cs un Roblox Latviski (4 months)
How to jump off the floor with head down?

Author Anderson Augusto (4 months)
whats :) fuck

Author Bence szabó (4 months)

Author JhonygoldBR e RicarkillBR (4 months)
0:33 aiaiaiii

Author rahmani zoubida (3 months)

Author Francee Galleguillos (8 months)
de donde sacaste el parkour mod ?

Author TardisBlue (6 months)

Author TardisBlue (6 months)
This is gta 4

Author Vít Zedníček (6 months)
time 0:37 I also happened :D

Author NeGrosh Unop (7 months)
1:03 xd

Author Vlad Kuzenkov (7 months)

Author Erick vidal (7 months)

Author Wanukashah Danieal (8 months)
mods is Simple Native Trainer!

Author Filip Balog (8 months)

Author pelaajainen pelaa (8 months)

Author Роман Белокуров (8 months)

Author Timothy Weiss (8 months)
Thos some fake ass shit this ant gta 5 this is 4 look at the blood

Author daniel benjamin salazar aguiar (8 months)
pues la derdad a mi me gusto mucho me gusto mucho

Author ezequiel paire (8 months)

Author MrJotaerre64 (3 months)
Please, stop the boting

Author Nadine Ffrench (1 year)
Why doesn't he just give up

Author Amirsdxxz (1 year)
cant this MAN DIE ones for all :|

Author 98327superman (1 year)
Are you using the rag doll mod?

Author Spiky Dragon (1 year)

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