this is a cool whirligig i got yesterday, this one needed a new prop but i think i might make one all out of beer cans

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Author ManOfOZ2011 (1 year)
I need to make me one of those...How do you keep the Propellar in Place and

Author awan terbang (3 years)
giv me the processes and procedures to make this man..hope to hear from u

Author ManOfOZ2011 (1 year)

Author ghettohillbilly1 (3 years)
inside the prop is a can top put coat hanger through center where pop tab

Author classiclistener01 (1 year)
That desciption is too general. I made one of these this morning, and, it
works nicely; but, not like yours! Yours has balance and weight
distribution - the propellar even rolls/flows as if it has bearings - how
did you do that?

Author xMADMAGx (1 year)
Sorry to hear about your grandfather but that was a really nice tribute.
Maybe one day you will be making these for your grandchildren.

Author David Mullen (3 years)
How do you make one?

Author ghettohillbilly1 (3 years)
@DavidMullen80 pop cans, coat hanger and hot glue

Author cbhonda90 (4 years)
THATS COOL..........

Author matthewgolden123 (2 years)
it is tid

Author ghettohillbilly1 (1 year)
you take the top of another can jam ot inside the prop the"rivet" that
holds the pop tab is almost a perfect center and holds it in place

Author xbrian1992x (1 year)
My grate grandpa used to make these for my when I was little. Tomorrow I go
to his funeral so I thought I would make him one.

Author ghettohillbilly1 (1 year)
Id have to do a how to video, i didnt make this but i could make another
one if i do i will videotape it

Author David Mullen (3 years)
@ghettohillbilly1 Having trouble with the propeller, getting it to spin
what is it attached to?

Author classiclistener01 (1 year)
VERY COOL! GREAT DESIGN! How is it made (I mean - step-by-step)? How is the
prop attached to the fuselage? Thank you for posting! :)

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