Cosplay Tutorial: Binding That's the compression top /I/ use. Any questions, just comment~

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Author jualkyn (3 years)
hah i feel sorry for all you gals, I'm pretty much flat as a board so I
don't need to really bind. although that makes me not be able to cosplay
any main female characters as well XD

Author ssookkmm (3 years)
is it possible to wear a corset and bind your chest at the same time?

Author Kikiurakun (3 years)
Thanks for the tutorial! It actually helped a lot - much more than my
friends trying to explain it. I'm cosplaying Vincent Valentine from FFVIII
and this was really the only thing bugging me, since I'm a C and his shirt
is actually pretty darn tight.

Author Rip0Van0Winkle (4 years)
YES thank you...seriously. Also my friends, and I use a a back brace. you
know like from walmart or something. Its really quick and it gives you man
pecks...which sort of comes in handying lol. But yeah, really thank you for
this video. ^_^ (Also the back brace works for all size boobs, because it
coming in all sizes. You can usually find it by the ace bandages in

Author ninjagirl256 (2 years)
okay, quick question. are you going to sakuracon next year?

Author GlacialMai (3 years)
@darkneji7 It all depends on what you want and how you want it to look. You
probably don't have to bind since you're a C cup, but if it looks better
and you feel comfortable with it, go for it!

Author senpaiskidsilver . (3 years)
Well if you have pants xD

Author StJimmysPain (2 years)
Planning to cosplay as lelouch (hopefully) so this was helpful!!! I love
your hair :3 The video quality though..didn't affect the info but yeah
Awesome! This was so helpfullll thankyouuuuuuu

Author s peezy (2 years)
Im above a D and what i do is double up my sportsbras ill wear two then
bandage them down and it brings them down but its impossible to totally
hide them when theyre larger lmao

Author GlacialMai (4 years)
@iNatasaurusRex 8D YAY for proving siblings wrong! ;;>> I probably take too
much pride in that, though. Good luck with your costume!

Author Kyah Rose (3 years)
Okay, so this seems really good for B+ cup closed shirt binding. Do you
have any suggestions or knowlege of good ways to bind for those of us B+
cups who want to do open shirt binding? I have seen vids of people using
tape of various kinds to bind....obviously extreamly painful.
question is: What is a "better" way of open shirt binding without all the
tape on bare skin?

Author IenzoIsCool (3 years)
@jualkyn Lucky hoe! I'm 5'0'' and fairly tiny, but I got my Italian
grandma's gigantic boobs. I'm a C-D depending on brand and what not, and
crossplaying is soooo hard. But I love it so much. ;-;

Author ObsessedAnimeLover1 (3 years)
Well im fucked im a F >.< meh il just stick to baggyish cosplays and/or
girls :L

Author NerdFederation (4 years)
Thanks you so much for this vid ^^ I really needed these tips for my Grell
Sutcliff cosplay.

Author pheartehcat (4 years)
This video's super useful. I'm a D/DD. Any chance I'll get flat enough for
someone like Death the Kid? Or should I just blow all my money can get a
compression vest and a back brace and layer them? If that doesn't flatten
me, nothing will. Is it worth blowing that $40 or should I just choose one
or the other?

Author darkneji7 (3 years)
Thanks for the advice. My question is if I'm cosplaying as a character from
Hetalia (America, or Russia) and I'm a c cup, then should I still bind? Or
can i get away with a tight sports bra and compression shirt? Their clothes
are technically military clothes so they are not tight or anything.

Author hauhi01 (4 years)
i have some questions my mom doesnt like the idea of me binding cuz she
says i could get cancer is it true? also when ordering a cosplay do i do it
binded with the measurements as a guy? plz answer

Author jualkyn (3 years)
@jualkyn wow I have never heard of that o.O lol I don't think I am going to
go and do that though unless its strictly for cosplay, but yea i don't want
to look too fake doing it either LOL.

Author jualkyn (3 years)
@GlacialMai yea...I don't think i ever heard of ppl getting cancer from
this (at least i seriously hope not) but I do know that it really isn't any
good for a girl. It hurts ilke hell and hard to breathe among other things.
prolonged use of this i'm sure will have some effects though, but mostly
breathing and screwing up your spine perhaps? thats all I can see happening

Author GlacialMai (4 years)
@GlacialMai ---tight you want the suit, though. So, for Death the Kid, you
/might/ be able to get away with this method, if you're more towards the D
side rather than DD. But, if you're cosplaying a male with a cotton top and
not a suit, a compression top would be better.

Author GlacialMai (4 years)
@NerdFederation Oh, not a problem! And good luck! Cx

Author erika hughes (1 year)
thank you so much! i was in dier need of a binding tut for the up comeing

Author BleachSmiles (1 year)
I just one quick question, if that's alright. I'm like a size D and was
wondering if you have to wear a bra while you're bandaged and wearing the

Author Lakayla Smith (3 years)
@jualkyn you could always buy boobie enhancers. ya know, those balls of gel
that they sell in the bra section..? the ones that say "makes breasts 2
sizes bigger!~"

Author XsasunaruloveyaoiX (3 years)
This is very smart. I have a shirt that is spandex-like an its really good
for girls. I also have a bandage and I have tried many times for it to work
lol. This is going to help with me. :)

Author RockettShipRomance (3 years)
Ooh this is good. :D I suppose I'm lucky, seeing as I can either enhance or
flatten rather successfully due to my size xD I've done some binding with
just bandages before... or just worn a baggy shirt with nothing. But I want
to try go as flat as possible, seeing as I want to cosplay in something a
bit tighter... so I might try get a compression top (or whatever they're
called) ^^ p.s The links not working.

Author BarrieMyself (2 years)
I'm DD and I have an hourglass figure, with a big thighs and butt. :C Can I
bind all that? Or should I just stick to Female cosplays?

