BRAND NEW Double Down Casino Hack

Super easy to do if you don't no how to do the old hack just click the link below. Also if you dont have cheat engine that to is below. Sorry for quality ill try to get a new video up soon. Thanks again

when you are in google chrome open double down casino ,
and type in new link about:memory you should get something like this
2864 (( this number convert to hex on down link )
Pepper Plugin
Shockwave Flash
go to
and after you did that find in cheat engine number hex number that you got when you converted.Now you should be able to change bet line , money everything. have fun if you need help just comment me. Thanks

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Author voyce curtis (2 months)
i dont see how to down load engine at the bottom

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
look in the description i have a tut in there plus a brief description how
to do it

Author Joyce Baxter (1 year)
Do you have a hack for someone with chips? I have 300 million and don't
want to go down to nothing to win but sure would like to beat the system.
Thanks.Your videos are well done and easy to understand

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
what internet browser are you using cause if your using chrome you have to
find about://memory in the adress bar and find the pepper plugin and you
shouldnt of lost your 300million becasue the most ive ever won is
171,000,000 and you have to get lucky on one spin but if you need anymore
help just let me know and ill help as much as i can thanks for the feedback

Author Katrina Bethancourt (1 year)
Help me.... I cant get this to work

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
yea thats all you get is one spin you just got to get lucky

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
yep no problem

Author DemHaxLOL (1 year)
great thank you

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
thanks for the feedback

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
no problem thanks for the feedback

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
awesome thanks for the comment dont forget to sub

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
yea that sucks bro i was doin the same thing till i found this it sucks it
doesnt work for tournaments anymore

Author DarkDkingdom (1 year)
i really loved it, hope your vids get really famous

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
cool thanks for the feedback

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
thanks bro and just keep watchin my videos

Author bot1 bo01 (1 year)

Author mwcpumpkin (1 year)
wow i showed this to all my friends

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
cool and thats what im hoping

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
i would but i dont like to go on other peoples account

Author jesika rie (1 year)
Keep it up, I think you'll go real far!!!!!!

Author K Owens (1 year)
dont know how to down load the hack help please

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
alright cool at least you found it let me know if you needd any help

Author kirsten gilham (1 year)
hi i got the cheat engine 6.2 and im at double down on chrome were does the
2864 go

Author phil stansfield (1 year)
Yep.....I called it....doing your suggestion of spinning a few losers
before trying it on cats...and after 4 losers i was doing one more then
doing 8 panthers....would of been a huuuuuge win if it was that
one that i had done the cheat on....but it was one too day 3
and still only one win between 4 accounts

Author Entertrainment (1 year)
i really loved it, hope your vids get really famous

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
cool thats what i was goin for

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
fersure ill have some up soon

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
ya it only works if you win but ive won 171,000,000 on cats

Author Joyce Baxter (1 year)
I have never hacked before so was so interested that I used up my
300million to try to hack into Wolf Run. I downloaded the cheat engine but
can't seem to get the addresses so that I can get the dec and hex. As you
can see I'm not very far along in my endeavor. After I click on the
computer icon to get my process no addresses come up no matter how often I
change the value. What am I doing wrong and I was really dumb to lose 300
million on purpose huh? lol

Author Rose Bud (1 year)

Author alvin soblosky (1 year)
i need some help get at me on facebook please

Author Joyce Baxter (1 year)
Extension About Memory FLV Runner B 38992k 17092k 56084k 42780k 13216k 5108
Plug-in Conduit Chrome Approve TB Plugin 4572k 8144k 12716k 4356k 17852k
5728 Plug-in Conduit Chrome Plugin 5000k 8248k 13248k 4512k 17852k 8664 Tab
(Chrome) About Memory 7256k 11460k 18716k 9268k 11100k what's wrong with

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
no your wrong i just did it bro

Author Mashal Willard (1 year)
Where do I find that hack to download it?

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
thanks for the feedback

Author phil stansfield (1 year)
Havent patched...if the reels just keep spinning...refresh and try the
other slot...cats/wolf run....i did it today and got 18.5mil....(not huge
but still)

Author kirsten gilham (1 year)
can u give me steps for it because i ran out of chips today and id like ur

Author Sil Sandman (1 year) doesn't let me change the lines and line bet when I'm down to about
5000...has it been patched or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Author Young Phan (1 year)
One single spin from 300 chips to 14 millions .. Thanks Brandyvandyck!!

Author Steve Cohen (1 year)
i owe u man!!!!

Author K Owens (1 year)
still dont understand help please

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
it doesnt have one just try opening all the differnt internet explorer
icons search for your amount of money untill some values pop up try all the
differnt tabs tho

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
thanks for the comment

Author ZaufajDobrymRadom92 (1 year)
awesome! a favorite and a tumbs up

Author BBG GlitchSqwad (1 year)
your doing it right you justhave to get lucky on that spin and dont worry
it will rset in a few hours

Author Young Phan (1 year)
I did exactly what you said. First spin was fine then it kept on spinning
non-stop.. Hic

Author Quaoce Lonewolf (1 year)
still don't understand. i cannot follow the directions, please help. thanks

Author alvin soblosky (1 year)
w w w . face book . com/ hatetheory just put that all together thanks

Author phil stansfield (1 year)
It can be really annoying...we have 4 accounts in my house and it took 2
days to get a win...(4 accounts=4 tries each a day(with gift spins after
reset) around 20 attempts before a win

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