Supernatural - One day shooting !!! YouMustSee!!!

PLEASE GIVE ANY COMMENT !!!! Supernatural - One day shooting !!! Actors in private

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Author Mel Knell (28 days)
They need to do another one of these!

Author Ilona Janser (10 months)
Jared. How can you look like THIS if you eat all the fucking time?

Author anesia marie (1 month)
@2:54"the last nine years of shooting" little did they know...

Author Dyno_Fyre (1 year)
Since watching this, I don't feel as bad for eating a pack of gummy bears
every day. I wonder if he's still like that...?

Author Lthien (2 months)
"You said doo-doo."

"I did say doo-doo."

"That's awesome."

Jensen Ackles, ladies and gentlemen. Jensen. Ackles. <3

Author XAriAnimeFreakX . (19 days)
So sexy....XD

Author idont know (2 months)
you said do do :D awesome 

Author Ashley Vandersteen (2 months)
painted whores....

Author Ghost46 (7 months)
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles ? NO, You're the Winchesters!!! lol :)

Author Mishka Robinson (4 months)
I love Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, they're so cute and funny and

Author lyon laurent (8 months)
That moment when Sam is the funniest in reality :P

Author Green Binder (4 months)
"nine years"...if they only knew...

Author Prasad Warusavithana (6 months)
I never realized how much Jared and I have in common

Author Dyno_Fyre (1 year)
Well, it's 3 AM and I need sleep

Author Kat Rodriguez (1 year)
Jensen you handsome motherfucker

Author idont know (1 year)
POLAND LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Stamqq qq (9 months)
young Jared is fuckin cute !!!

Author Alan Simerly (10 months)
I love this show and these brothers. Even though it's all "supernatural" I
think if they ever cancel it, I will just stop watching tv all together.
PLEASE never cancel. lol

Author Sarah Estell (1 year)

Author Cecilia Hartmeyer (1 year)
I wish I had candy and it's Jareds fault xD

Author Idil Celik (6 months)
I am hungry... 

Author ПоНчИк :D (9 months)
я ничё не поняла всё на английском

Author Mara Jade (1 year)
Yes Jensen, Because that's how we exit a sled....

Author BowDownToMePeasants (1 year)
actual 5 year olds

Author kittylvr8 (10 months)
They're both so cute :)

Author Sñrt Alice (1 year)

Author 潘珍妮 (11 months)
love the show :)

Author No BraiN (11 months)
luv them a lot...

Author Nancy Wood (1 year)
J and J!! Y'all NEVER got to drive the snowmobiles!! DAMN insurance
policies on celebrities! NO BUENO! LOL, I am a small fan of your both (I'm
small, really), but its MISHA, in his Castiel voice, ...

Author McScooterson (1 year)

Author kübra Kale (1 year)

Author Daniel Cloutier (1 year)
by the way this is me....

Author Tabbie R. (1 year)

Author Daniel Cloutier (1 year)
There alot of stuff to do harie up and wait,wait,wait.....wait for it o.k.
your done!!!!!

Author Haili Scriven (1 year)
Makes me want to go to a convention with a container of various
candies(Gummy bear, eyeballs, and the strips esp.) just for jared. i'd be
like "Here, this is for you. I know you love candy"

Author Deborah G. Mean Deborah Jean (11 months)
Do Does the cast or crew ever read this stuff? I'm going optimistic and
thinking someone will. Otherwise it's a pointless post 'cause I don't have
anything to say to other commentals 'cept to tell the haters to go find
some thing positive to do instead of spewing venom. Dang.. not too preachy
or upon the soapboxlike, right?

Hey J and J, I'd love to be the big (as in years not poundage) sister you
two never wanted. I would have a blast working with your crew and mostly,
all of y'all would have a blast back.

I'm glad you have fun at work and I hope the joy ride continues for many
more years. It's fun watching you guys cut up on set and behind the scenes.
I see a Guinness World Record for the most seasons running on any TV
program. Yeah, I'm psychic too. Or psychotic, depending on personal
opinion. You have an actual full season which is nice for your fans but you
guys must be working a lot. How long does it usually take for your team to
create an episode altogether and how many days do you typically shoot once
the details are ironed out?

Oh, and since I live in California... I have a script! (Because everyone in
California has a script.) If your writers ever get into a funk or just want
to hire a delightful and creative person to get ideas churning. A.D.D...Who
says it's a curse? I'll even donate a few days. I'm that nice - really.
Seriously silly. I smile a lot too. I'm smiling now. See :-D

My husband, myself,, and our two teenaged sons are Supernatural bingers.
It's fun chemistry to immerse in and a delightful actually I think it's become a habit.

Stick with it guys. It looks like too much fun to be called work.

Thanks for being awesome & cute. I mean that in a big stister sort of way
by no means implying cute in a gay way. Derogatory implications not
intended. I'm blonde so there's a blonde persona that can be fun to play on
just like gay persona is endearing in its own way. Here, take my shovel,
I've dug deep enough. Burn the bones boys.

I'm curious to know, what scene in what episode took more takes than any
other? Why? And how many takes does a Winchester take, if a Winchester
fakes takes take? Or something.

Open for adoption.

Have a Blast or a Ball or both.

Here's to Life well lived.
Joyful, Bountiful, and Bitchen
~Deb G. aka
~Mean Deborah Jean

Author Arion Gamer (1 year)
damn... Demons are loose there are 14 menaces out there *CHECK THE DISLIKE

Author Sam Winchester (1 year)

Author OhHeyIt'sCat (1 year)
How they even manage to get anything done is beyond me.

Author LPGirl Fan (1 year)

Author OverthinkNight (1 year)
it's because he's not allowed to on screen so he has to squeeze it in when
he can

Author Levi Castiel Fullbuster (1 year)
I love the chemistry between them, even off camera they are like brothers

Author ChestnutAbby (1 year)
Why can't this be my job *-*

Author Bella Leann (1 year)
Jared's smile though.

Author gdalyng (2 years)
LOL Jared sister is pretty...Jaredina...??? lol.. Omg i really love them

Author potatomateo (1 year)
Rainbow bacon

Author Shrapnel0202 (1 year)
You meant that you flushed the toilet?

Author orihemeamo (2 years)
Gay bacon strips? Ha. "You think you're funny, don't you?" "I think I'm

Author carmendreamers (1 year)
Jared eats so much yet stays so dang skinny...... WHYYYYY

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