How to build a Dual Rotor Axial Flux Alternator PMA for a Wind Turbine

This video is Part I in a series from that details the construction process and techniques used to build a Do- it- Yourself axial flux alternator. More details and supplies are available from our web site.

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Author anthony olivera (5 months)
im trying to make a 9 coils 9 magnet per side dual magnet center with
opposite side attracting at TDC, 3 phase is this a working configuration
500 turn coils 25 mm center brazing rod center. can you help me with diag
of how to make it self run

Author Chakaj Chaiviratikul (6 months)
How to Build a Wind Turbine 01

Author PeaceOnEarth302 (5 months)
92fsoakcreek3 months agoin reply to glumpy10

Because this is an American speaking to an American audience. Don't be so
thick glumpy10.


LOL talk about thick,. the internet is worldwide and the W.W.W was
invented by a European, Bozo,

Author Roberto elizondo nazar (3 years)
hello please can you tell me that the slides are made material? these
metals are embedded in a circle where the coils are installed ...... thanks

Author zogworth (2 years)
@mapwear When you find some blades that turn at several thousand rpm please
let us know!

Author Ovalnet (3 years)
Great coil design. My son and I have been having fun with magnets and
copper. Have you made multi-staged stators? Stacked them in tiers?

Author YoLninYo (3 years)
Thank you for such clear, concise and helpful video (from a vendor no
less). This actually makes me want to buy more stuff from you guys instead
of DIY ... Good Job!

Author danvjppro1995vn (1 year)
to ask how much wire size and number of turns???

Author copperwrap (4 years)
I didn't see the wiring diagram on the website were can i find it? Thanks

Author Sam Dekok (3 years)
Fantastic videos. Wish i had found these a year or so ago. You might be
interested in my Lenz blade concepts on my channel. Great vids. Subscribed.

Author Donald Buttsack (1 year)
Can the connection wires in the star configuration touch one another?

Author TheMob1080 (1 year)
I heard even getting one from a junk yard and an older model car and take
the alternator

Author ZM4SAR (1 year)
Really cool, well done

Author Haruki Inoue (1 year)
im building a mini version of an axial flux gen. I'm using stuff i found in
the garage... I was wondering what a terminal button does . Please
enlighten me. Also what household iten can I use as a terminal button

Author John Strabismus (4 years)
Absolutely first rate. Thanks for posting this.

Author Bronislawsky (3 years)
@wind2volts How many turns per coil do you make ?

Author magna59 (2 years)
Very nice jobs, you guys. Very elegant, and atleast you edit it down.

Author remige2006 (2 years)
Absolutly fabulous as a presentation. What a delight to deserve
a master degree in teaching....My God it is good to see someone who cares
about what he is barking or no sound of a compreessor or
the sound of cars passing besides the! Of course I' m rushing to
see everything else you have prepared...your work is professionnal...

Author dsouzand (3 years)
should the coils be touching each other?

Author xmodalloy (4 years)
Ok, Why are there 9 coild and 12 magnets? not 12 and 12 or 9 and 9?

Author Ezlife2 (3 years)
how many puonds of Magnet Wire dose it take to make all of the coils? if it
is 15 or 18 gauge

Author ddfdfdfd (4 years)
awesome that's what i was seeking

Author mazen mohamed (8 months)
i dont like this back music

Author fred30680 (4 years)
Could you tell me why you have two coils of wire ? I thought it was one
wire coiled 100 times. OR is it just to make faster ? so you only have to
wind 50 times ?

Author hesynergy (1 year)
Well done!!!

Author pleasanthacking (2 years)
dude... this is by far most sane and clean and normal looking hype-less
straight to the matter vid on making it happen. i always wondered why
people do not use 2 strands like you do... thanks :D hopefully something
based on this vid will power my home in spain :D

Author glumpy10 (11 months)
Why the hell can't Americans say soLder instead of "soder"

Author Pshtiwan Sharif (2 years)
very nice and clear

Author awizardalso (4 years)
Markozmajar- Google 'induction motor generator', and search YouTube, as
well. It appears that by changing a couple capacitors, a common induction
motor can be used as generator to produce 120 volt AC power at 60 hertz. I
haven't researched these much, but I would assume a 220 volt motor will
generate at around 220 volts. Might be an alternative to designing and
building your own alternator from scratch.

Author 92fsoakcreek (8 months)
Because this is an American speaking to an American audience. Don't be so
thick glumpy10.

Author eloid777 (3 years)
how many watts is this stator design?

Author carmatic (3 years)
i have a somewhat related question... is it possible to arrange the magnets
so that all the magnets on the rotor face the same way, and all the magnets
on the stator face the opposite way , so that they will repel and create
magnetic levitation... and then generate power by passing the
irregularities in the magnetic flux through the coils as the rotor spins?

Author Michael (1 year)
how do you calculate wire gauge, dimensions, number of turns, number of
wires, blade length/swept area required etc. I want to build a turbine that
will produce 2000 watts at 12mph winds. I'd like that production to be only
60-80% of its maximum capacity. thank you in advance for any advice you may

Author thegreenfiddler1 (4 years)
Great vid. Thanks.

Author The Lightning Stalker (9 months)
I'm sure he was. The edges of that piece looked sharp, though, just saying.
Also, the narrator said nothing about flux and there was no container of
flux on the bench. If you are referring to the flux dripping off the ends
of the wires, that happens when you use flux core solder, which is not the
same thing as using flux.

Author cherrybamasgay1 (1 year)
9 people r not kids

Author Robert Andrews (1 year)
very godd job,in all aspects.instruction,video,s etc.keep up the great many volts is the norm. for this set up.

Author wramosbarboza (3 years)
Very Very nice! Congratulations... A great job.

Author Marko Kogovsek (4 years)
Nice generator. What is the efficiency of your generator/altenator? Is it
possible with any device to convert output current to 220 V, without
battery. I am thinking to use generator in hydro aplication where is near
constant power and RPM.

Author Ezlife2 (3 years)
should the magnets beable to fit throught the center of the coild?

Author 75potatos (2 years)
Hello, how can i get in contact with the owner of this video?

Author websitemakerjonathan (3 years)
what guage wire ?

Author Naveed Younas (1 year)
how you join these coils ? i not understand yet . please give clear
instructions about about how to join these coils with each other . i think
you connect these in series .please tell me in series or parallel. thanks

Author yyykl (3 years)
Thanks for your video

Author glumpy10 (8 months)
Really? I thought youtube went world wide. I can see it in oz. Are only
Americans allowed to watch these Vids or are only americans interested in
this stuff? You might want to consider who you are calling thick.

Author Marko Kogovsek (4 years)
I will search for more solutions and maybe commercial generator will be the
final option. Thank you again.

Author sahanimail (1 year)
I watched all 3 videos and all are really very useful. Everything explained
in detail. Thanks for uploading Regards, Manoj

Author salvo vetri (4 years)
hello I would come to know how can I find the steps to make one because I
also thank the gentleman who builds not from any help hello

Author michael970 (4 years)
this video was very impressive.I hope you are a teacher of some sort .thank
you for your time.

Author TheDemocracyDelusion (3 years)
Sorry, I am having trouble finding the data sheet on your web site. I have
registered and am logged in, yet I seem to be just going around in circles
through your catalog? I know it exists, I have seen it lol, I just can't
get back their. peace

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