Vintage Don Cherry Coaches Corner: Russian Hockey Sucks

Vintage Don Cherry Coaches Corner: Russian Hockey Sucks

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Author Adam Notte (22 days)
lol "the Sloviaks"

Author Brett Messier (7 months)
It's funny cause USA won this tourney 

Author xCey10 (2 months)
I really don't understand Cherry. When it comes to the NHL he is talking
about respect and CLASS and how great the Canadian players are. Now the
Russian Five: is it a bad thing? I mean they didn't gave theirselves that
name, didn't show off and celebrated nearly every goal with class. Just
awesome and legendary players and what he is like they had offended
canadian players. Start with your fucking self and then give advices to
others when it comes to be classy, nationalistic CLOWN :)

Author -TheFillion- (9 months)
Cherry is a jinx if he ever says that your team will win (Vancouver) then
your not going to win (Vancouver)

Author Ziinger (9 months)
he looked old as shit 20 years ago lol

Author Valentino Colella (7 months)
Fuck Don Cherry!!! WTF Czech Republic was soooo much better than Canada
they beat them in 1998 and Czech won gold! Canada was one of the best but
Don Cherry is a fucking fanboy old piece of shit! I have a lot of respect
for Canada cause they are still one of the best but c'mon Don, your too old
to talk shit. If he went to Czech in 1998 they would have shot his ass

Author Luke Shewchuk (4 months)
anybody here chirping cherry either
1) don't know shit all about hockey or the history of hockey or
2) are prima donna pussy ass bitches! 

Author HumongousTittiesOO (4 months)
I Hate Don cherry and his friend Ron. Like, not liking at all. Even on
mute, just seeing his extremely ugly attitude is too much too handle. talk
about brutality in the world, I hate his face. Its my human nature.

Author Barry Lab (6 months)
One thing is for sure, he is dead on when he says Russians have skill but
no heart (pointing to his chest)

Author Thèo Crêpéaux (9 months)
Russian hockey even dominated the NHL at that point in time Don. The
Russian 5 will never be matched.

Author Andrew Ratcliff (6 months)
good on him I don't like russia fuck yeah

Author okpapereat (10 months)
stfu don cherry, russians wooped your junior team last year. Top scorrer in
the NHL is a russian. Russia has more gold metal then canada. End of story
russians dont suck

Author LakeshoreLEAFSFan (9 months) small were the studios back then. Don and Ron are so close that
Ron might be wet from Don's spit from his tirade. They're so close Don had
no room for his arm...he had to push Ron's arm out of the way lol

Author Matthew Vachon (10 months)
Don cherry sucks ...

Author Alex Semin (10 months)
This guy is a joke. 

Author Kalle Koppkaputt (10 months)

Author Ceyhun Göksu (7 months)
Damn was he butthurt :D

Author VictoriaSportsFan20 (11 months)
Wow Don Cherry dressed in a proper suit.

Author Greg Caldwell (8 months)

Author Shane Donovan (8 months)
the "soviaks" lol

Author Azeem syed (8 months)

Author CaptBroski (9 months)
Huh....well now more then ever this seems tremendously accurate...

Author Greg De GOOSEman (9 months)

Author Sting Renvall (11 months)

Author Ted Gee (7 months)
I love it when he gets fired up.

Author Ripel Cannon (11 months)
Hypocrite much, Cherry?

Author jill hill (1 year)
who won that tournament? I think lil'brother won that one.

Author kazeater (8 months)
In best on best, except for the 1980 Canada Cup, Canada always beats Russia.
It's not even close.

Author jkappianaq (9 months)
lol Soviaks

Author playinragz (1 year)
I wanted to be a Canadian for years.. ty GRAPES

Author Alex Go (1 year)
Russian five was perfect. What's wrong with them? ))

Author Andry Fateyev (2 years)
ПОШЛИ НАХУЙ ПИДОРАСЫ! Россия, Русь! Храни себя, храни! Смотри, опять в леса
твои и долы Со всех сторон нагрянули они, Иных времён татары и монголы.
/Николай Рубцов/ Fuck you USA

Author Johan63 (1 year)
Don Cherry is such a fucking baby right here.

Author Jason W (2 years)
Say that in a bar in Canada.... I dare you. C'Mon Man, why you have to be
such an arrogant prick. You cannot deny that hockey is a tough sport. Stop
the trolling. BUT I do agree with NFL>NHL.... I went to the Colts/Saints

Author fearedlegend (2 years)
did you use all of your 1 brain cell to come up with that one??loser!!!

Author fearedlegend (2 years)
don cherry is an idiot.actually he is an embarrasment to canada and if you
don't see that then you too are a neanderthal!

Author Kostet91 (3 years)
He must be fuck in ass for his words

Author Scooter Ross (2 years)
Europeans are babies... Canada's got the heart and soul.

Author Anton Knivets (1 year)
Cherry and Koharski-the most ridiculous people in the Canadian hockey. ))
One won tournament for Canada in the 1987, the second hates Russians.Though
I am from Russia but it is very funny. Come on Don, come on!)))

Author Brett Messier (1 year)
Didn't the USA win the '96 World Cup? hahaha

Author jamaicawaka (1 year)
sundin is retired nobody cares about sweden#NHLis70percentcanadian

Author ratatabatata (1 year)
obviouslyyou know nothin about the motherland...BTW, 1972 summit series,
everyone expected Team canada (more like team NHL since there were hall of
fame americans on the team) to dominate.. instead the russians made the
series to what it was...2nd on international level NO ONE came close to the
CCCP National passes, speed, skill and team work hockey ever
seen...educate your self on some hockey history.

Author fearedlegend (2 years)
congratulations.everytime you open your mouth you prove yourself to be an
idiot.all you cherry fans have a low commom denominator.that is you like to
call anyone, who sees cherry for the loser he is, a "fag" or "queer'.no
doubt that's the best that comes out of a dimwitted brain.i'm only on you
tube to respond to your lowbrow limited intellect comments about what a
have to get off you tube yourself you idiot because remember you
were here first.can you add?can you write a proper sentence?

Author sheba1sheba1 (1 year)
man I love grapes don cherry and and bret hart are 1a and 1b best Canadians
by a mile love my fellow Canadians and fellow albertian like my boi bret

Author colin1397 (2 years)
all the dislikes are russians

Author r1772n (1 year)
"I don't care they might not ever win another game unless they play the
Sloviaks or something"

Author Bogdan Knezevic (1 year)
2006 olympics. Nuff said

Author FanLeafs13 (2 years)
im canadian.... i already did

Author colin1397 (2 years)
gotta love D Cherry

Author MrGoodweedindeed (2 years)
Don Cherry should be in the Hall of Fame and NHL Commisioner

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