Author Hal Strider (3 years)
I have a slight issue with one of the things you mentioned. You say it
annoys you when a girl cosplays a guy and doesn't bind. I have friends who
have tried binding for cosplay, and /can't/ because they're D's or bigger
and it is painful for them. So while you are able to, not everyone is, and
it seems a little inconsiderate to criticize cosplayers when it's
physically impossible for them to bind for a male character.

Author RockettShipRomance (3 years)
Pff. I just did a quick bind then. (And omg. Now I know why people don't
recommend tape - Hurts like a mutha fcker.) Used: tape (owww) + tight
singlet (best I could start with) + bandage (Does using like two work
alright?) + another singlet on top. Pretty much flat. :D worked better than
my previous attempts when all I used was just bandages.

Author Lakayla Smith (3 years)
im doing a Simon (from gurren lagann) cosplay and i can never find a
binding tutorial that works well enough for me. my problem is that i have
huge DDcup boobs and a really small waist so when i try binding with
bandages,it looks like i have a thin box taped to my chest and my boobs
fall out all over the place. x.x (not fun). i havent tried open shirt
binding yet, but i heard you could take the duct tape off in the shower
with hot water if you decide to do that...think it'll work for me?

Author Marcycorral2371 (2 years)
@BarrieMyself Thank god im not only one! I tried tape, but with BIG boobs,
thys and butt I look a tyranny when I cosplay guys. =__= I need a better
binding method this helped.

Author Rokkunro (2 years)
this is very useful! I am thinking of cosplaying as kaito from vocaloid so
this is handy!

Author CosplayTardMuffin (2 years)
very useful :D thankya ^-^ and yes.. I do believe that males generally
don't have breasts x3

Author bandjockgrl (3 years)
i just want to say thank u for these i have been cosplaying for about 3 yrs
and i have not been able to find a great way of doing it i am soooo going
to try this out

Author jualkyn (3 years)
@IenzoIsCool Heh, if you want to get flat, you can try looking into these
special binds on the internet, mostly meant for female to male transmen
though. expensive but works is what I heard.

Author GlacialMai (4 years)
@hauhi01 First of all, no, you cannot get cancer from binding. The main
health problem I see is back pain, and that's because someone binded too
tight. Yes, it is something squeezing your boobs down, often times for more
than a few hours, but if it's loose enough so you can comfortably breath,
it should work. Make sure it's also tight enough to bend down. A good
median between those two work. Try it for a day before the cosplay, and see
how it works, adjusting as needed. /continued

Author IenzoIsCool (3 years)
The link doesn't work! Do you have any other good binders?

Author grass.grows (2 years)
ermm...I'll be cosplaying L n I'm definately not bigger than I know
the shirt is really quite baggy but I still want to try out the binding,
would a sports bra be good enough for that?

Author TaoDyTao (4 years)
my bandage always ends up falling, can you give me any tip for this? i´m
going to cosplay with an open shirt so i dont want the only thing that will
cover my breast to fall

Author BrilligUSA123 (2 years)
i am doing a avatar last airbender zuko cosplay and i am a girl

Author Hal Strider (3 years)
@InsomniaD3 It really depends on chest size. I'm an A and when I bind, it
doesn't hurt, but I have friends who are C's and D's and they say it does
hurt, but if I had to guess, it's not excruciating or anything, it's just
that that part of the body is not used to being compressed and flattened,
so it's more uncomfortable than painful unless you're bound for extended
periods of time.

Author Katrina Hallie (1 year)
Using Ace bandages or any kind of bandages isn't the correct way to bind
and in the long run you can essentially ruin your boob tissue, it's better
to buy a proper binder it at least a compression shirt with a sports bra

Author krysta thornton (2 years)
I personally believe you need to bind. I have binded since I started
crossplaying, when my chest wasnt as large at 14 (I had a b cup). Now I
have a d cup and would never not bind (even if the shirt is an XXXXL),
especially since my bust is much larger then my waist (38-29) and I look
awkward without it.

Author iNatasaurusRex (4 years)
THANK YOU! I was looking for a way to hide my boobs recently since I'm
planning on crossplaying soon. I was told by my older sister I was unable
to bind my chest because I am a C cup. But this proved her wrong. (;

Author GlacialMai (4 years)
@hauhi01 Part 3! When ordering a cosplay, do it binded if you're cosplaying
a guy. If you measure with breasts, the costume maker will assume you're
not binding when cosplaying. You can't guess how much the client will lose
in breast size. So, yes. Cosplaying as a guy=measure binded Thank you for
your questions! 8D

Author Andii Garza (3 years)
When ordering should i order one size smaller? I have small
should i get the L?

Author GlacialMai (4 years)
@pheartehcat A D/DD? Well, that would depend on how much of it is water
weight and how much if fat, ect, based around your base weight [which I
don't need to know for privacy purposes. xD] and ribcage size. But because
you're more busty than I am and I can't get /completely/ flat, I would say
invest in a compression top if you're planning on doing more male costumes.
Death the Kid has a suit, essentially, though. So, you might be able to get
away with the method used here. It depends on how ---

Author GlacialMai (4 years)
@elysatrance For local stores, try Leggs Hanes Bali Platex or sometimes
Wal*Mart may have them in the underwear section. There's a site in the
video description if you'd prefer to order online, though.

Author PrussianGentleman (2 years)
Well that sucks, I'm a DD. heredity is a bitch

Author GlacialMai (4 years)
@hauhi01 part 2! Think of it like clenching your fist; if you clench your
fist lightly for a whole hour, it's going to feel weird and maybe will
cramp afterwards. That's like wearing binding for an entire week nonstop.
So, it's totaly fine in moderation. But if you're scared anyway, a binding
top provides much more support.

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