Brute Force Secondary Spring Change

Brute Force Secondary Spring Change

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Author partenbj (5 years)
what size thread is the remover tool & how long?

Author MudInMyBlood (4 years)
@laztjoup1227 It's increases belt grip, helps with larger/heavier tires.

Author Billy Grimsley (2 years)
When you used the homed tool to get the clutch out you tuned it clock wise
but installing it you put the screw back in counter clock wise please
explain how the treed are inside

Author MudInMyBlood (4 years)
yes 2" cap.

Author MudInMyBlood (1 year)
EPI has them I think they are around $35ea. OR sometimes you can find a
used one from someone who has sold their brute & didnt send their puller w/
the new owner.

Author AlwaysOnP0int (1 year)
Awesome video bud. Very helpful. Just tore my 09 750 down after sitting in
storage all winter and im gettin her ready for the warm weather... my last
ride with her last summer she started clicking really loud, and i
determined it came from the clutch. So tonight I took her apart. Question
tho, 1. if I don't have the clutch puller, what is the fastest way I can
get one, and 2. how can I know exactly where the clicking is coming from?
Ill be sure and register on the forums, been there a few times

Author partenbj (5 years)
thanks, I just went ahead and bought one.

Author MudInMyBlood (2 years)
It's not hard at all. We have written instructions on the forum w/ pictures
that explain how to add/remove them. No you do not need to buy a new belt
when your's is out of deflection, most likely the shims would need to be
adjusted for the new one anyway. Just sign up on the forum, look in the
kawasaki section at the top & there' a how-to section for clutching.

Author footballstud68 (5 years)
would changing the belt when your belt light comes on be the same process
besides changing the springs of course?

Author Victor Chiappetta (2 years)
Great stuff-very helpful thanks.

Author NeverNeverSafari (5 years)
which spring is best for 31" tires i keep burning belts

Author laztjoup1227 (4 years)
hacer esto aumenta la potencia o el torque del motor? (traduction) doing so
increases the power or engine torque?

Author Mark Jenkins (2 years)
I wish you would have covered the shims. Everywhere talks about how easy it
is, but you indicated that it was not so much. Do you adjust your
deflection or do you just buya new belt when it's out?

Author Lee Ludtke (1 year)
I've burned up 2 new OEM kawi belts in 2 days and its getting really you think if I change this spring it will help my not burn up
belts? I'm running 29.5 outlaws on a stock clutch.

Author MudInMyBlood (5 years)
Most people are using the Yellow Secondary spring from EPi

Author MudInMyBlood (4 years)
@wrsawy1 It's not really that hard to do if you have the right tools & a
little patience the first time... lol

Author Polaris425 (5 years)
The primary puller is M14 x 1.5 RH Fine Thread. I have a shop drawing of it
w/ all dimensions if you are wanting to make one. If so just email me. The
secondary tool needs to be at least 12" long, the thread does not matter.

Author mybruteforu (4 years)
im trying to figure out how to make one of these pullers. how do you thread
it in normal if it reverse threads?

Author freakonabike1995 (5 years)
good job phrees

Author rockeykelly (1 year)
If I change the primary spring to a maroon one, does the secondary have to
be changed to maroon too?

Author MudInMyBlood (2 years)
I think 1/2" all thread? I can't really remember at the moment. We have a
thread all about it on the forum though. MudInMyBlood dot c o m in the kawi
clutching section.

Author Bradley Harvey (5 years)
great help thank you very much for doing videos like this.

Author MudInMyBlood (5 years)
pretty much, yes. You will also have to reser the belt light, instructions
for that are covered on our forum, as well as how to set the belt to the
right deflection.

Author 94Booey (2 years)
what did u use to make that homemade removal too size wise

Author MudInMyBlood (4 years)
@mybruteforu The primary puller needs to just be bought, it's only $30 from
EPI. The secondary spring compressor tool you can make for about $8-$10 at
lowes. Come to out forum, we have instructions for the secondary tool
mudinmyblood d o t net

Author POWER (2 years)
Good vid

Author bruteguy1495 (5 years)
aweaome video

Author equalizer625 (5 years)
Very helpfull video. Thanks

Author bronsonsnow (5 years)
Keep em comin, great stuff here !!!!!!

Author MudInMyBlood (2 years)
The primary is left-hand thread. It's backwards.

Author warren sawyer (4 years)
nice job,,,, I think i will take my ride to the shop. LOL

Author MudInMyBlood (5 years)
Thanks!! P425

Author MudInMyBlood (1 year)
No, your secondary will depend on what size/weight tire you are running

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